Dhoom 3 Total Box Office Collections in 12 days

Dhoom 3Dhoom 3 has crossed the ₹ 240 crore mark at the domestic box office, including regional versions which have contributed ₹ 11.54 crore (record) to the total collections of the film in India.

The film is all set to be the highest grosser of all time tomorrow, surging ahead of the lifetime collections of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 (₹ 246 crore).

Dhoom 3 has collected ₹ 7.26 crore on its 12th day (5% jump in business on the last day of the year), to take its total business to ₹ 241.93 crore in less than 2 weeks since its release.

Dhoom 3 Total Collections in 12 days

  • Day 1 (Friday) – 36.22 cr
  • Day 2 (Saturday) – 33.36 cr
  • Day 3 (Sunday) – 38.03 cr
  • Day 4 (Monday) – 21.71 cr
  • Day 5 (Tuesday) – 20.14 cr
  • Day 6 (Wednesday) – 25.52 cr
  • Day 7 (Thursday) – 14.01 cr
  • First Week – 188.99 crore
  • Day 8 (2nd Friday) – 10.1 cr
  • Day 9 (2nd Saturday) – 12.04 cr
  • Day 10 (2nd Sunday) – 16.71 cr
  • Day 11 (2nd Monday) – 6.83 cr
  • Day 12 (2nd Tursday) – 7.26 cr
  • Total – 241.93 crores




  • @Indicine

    Please publish that Dhoom3 has crossed 250crs nett as per official figures:

    #Dhoom3 [Week 2]: Hindi ₹ 61.81 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 1.91 cr. Total: Hindi ₹ 240.78 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 11.92 cr. Grand total: ₹ 252.70 cr.

    Hindi collections as per BOI is also 235. Kudos to Aamir’s honesty :).

  • @ divya if amir not lead actor in RDB then what about 3I & D3….There r sharman,siddharth,kunal in RDB while same sharman and madhvan in 3I and AB & UC there in the D3…r u saying only amir lead actor for D3 and 3I as they get ATBB ??? FYI public remind more DJ then sahir and agree TZP darshil the lead but not with RDB and for manipulation u hav to thanks only BOI hope u read my defination and number game get in prblem when ETT yrf film fig get differ with BOI and get worst with K3…Amir Fans must thank BOI for reporting amir each movie accurately

  • @ aks sorry to say but talash is intense movie but not art
    @ divya when amir sign D3 or 3I or even Ghajini how havoc they going to create amir never know same in case with srk for CE and salman for ETT,akshay for RR and RK for YJHD…RDB was excelent movie for amir then same for CDI,SP 26,TERE NAAM,BARFI,ROCKSTAR…


    Box Office: Dhoom 3 is the highest grosser of 2013
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network

    Year 2013 was super exciting for Bollywood as it saw some of the biggest releases making never heard before Box Office records. Where SRK’s Chennai Express finally managed to break the record of 3 Idiots by collecting Rs. 227.13 cr, Krrish 3 pushed the envelope further in following few weeks and made newer BO record by collecting Rs. 244.92 cr. This again was broken by Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 which has already collected Rs. 252.7 cr in record time and is still running successfully in the theatres.

    On the other hand, younger stars too weren’t far behind. Ranbir Kapoor scored a massive total of Rs. 188.57 cr with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, while Deepika-Ranveer starrer Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela too followed with Rs. 116.33 cr.

    Farhan Akhtar’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag made it into the 100 crore club and so did Ritesh-Aftab and Vivek starrer Grand Masti.

    Movie Name Release Lifetime (INR Cr.)
    Dhoom 3 20-Dec-13 252.7
    Krrish 3 1-Nov-13 244.92
    Chennai Express 9-Aug-13 227.13
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 31-May-13 188.57
    Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela 15-Nov-13 116.33
    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 12-Jul-13 108.93
    Grand Masti 13-Sep-13 102
    Race 2 25-Jan-13 100.45
    Aashiqui 2 26-Apr-13 78.42
    Special 26 8-Feb-13 66.8

  • @divya you are right But there are no benefit of further arguments with Aamir haters or persons who are far from reality. The moral is who trust the fact and achievement will understand without arguments and one who don’t believe or having different opinion will never agree, so i am happy with your comments and judgement. But no need to drag our precious time to answer haters. Enjoy D3 first movie to collect 400cr worldwide and soon join 500cr. @navin epic comments couldn’t stop laughing when i read ‘thakur playing with himself’.

  • @ Divya JTHJ,ETT,D3 belongs to yrf and production house or boi either manipulate or decrease its up to us AND everyone knows JTHJ and SOS fig decreased up to 15 cr after reporting and JTHJ and SOS clash from first day AND FYI again DON 2 and RA 1 HiT only due to Budget RAONE @2 and DON 2@ 4 in 2011 while JTHJ@4 and Talash @10 in 2012

  • @sem do you know Aamir success ratio is just 27.7% when it comes to clean hit as per Boi,while Srk has 45-46% with clean hits, till 2000 Aamir has just 3 universal hit under his name while srk had 9-10 clean hits till than. But still Aamir accept to agree to do A lagaan while Srk refused. Do you know why? It speak his confidence into the film and upon himself that a person who has just 3 clean hits in his first 23-24 films agree to do different roles and movie but a person who had 10 hits in his 30 films not had guts to do different cinema. STILL Aamiq got Padam shri and Padam bhushan before srk, a continuous success is good but that doesn’t mean it best.there are Srk fans who considers Ce a epic,classic movie and Srk most classic Hny according to them will come this year,but there is no fan of Aamir who will say Ghajini,Rj,Dhoom 3 is best movie of him or classics.That what Aamir Has gain in his Career.He had given wonderful movies which is not biggest hit like there 3 but still He is most trustful actor.

  • @yash i also said that Talaash was mainstream movie not art,that’s why i said no Art movie collected even 50cr in India.It was mainstream commercial film and collected good money. As per Boi they never decreasing Aamir movie because that was Aamir friendly site,do you there are many sites who reporting that Aamir has 18hits but Boi saying he has only 10-11. And i accept that,do you know it was same site who declared Ra1 a hit when its collected less than its cost,they also give Don1 clean hit status while others giving Both movies an avg,below avg and some say semi hit. The fact is Aamir is always honest with his films,his works and figures. Whether you agree or not. The kind of promotion he did for Talaash,dhobi ghat and Delhi belly speak the same.

  • I like and my family like krish3 but releasing of Dhoom 3 I like Dhoom 3 because this action film are very very very Nice and amir khan bike is very intrested bike .

    I am amir khan fan Best of luck aamir khan..

  • @aks exactly in your words Have you ever seen an art movie which collect more then 50 cr domestic then how can talash collect those ? So…
    Its good that BOI reported accurately for D3 my point is only that in recent big movies starting from ETT v have never seen for any big movie BOI give high num then prod fig. for a single day and for D3 you find 5 day and they always reduce money after reporting but not in D3…wish BOI get accurate for 2014 and i admit that its not AMIR fault that boi report accurately…

  • @aks its actors choice either he wants to do a movie or not…at the DARR time amir refuse that negative role as his image is choclateboy but SRK confidently did that after deewana in early stage of career isn’t it confident and srk did same with MBMBBS,3I AND LAGAAN…v get many example as anil kapur refuse bazigar and srk take that challenge…if u think to be consistent not best then its up to you…

  • Guys i think Indicine/srkcine is too much busy in HNY poster that they forget yesterday D3 surpassed K3 official figures and become highest grosser of all time.

  • Remakes, franchise films and multistarrers beget Aamir records. All so called records only from 2008. What was he doing till then?

  • Aamir is only superstar for classes…………..case in point, he shamelessly said Salman is number 1 star just before D3 released in order to get Salman fans (mainly the masses) to come and watch D3.He also gave salman his D3 hat to wear for publicity such that salman fans will go watch D3 just becuz bhai supported Aamir. SRK, Hrthik and even Salman now are superstars of masses and classes and dont need to stoop so low like Aamir……….Remember for Ghajini he shamelessly made the ushers have the Ghajini buzz cut to promote his film during RNBDJ. So as i said earlier Aamir still has way to go to catch up to the craze of SRK, Hrithik and Salman………..maybe after D3 and PK masses mite like him a little…………………………

  • The fact is in the entire career srk has given biggest hit of the year only 4 times & that is…..
    He has taken 2nd or 3rd spot a no.of times.But he is miles far from salman wen it comes to deliver biggest hit of the year.

  • @yash darr wasn’t a mistake of Aamir as that role not meant for him and that role no one could play better than Srk, in his early phase of his career there could be some reason to accept that role by srk,but losing movie like Munna bhai,3i,lagaan is definitely a loss,look srk want to do Tees Maar Khan with farha,yes there were possibility if srk did Tmk it might be better. Leave aside because Bhuvan of Lagaan and Rancho of 3i no one can play better than Aamir,similarly Munna Bhai is best suited to Sanjay dutt, Rahul of Darr,kabir khan of CDI (srk best performance till date) and Baajigar character no one could play better than Srk. And Talaash was commercial mainstream intense film as you say so.

  • @yash leaving aside Aamir-srk i want to tell you that i am commenting in Indicine post from last 2 years,having arguments with many Srk fans obviously,but i have never found any srk fan who arguing with me long time without degrading Aamir achievement by maintaining Srk dignity and his achievement,its appreciating. Because every time srk fan who argued with me lost their cool and abuse Aamir and behaved like only Srk achieved success and Aamir not done anything good for cinema.i remember even their profile name but no need to drag here. So frankly speaking its been good conversation with you,their will be difference in thinking of you and mine due to obvious reason but i would suggest that be always calm and respectful for others too as you right now.And definitely you shows that you are true Srk fan but not blind. Hats off.


    The box office verdict of a film on this website is based on theatrical business. There are two verdicts, one for the domestic market and one for the international market because this is where the public is paying to watch a film and a film has to be watched to be a hit. Business of different revenue sectors is not put together to give verdict.

    In the early late 60’s early 70’s, a big film would fetch a price of around 60 lakhs from all its distributors in India and when the money was recovered the distributor would start to give overflow for the producers after his commission. Hit films at that time could recover a share of 2 crore while blockbusters over 3.50 crore but still prices were so low because it took a long time to recover those low prices. Films had a 20-30 print release and it was staggered release so some places may have a release a year later. Basically a producer recovered or nearly recovered costs by selling his film and then waited for the film to be accepted by the public and the profit would be the overflow which come in time. This was all very low risk and 90% films recovered costs unless the budget was too high and the film faced rejection which would result in losses. Examples of this are Amrapali, Mera Naam Joker and Reshma Aur Shera.

    Today the scenario is totally changed as distributors pay a huge premium as its all about two weeks and not years. A films verdict is depended on how well it does theatrically. For big budget films a 4 crore share would mean blockbuster in 1970 and in 1995 it was the 20 crore mark, today (2010) its nearly 50 crore. The trade and media tend to bring prices in to put up a perception and then for another film the price factor goes away as a different perception is being put up. A film can be purchased at a Blockbuster price but may do only Super Hit business so therefore lose money but the fact remains it has done Super Hit theatrical business, just the distributor overpaid. If this film has a good perception with the media then it will called success and if perception is not good then the losses will be talked about. A Ghajini was purchased at a Blockbuster price and managed All Time Blockbuster business and if this film was to be judged on distributor return then it would be an Above Average fare but the level of its theatrical performance is far more important then the huge premium paid by the distributors.

    The budgets, deals which go on behind the scenes are very different and have many clauses which are different for each film. It is also difficult to judge a film on budgets as movies like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Three Idiots only have a production budget of 25 crore and 30 crore respectively as there were profit sharing deals with main leads and with director as well for Three Idiots so you can’t put a budget to these films as you can with some others. Also nobody apart from producer and distributor know the exact details of a deal. The one constant for every film is theatrical business be it Domestic or International. Every film has two verdicts one for Indian theatrical and one for International theatrical. Other revenue sources like satellite, music etc can have verdicts but these can’t be based on how what price they fetch as that is like saying a film is a theatrical hit depending on what price it fetches rather than actual performance.

    The size of the release basically decides how big a film is, if a film releases on 1000 plus cinemas with 18-20-22 shows at multiplexes then it is regarded as a big film and the mark today (Sept 2010) for blockbuster business is nearly 50 crore distributor share. This does not mean that a film release on 500 cinemas with 9-10-11 shows per multiplex will be a a blockbuster at 25 crore as when a film goes over 500 cinemas then the cinemas become lower earning single screens. A film has to achieve a certain amount per print/cinema it is released on to do Average Hit, Super Hit, etc business. As the releases get bigger the lifetime share marks get bigger. Also some releases get big releases but limited shows at multiplexes and they have to judget accordingly

    If we get into prices and budgets against total revenue it allows for what is called a manufactured hit. Many films in India are made at low budgets at 2-3 crore and do bad theatrical business (sometimes zero) but with satellite and DVD rights they sometimes manage to make money which would mean they are success using the profit system.

    All verdicts at BoxOfficeIndia.Com are given for the theatrical business judged against the release size which we believe is the best way to judge a success of a film. There is a verdict for Indian theatrical and International theatrical but no Worldwide verdict as it is difficult to judge two markets. A blockbuster in India and Overseas is easy to call but a Blockbuster in India and flop overseas or vice versa is near impossible to call correctly. All films are judged using this system.

    The profit/loss system is hugely against films purchased at a premium and hugely in favour of films which are not sold to anyone and so therefore gives a completely incorrect picture of box office success/failure if followed strictly. An example of this is below.

    Film A – Budget 40 crore. Producer releases himself with 50 crore investment including P&A. The film brings in 60 crore and the film is called a success.

    Film B – Budget 40 crore. Worldwide rights purchased by third party for 90 crore giving third party investment of 100 crore including P&A. The film brings in 85 crore but will be called loser.

    As can be seen the more successful film has the lower verdict because one was sold and one was not.

    Films like Rocket Singh and Paathshaala had costs of 17 crore and 10 crore respectively and released by the producers so even when they did not find a audience they were still profitable due to low costs and revenue coming in from revenue steams like Satellite and DVD. Films like Kites are at the other end of the spectrum where they need All Time Blockbuster business in India or huge business overseas to get near the prices they were purchased at. But above all it must be remembered that box office has nothing to do with satellite, music, DVD, etc. Box office is all about the public coming to watch a film at a theatre be it in London, Ludhiana or Latur.

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