Dishoom Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Dishoom is out. The film stars Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandes in the lead. Varun’s brother Rohit Dhawan, who last directed ‘Desi Boyz’ starring Akshay Kumar in the lead, is directing his second film.

Dishoom releases in theatres in the last week of July.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.



  • Its even Bad than i Expected.. 90% of what was in Trailer was CGI and its worst than Welcome Back’s CGI.. Varun and Jhon are trying too Hard to be Cool and Falls Flat.. Cars show out of Nowhere,Chopper shows out of Nowhere and that too of CGI.. Its God Awful

  • very average trailer…only akshaya khanna rocks,,,,he is going to steal the show just like race movie…welcome back…

  • This looks like a bad copy of some old hollywood/korean movie. When will these guys stop behaving like hollywood cops…….people just don’t relate to it…….!!! Some cool location, cool cars, discotheque with hot girls……crap action. !!!!!

    It might work, or not…..i don’t like. !!!!

  • Akshaye khanna stole the show one of the most underrated and underused actors in bollywood, this guy can give Nawaz and itfan arun for their money.

  • Varun Dhwan is too good yaar. DHISOOM is must watch movie..

    Specifically TUNE KITNE ME LI dialogh ….

  • Kamaal ho gaya yeh toh …
    Virat kohli kitnap ho gaya kisi ko pata hi nahi hai…phir bhi ind vs pak match hoga
    Wah bhai wah!!!

  • +ve points
    1. akshay khnaa.. wow man
    2. locations and scale
    bonus..nargis in 2 piece hotness man and jacquline also.

  • varun does good acting in solo movie but whenever he acts with other actor..he does overacting like he did in dilwale..where he was licking srk feet now he is doing same with john

  • quite surprise bt seeing d content do u really think this story will work nowadays… but i accept story is fresh…

  • Trailer is SUPERB. Isnt it a bit unfair to put Varun’s name before John, as John has been in the industry longer than Varun and is more experienced too. I know Varun’s films are doing better than John’s but if you ask anyone who’s been watching hindi films and ask them who John is they will know but not Varun.

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