Does ‘superstar’ Emraan Hashmi need to try something different?

Article by Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja

‘Raaz 3’ has done it. The film, after taking a 36 crore opening weekend, has sustained magnificently during the weekdays as well. While this has pretty much indicated that the film has been accepted, what is totally amazing is the fact that this Vikram Bhatt directed flick is now all set to cross the 75 crores mark. Fantastic, since none of Emraan’s closest contemporaries – Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan or Shahid Kapoor – have managed such a feat for their solo starrers.

While Ranbir and Imran have still managed to cross the 60 crore mark, Shahid hasn’t scored even a half century yet.

With a consistent run of commercially successful films behind him (Jannat 2, The Dirty Picture, Murder 2, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji), a critically acclaimed performance (Shanghai) and ‘Crook’ being his only flop in a very long time, Emraan has clearly moved on from the dark period of his career when he delivered a hat trick of flops in ‘The Train’, ‘Good Boy Bad Boy’ and ‘Awarapan’ (ironically one of his best films and performances till date).

Emraan Hashmi

The ’75 crore rupees question’ though is – what next? Fair enough, so Emraan is gathering steam with his fan base, he is delivering one hits after another and he is being wooed by the best in the business. Still, many in the industry have a question to ask – ‘Till when would he continue to do similar roles? Isn’t it about time that he changes tracks?’

My question is – ‘At this stage of his career, does he really have to enforce change in perception?’

After all, if one looks into the history, be it Shahrukh Khan (Raj/Rahul), Salman Khan (Prem), Ajay Devgn (bring-on-the-goons-and-I-will-fight) or the ‘baap’ of them all, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan (Vijay, Vijay and more of Vijay), they have all revelled in playing by their image for 7-8 years at the least before they began reinventing themselves with various characterisation.

The formula remained same, the components changed a little.

Not that Emraan hasn’t started working in this direction. He has films like ‘Unglee’ (expected to be a dramatic thriller), ‘Ghanchakkar’ (a comedy with Vidya Balan), ‘Daayan’ (a supernatural thriller), an untitled Akshay Roy film with Deepika Padukone (since Karan Johar and Ekta are coming together, this has to be different) and ‘Rush’ (a delayed film but miles away from the likes of ‘Raaz 3’ and ‘Jannat 2’) all set to arrive in quick succession.

These may or may not have the sex element. They may or may not be suited for ‘family audiences’. However on paper they look good. While the superstar status seems to be pretty much secured for next couple of years at the least, the ‘perception change’ may well have to wait.

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  • I feel Emraan Hashmi should balance it out. Do what he’s been doing i.e continue working with the Bhatt’s in all their sequels – he can be a part of Murder and Raaz.. and also work with outside banner on different films. This way he can increase his fan base and also appeal to his core fan base with his erotic thrillers.

  • I think he proved himself is a better actor then over rated Ranbir / Ranveer / Shahid and many others he have his own style of acting and dialogue delivery is outstanding with better voice quality.

  • 3rd full option would be,
    he should go 4 dabng zone and show tapori fights n dialagues. . .
    Plz dnt do 1,2 persons already done it,nd getting busines bt damagng quality films.

  • emmy kare to digest ni hota aur sall ullu kare to sab mast hai. SAALA masala gener ki movie na kare ye sallu ullu toh 2 din me aukat me aa jayega.

  • he doesnt have star power @ all…dirty picture posters had vidhya ..nd raaz has bips…hw can u say dt emraan is superstar…do a dffnt genre nd giv a hit…shangai ws dffrnt so it ws a flop

  • @hey dude emraan also had tdp 90+…… is only solo mvi fight…so emraan os far ahead of ranbir…ungli or ek thi dayaan shd dfntly do 100 crore…

  • Emraan has been consistent with his performance in Box Office no doubt on that,but everything was about the content in the movie.He surely is a great actor, but I want to see his doing different types of movies like comedy(He’s doing one),action rather than single types of movies so he can become a Superstar.

  • i urged indicine team to upload hrithik latest photo for krishh3…which is already in some other site but you dont post it????????????????????why??????????????????????plz post it

  • Its way too early to give him the superstar tag…. I m not pulling him down…. He is a good actor who has been fairly successful at the box office too…. But superstar? Not yet…. Though he certainly has the potential to become one along with ranbir kapoor….

  • @aakash it doesn’t matter if you think akki,hrithik,ajay a superstar or not.but the fact is they all 3 are in the same league of can’t make levels for them.they all are in bollywood from more then two decades still giving hits,superhits and,just think before you write.there are 6 superstars,not 3.ok??

  • i think emraan had a different image and differen audience.but he is so young.after some time of age he will not be able to do that type of he should be doing but he would try slight different so after 15 or 20 years he can still be a superstar.

  • this is for paap ka baap

    salman is the best forever b.coz us sirf acting ke paise milte hai imran ki taraf soneeeeeeeeeee ke nahi mere bhaiya

  • Emraan How Relay Good actor & superster and rising actor 1st emraan hasmi,2nd imran khan 3rd ranbeer kapur 4th sahid kapur 5th aisman 6th ranveer sing .

  • I think emraan hashmi perform better as like as in murder film. In murder movie his action and his song his style all are perfect. so, please accept my request.

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