Don 2 Box office report – Day 2

After a good start on the day of it’s release, Shahrukh Khan’s Don 2 remained steady on Day 2 with collections in the range of 14 – 15 crores, taking it’s two-day total to around 28-29 crores.

Business at multiplexes picked up considerably on Saturday where the film has been liked. But at places dominated by single-screens, there was a slight drop on Day 2.

The weekend record of Dabangg (48.5 crores) is now out of reach and Week 1 collections will be considerably lower than films like Bodyguard, Ra One, Dabangg or even 3 Idiots.

Comparing Don 2 to those films would be unfair though, as it doesn’t really hold the same universal-appeal, which is pretty evident from the single-screen business in the last 2 days.

Stay tuned, Sunday update coming up in sometime.



  • tiwari
    hiv ka bimari
    sheetal daru ki bottle
    keep going on u illetrate
    srk hak…hak…hakla flo….flooooop
    tiwari nahaai dhooi kakdi khaayi padai

  • Don 2 Has Big Jump On Sunday – Boxoffice India

    The film looks to have crossed the 17 crore nett mark on Sunday for its Hindi version and even around 18 crore nett collections may be possible….

  • From DON(Bollywood)with Love
    Ethan Hunt & Mr. Bond(Hollywood)
    Some 3rd grade critics are convert the word ‘critics’ in to ‘creaturesí. We know some ‘critics(creatures)’ are working for ‘Aamir Khan’, b’coz they are biased over Aamir Khan, so they intentionally try to pull down SRK, by giving their negative review over this kind of ‘ever greatest indian action movie(Don 2)’. I am sure these creatures will give much and more ‘positive review’ over ‘Taalash’ and ‘Dhoom 3’ for Aamir Khan. Either this is the fact, or these ‘creatures’ know nothing about movies & acting. Why not these ‘creatures’ comes to make movie and to act? So donít go with these creatures, otherwise you can miss something bigger. Itís a great Movie….super cool & compact….ever greatest indian action movie…..and SRK ? there is only answer that: Aamir & Salman both have to born more than fifty(50) times to act and acchive this kind of DON like super cool, dashing, smart action hero(also villain)role. Our KING is really back……cheer guys…..

  • @SHEETAL-SEVA tumhe thori si mistake ho raha hai, SRK ki fans abhi tak jitna jaana gaya hai ke abhi tak 136 countries mein hai, not only in 41 countries, and his total fan followings are more than 3.5 billions(3.5 billions+) all over the world, which NASA says that: “A paralel Universe has created by SRK”. And today SRK is bigger than Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt(b’coz total Hollywood is popular among 2.5 billions peoples all over the world, where SRK’s fan followings are among 3.5 billions + peoples all over the world).

  • King sirf ek hota hai aur wo SRK hai
    jisne nhi dekha, must watch DON2 and don’t compare srk with other bcoz he is not king ,he’s the GOD of bollywood

  • mujay samj nhi aati indians hi ne shaharukh ko urooj pe phonchaya aur duniaya usay face of india khenay lagi
    ab jb duniaya usay mananay lag gai ha tum apnay log usay bura khe rhay ho
    khuch smj nhi aya yar ak legend k saat aisa slook afssos ha indians tum pr afssos

  • filmfare best actor award, 2011 goes to SRkfor don2, gr8 acting ! N he ll b d man wid most number of filmfare awards for best actor ! King khan rocks

  • Sirf srk hi h jisse hollywood me bollywood ka nam hota h so pls srk ko salman , aamir jaise desi actor se compare mat karo isse bollywood ka nam kharab hota h

  • Are salman k fans.tmhari aadat ho gai hai south ki copy hui filmo ki.are srk se sikho ek dum alag film bna raha hai.aaj kal.bhai kya abtion thriller movie hai.aaj tk bollywood me bni he ni.jalo aur jalo salman k fans…..king is king.the srk is king

  • Waise agar kisi doosri country me koi bollywood ko janta shahrukh ki vajah desi actor salman aur amir ki vajah se ni bhai logo.ek bar dekho to jakar sochne pr majboor ho jaoge samje.kya movie hai.

  • Iske bus ka kuch nahi hai…. Rommaa haaan… srk sucks

    Eagerly waiting for EK THA TIGER !!!

    Sallu baaba… the only SHER KHAN ! of bollywood.

    Akki baba is also in queue.. IN AND AS … Rowdy RATHORE… jio guru!

    Aaamir baba… Talaash will break your own record of 3 idiots… lov n respect ! hats off

  • movie is awesome and can’t be compared with stupid south remakes like bodygaurd/singham or dabang. don2 is not for C centres and hence cant have dabang/bodygaurd like collection. in spite of it this is class movie and has raised the standard for indian movies. kudos to SRK and Farhan.

  • salman is the best why because fil, laise bhi ho single screen audience ko pasand aati hai busab to multiplexes mai bhi salman ki films accha business kar rahi hai dabangg bodyguard examples hai

  • I salute to Aryan jisne sab kuch kah daala sirf 3 lines main…… main to yeh ghalti nahi karoooonga, Don2 nahi dekhoooonga.

    Don ko sirf 11 mulko ki Police hi nahi main bhi
    dhoond raha hoon. Kyuki mujhe RaOne ke paise
    waapis chaahiye =

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