Dilip Kumar on Twitter

Bollywood’s first superstar, the legendary Dilip Kumar has joined social networking site Twitter. Some of the veterans first tweets were

  • Thank you all of you who have made my simple life so rich with all your love.
  • It is a true blessing to be so loved and a wonderful feeling to wake up and realise one is younger than was yesterday 
  • Spent hours on this screen yesterday, read your greetings, your blessings and your prayers. God bless all of you.

Dilip Kumar’s Twitter ID is thedilipkumar

Amitabh Bachchan welcomed him by tweeting “Please welcome the Master, the Thespian, the Ultimate .. Dilip Kumar, Dilip Saheb, Yusuf Khan on twitter”

Interestingly, Dilip Kumar is currently following only Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. In less than a day, the legend who turned 89 yesterday has about 4,500 followers.

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