Dishoom Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Dishoom is out. The film stars Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandes in the lead. Varun’s brother Rohit Dhawan, who last directed ‘Desi Boyz’ starring Akshay Kumar in the lead, is directing his second film.

Dishoom releases in theatres in the last week of July.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.



  • Decent initial opening is for sure as varun’s present. Other than that, we should wait for honest review to decide watch or not this flick in theater 🎭

  • Varun looks like he’s playing second lead to John…. Takes guts to do not a hero type role.. Actually looking like Uday and Abhishek pairing in Dhoom..

    DisHOOM also has the words Dhoom.. Haha

  • Too much CG.
    Jacqueline was added later to that explosion scene.
    Story looks over the top.
    Akshay Khanna is impressive as Desi Jason Statham.

  • For such stories to work dialogues are very important. Cool quotient of John-Varun bromance goes south due to these pathetic dialogues. Varun must work on his physical comedy, comedy is a serious business and always acting as a joker is not funny.

  • So this overacting ki dukaan is compared to Ranveer Singh..LMFAO. Hope this is a disaster to teach him a lesson.

  • it will be a big hit. i liked dat song- 100 tareh k rog le loon. it will b a chartbuster. actions r luking top notch

  • trailer was average ,background music was awesome .varun’s overacting continues
    and Jaquiline ,she is too hot

  • Evrythn looks glossy and good….if made well can certainly b a big hit….only thng whether d whole kidnapping and rescuing thing is executed well or not …also varun dhawans character looks to b d enthusiastic …funny guy…tryin to b funny wd dialogues and all but for entire film length could prove to b irritating… Though i enjoyed him in main tera hero….lot of potential in d mvie

  • Many people in youtub n indicine saying bad reaction to trailers n giving wrong prediction tht film would be disastr . let me explain first mases people dnt blve on neerja or in airlift they want an entertaiment of good quality if film liked by mases thn it will be hit

  • Trailer looks highly entertaining with great production values,catchy bgm & song, a strong antagonist(AK is awsm in -ve role) and super hot & seductive Jacqueline :-) will be a Hit for sure unless Direction disappoints in big time!!

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