Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani Show Count in Week 2

Bajirao Mastani will be playing on more shows as compared to Dilwale in Week 2. In the first week, the show ratio was around 60:40 in favour of the bigger film Dilwale. In the second week, it’s the other way round, with Bajirao Mastani getting significantly more shows than Dilwale.

In Bengal, Dilwale has been allotted more shows, but at most other places, Bajirao Mastani is leading.


  • City Pride Multiplex Satara Road: Dilwale 6 shows, Bajirao Mastani 11 shows
  • Cinepolis Seasons Mall: Dilwale 6 shows, Bajirao Mastani 25 shows
  • INOX Amanora Town Centre: Dilwale 9 shows, Bajirao Mastani 17 shows.
  • PVR: Nitesh Hub, Koregaon Park: Dilwale 5 shows, Bajirao Mastani 13 shows.

Mumbai city

  • PVR Citi Mall Andheri West: Dilwale 5 shows, Bajirao Mastani 9 shows.
  • Star Big Cinemas Ambarnath: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 7 shows.
  • CineMAX Mira Road: Dilwale 4 shows, Bajirao Mastani 7 shows.
  • INOX R-City, Ghatkopar: Dilwale 9 shows, Bajirao Mastani 18 shows.


  • Gopalan Cinemas Banerghatta Road: Dilwale 4 shows, Bajirao Mastani 4 shows
  • PVR Phoenix Market Whitefield: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 10 shows
  • PVR: Koramangala: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 8 shows
  • Rex Brigade Road: Dilwale 1 show, Bajirao Mastani 3 shows


  • Bioscope Axis Mall Rajarhat: Dilwale 6 shows, Bajirao Mastani 5 shows
  • CineMAX Mani Square Mall: Dilwale 5 shows, Bajirao Mastani 5 shows
  • INOX Forum Mall Elgin Road: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 7 shows
  • INOX Swabhumi Maulana Azad Sarani: Dilwale 7 show, Bajirao Mastani 5 shows

Hyderabad City

  • Bajirao Mastani: 74 shows
  • Dilwale: 73 shows


  • Dilwale: 19 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 21 shows


  • BIG Cinemas: Ansal, Greater Noida: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 10 shows
  • DT City Centre: Gurgaon: Dilwale 4 shows, Bajirao Mastani 6 shows
  • INOX Crown Interiorz Mall, Mathura Road: Dilwale 7 shows, Bajirao Mastani 8 shows
  • Movietime: Raja Garden: Dilwale 12 shows, Bajirao Mastani 10 shows


  • Dilwale: 30 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 39 shows


  • Dilwale: 41 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 62 shows

Siliguri (West Bengal)

  • Dilwale: 23 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 17 shows

Mysore City

  • Dilwale: 9 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 9 shows


  • Dilwale: 40 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 60 shows


  • Dilwale: 92 shows
  • Bajirao Mastani: 138 shows

Source: BookMyShow



  • Great effort Indicine !!!!! Kudos to your team who worked to get these screen counts. I am from Bangalore n confirm you have nailed it !!!!!!

  • Bhansali paid few crs to critics and few bajrang Dal…to spread negtivity…

    but truth never been denied….Dilwale win slowly and steadily…Block buster…


  • one week is over…Baji rao game is over..

    now ppl want to enjoy movie in repeat watching…which is only only has Dilwale…
    ppl already fool by critics Baji Rao now they come to know and result is showing diffrence..

    Dilwale repeat watch by family audience in weekend and enjoy in festive season…not blood shed…

  • out side india..they have more choice than Dilwale for example, Star wars,Baji rao, or few south films…but even though families are preferring Dilwale . means they all are mindless ppl according to those who are bashing Dilwale….hahahahaha

  • Indicine, please answer these 2 questions:
    1. Will BM collect more than #Dilwale during Christmas weekend?
    2. Looking at the steady trend during weekdays can you conclude that #Dilwale is really having a mixed WOM? Because Happy new year had bigger drop during weekdays last year (>15%). Doesn’t that mean WOM for #Dilwale is better than for Happy New Year?

    • @Anupama,

      1. Exhibitors allotting more shows to Bajirao Mastani shows their confidence that it’ll perform better. In clashes, the better performing film, ends up getting more shows in Week 2. So yes, it does look like BM will collect more than Dilwale. But if the occupancy is high, it still has enough shows to earn 40 crore weekend.

      2. Word of mouth varies from place to place. Bajirao Mastani definitely has the better WOM in cities.

  • Cinemax Mira road only 4 shows? It was running as good as Bajirao Mastani over here..how come they have reduced the show count by more than half?

  • don’t suprise if bm collect 60 70 cr or even more second week film will cross 200 cr even 250 cr possible..atbb …

  • @ indicine

    Kitna bhi negativity faila do…Dilwale will emerge a winner…

    INDICINE – kaun hai jisse main nafrat kerta hun lekin mera BAND baja gaya…


  • good thing for bajirao that it is totally based on Maharashtra warrior bajirao and Maharashtra is one of the biggest region of film business otherwise if bajirao based on any other region no matter how god review it got never complete wid dilwale but good thing for dilwale it holding well

  • doesn’t matter, i just hope people over here doesn’t start crying if Dilwale still emerges a winner against all odds!!!

  • Still i believe dilwale will score more in weekend. Bcz single screens will go with dilwale. Dilwale on Crismis.

  • @indicine Isn’t this true that Eros had booked majority of the high end SS and some multiplex screen before hand…and i dnt think shows se utna kuch fark oadega…BM didnt fare well in the high end SS and is mainly running on multiplexes..

  • there is no.need of dilwale in maharshtra…
    watevr some shows r there …they will run empty…

  • Sanjay leela bhansali has taken revenge of saawariya. It’s proved content wins over stardom. Srk needs to reinvent himself and stop doing masala flicks.

  • I’m frm siliguri, in week 1 dilwale had 29 shows at plexes & 10 shows at single screens
    BM had 22 shows at plexes & 3 shows at single screens.
    Book my show didn’t show single screens I guess

  • It’s so good to see Bajirao Mastani can remain the screens as in the first week. FIGHTING! (This is we – Korean – cheering for someone) .

  • booking single screen don’t effect as dilwale win high court case then single screen owner are free to run any movie.bcoz hc judgement then no excuse

  • it has confirmed that Raees and sultan is not clashing sultan is moving its date ahead….. so Raees 300+ confirmed…! king khan rockz z

  • @indicine, what about single screens, since dilwale seems to have majority of its collections from there only.
    Which film shall star wars affect more – dilwale or BM?

  • @ indicine

    Seems you are worried now after Dilwale performs steady through out the week and for making your prediction right you are now playing this type of cheap game.

    Go and see again BOOK MY SHOW again.
    Everybody this indicine is losing credibility by giving wrong information to prove himself right…

    Indicine reply me with correct and genuine answer if you think I am wrong if you didn’t reply picture is clear about you.

  • SRK haters open your eyes alraedy in week one world wide gross of Dilwale is 227 Crore and BM is 140 Crore only . Budget of Dilwale is 110 Crore BM budget is 120 Crore. Other revenues of Dilwale is 85 Crore BM only 55 Crore so if ur maths is good then u can simply see that Dilwale is super hit and BM can be max a simple Hit

  • @ferdbouk goodevening Mr.indicine,in my opinion this war against actor king SRK,spending 25 years to give pleasure&smile to people ,and if they tried to closed theater to boycot Dilwale and not meaning drop down that meaning that movie very successed and afraid from this successed,of king SRK and Dilwale movie,movie successed in Gulf,Uk,Us,Malizia,Adonesia,&many countries,thanks to give us space to write comments journalist fery dbouk from lebanon tribute to king SRK and beautiful Arts &Great civilization of India

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