Dhoom 3 vs PK: Box Office Collection Comparison

A year after Dhoom 3, Aamir Khan has once again taken the box office by storm with his latest release PK. The film has not only performed well at the domestic box-office, but has also opened to outstanding numbers overseas.

There was a time, not too long ago, when Salman was the king in India, while Shahrukh Khan ruled overseas. But with Dhoom 3 and PK, Aamir has taken it to a different level altogether – what with the trade talking about his Ghajini and 3 Idiots days.

Dhoom 3 vs PK

Dhoom 3 vs PK

Aamir has also been responsible for giving the industry every landmark – he was the founder of the 100 crore club, 200 crore club and now PK looks set to cross 300 crore at the box office. If 3 Idiots was the first to cross 150 crore, Dhoom 3 was the first film to do 250.

It will be interesting to follow the day-wise comparison between Dhoom 3 and PK, because, if the Rajkumar Hirani film has to cross the 300 crore mark, it has to trend better than Dhoom 3.

In 5 days, Dhoom 3 was about 10% ahead with total collections of around Rs 149.46 crore (including Tamil and Telugu versions). PK has collected 135.28 crore.

Day-wise box office collection comparison below.

DayDhoom 3PK
Day 136.2226.63
Day 233.3630.34
Day 338.03 (Sunday)38.24 (Sunday)
Day 421.7121.22
Day 520.1419.36
Day 625.52 (Christmas)19.55
Day 714.0128 (Christmas)
First Week188.99 crores182.89 crores
Day 810.114.55
Day 912.0417.12
Day 1016.71 (Sunday)
Day 116.83
Day 127.26
Day 1310.78 (New Year)
Day 144.61
Two Week Total257.32 crores
Day 153.14
Day 164.02
Day 175.75 (Sunday)
Day 182
Day 192.04
Day 201.73
Day 211.45
Three Week Total277.45 crores
Day 220.8
Day 230.9
Day 241.06 (Sunday)
Till Fourth weekend280.21
Remaining weeks5.82
Lifetime Collections286.03 crores214.52 crores (9 days)




  • as I hd predicted earlier pk will earn 34cr+ tomorrow bcz of Christmas and today will b 22cr bcz evening show onwards huge jump.
    pk will sleepwalk into 300cr club.350cr is on

  • everybody laughed at me when I rated it 9.5 but its phenomenal trending and general reaction of public in fb,Twitter,colleges,office,bus,train etc suggest pk is absolutely worthy of 9.5/10 rating

  • the only 2 films that I can see entering 250cr club in next 18 months r
    1 FAN
    2 TAMASHAA(if it gets a solo Christmas release)

  • @arjun kapoor fan
    today will be max 18 cr…
    2marrow will be max 27-29 cr…
    no chance of 30 cr…
    definitely 2nd week will be phenomenal…bcoz of festival
    2nd week pk challenge 2nd week of d3 collection…

  • Dhoom 3 is biggest grosser of all time and PK can be the biggest grosser of all time and 1 thing is common in both movies and that is Aamir khan.Truly aamir khan is competing with himself giving ATBB’s when other struggles for even hit verdicts.

  • @Arjun kapoor fan again please we heard you, your desperation is on another level aamir fans will not watch tevar. from now on people will only wait for baby not because of akki but because of another good director who already has two acclaimed films, after action Jackson the message from audience was clear. No more masalas only good films.

  • Congrats to Rajkumar hirani ,Aamir & pk team….Aamir proved me wrong….he can hit the movie with his stardom…..adore.bow

  • Interestingly,DHOOM 3 collected more on its respective tuesday..
    I think as some are saying 300crs will be a sleepwalk..i don’t think so!
    It will take some extraordinary trending to get there.

  • PK’s 1st week collections should be around 175-180 crores, till 2nd week 240-250 crores, by 3rd week 270-275 crores, life time definitely 285+ crores, come on baby, 300 crores club, come on!

  • raju hirani just now in an interview to komal told that pk was initially given another superpower that he can get into someone’s mind and erase their certain memories from past.for example pk could go into a regressive Hindu’s mind and erase the memories of partition completey.nw since he doesn’t know anything about that ugly partition therefore he no more looks down upon Muslims.
    but unfortunately this idea of erasing memories matched with inception that hd released while scripting d film.so he decided to change that idea completely and make it with pk taking god to court after that police station scene where pk files a fir against god.but then omg came and they again hd to rewrite the film.

    finally after lot of rescripting pk was made and the result is a cult blockbuster

  • @saclin11:: Yes rightly said,aamir is giving ATBBs while others are struggling for a hit verdict..yes we saw our bhaijaan struggling for a hit verdict with jai ho.

  • So when trade is talking.of aamir’s those days, let’s wait and watch bajrangi bhaijaan or prdp into a ‘dabangg’ equivalent and break records like in 2010.

  • PK is doing huge collections everyday and my wish was either our kings hny or pk should collect 300 crores but our king disappointed but praying now that aamir will not disappoint and will create 300 crore club

  • 100 crore club was created in 2008 and 200 crore club was created in 2009 by aamir and no 300 crore club till 2014 now so I wish again aamir create a new club of 300 with PK.Go aamir Go pk

  • Aamir movies easily collect 200/250cr…..but our king nd greek god need manipulation to cross 150/200cr……too much fun.

  • Sum srk fans are predicting 300cr for fan…..but they should not forget fan has no deepika nd no rohit shetty, without them the so called king havn’t cross yet 120cr mark even…..lol.

  • @arjunkapurfan, not sure about tamasha to cross 250cr but ranbir will cross 250cr before our king like he crossed 150cr with yjhd way befor srk….

  • DHOOM 3 wa absolute garbage. So boring. Reminded me of CHENNAI EXPRESS.

    One thing Hirani film has is being high on entertainment factor. I have not seen P.K. yet but planning to see it.

    P.K. has a great chance of crossing 300 cr.

  • Some 60cr club’s star’s fans r bashing salman’s semi hit jai ho…….according to them entertainment, boss, k786, ouatimd, joker, specil26 etc are blockbusters…..

  • I m sure pk will get 300 as others were predict 175 cr week while boi 180…normally prod figure get inflation tag but what about boi these feet…normally boi has a softcorner for amir movies that they have increse number for amir movies while for other movieis NEVER EVER… boi have normally diff of 1-2 cr per day which seen only 10-50 lakhs only with amir movies…this is the only reason why this movies collectiion r not coming under inflation tag….JAB TAK BOI KA SAATH RAHEGA AMIR TERA NAAM RAHEGA…

  • Our Google boy @sem trending pk is more than His idol hny,that he awake after 2 month of hny and Saying “kehte h humko pyar se India wale”,Bro you should trend this earlier may be srk doesn’t need to inflate hny figure to get past 200cr.BTW If boi is Aamir site than Talaash which was a hit by every trade wasn’t Semi hit according yo them,similarly movie like Ra 1 who even wasn’t termed hit by Taran Adarsh not been declared hit by boi.You googly boy you should search about 3.7 billion fan following of srk rather than wasting time on PK and Aamir.
    @goutam one more thing you said pk won’t crossed 200cr for sure,what about this trending, fact us you guys don’t seen trending of TZP when it clashed with welcome that how long that film come forward despite that it wasn’t even a true commecrical film look alike. Aamir less die hard fan following is his biggest strength that most of cube lovers come to watch his film as they are definitely better than his contempories.I also said you that time pk will cross 200cr and if it trended like this may be it cross 300cr.

  • @gauravv the repeat viewing is definitely prove the pk film better,problem is that we guys who use net for reviews has gone through many review that its similar to omg so when we went to watch that film this comparison was already in our mind.
    But my office where my 8-10 colleagues who seen the film, I was the only one who didn’t found it great and superb as they feel.Reason they all had seen omg but this comparison wasn’t striking their head while watching the film,from last 3 days there is only talks about pk during our lunch time, my 2 friends who hardly seeing movies in theatre will go to watch pk on tmrw.PK was immensely loved by people and they even don’t bother about IRS similarity with omg.
    Undoubtly most loved film of the year.

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