Dhoom 3 Total Box Office Collections in 12 days

Dhoom 3Dhoom 3 has crossed the ₹ 240 crore mark at the domestic box office, including regional versions which have contributed ₹ 11.54 crore (record) to the total collections of the film in India.

The film is all set to be the highest grosser of all time tomorrow, surging ahead of the lifetime collections of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 (₹ 246 crore).

Dhoom 3 has collected ₹ 7.26 crore on its 12th day (5% jump in business on the last day of the year), to take its total business to ₹ 241.93 crore in less than 2 weeks since its release.

Dhoom 3 Total Collections in 12 days

  • Day 1 (Friday) – 36.22 cr
  • Day 2 (Saturday) – 33.36 cr
  • Day 3 (Sunday) – 38.03 cr
  • Day 4 (Monday) – 21.71 cr
  • Day 5 (Tuesday) – 20.14 cr
  • Day 6 (Wednesday) – 25.52 cr
  • Day 7 (Thursday) – 14.01 cr
  • First Week – 188.99 crore
  • Day 8 (2nd Friday) – 10.1 cr
  • Day 9 (2nd Saturday) – 12.04 cr
  • Day 10 (2nd Sunday) – 16.71 cr
  • Day 11 (2nd Monday) – 6.83 cr
  • Day 12 (2nd Tursday) – 7.26 cr
  • Total – 241.93 crores




  • @aks manipulation means diff between boi fig and prod fig…as a boi follower have u ever note that for any big movie they give high num then prod fig as they give 4 days fig higher for D3…boi reduced their num always after territorial breakdown but not that time…its unique for boi…u know how boi reduced fig for jthj,sos,ett…and it may be only amir vs srk for u but not for me…YJHD and D3 both r non holiday release…If yjhd had not got adv like ce then also not like d3…30+ cr have never achieved on NHD and its big achievement for D3 and what my point for amirfans is YJHD did 19+ with 3100 screen and for D3 for hindi 4100 screen is achievable and you see shortly with JAI HO….screensize and holiday both factos get bigger for bussiness and if D3 released on holiday with 4100 screen it may get 40+ as may CE also with 4100…as i early say each movie has his destiny and fate and may be yjhd have got nothing whether its holiday,screens or open weeks as thats YJHD…holiday may help for one or two day but screens may help on entire lifetime as YJHD,CE,D3 all r accepted movies u never know how much they earn….and m very happy with YRF as they provide dub version fig which is not with roshans…

  • @ayyee good comment, i liked your comment for the comparison b/w 2006=2013.
    personally i think 2007 was best year as per great films and entertaining films because we get:
    One of the best love stories in India Cinema :Jab We Met
    Aamir first direction venture & outstanding movie: Taare Zameen Par
    Abhishek Bachchan Best Film Ever: Guru
    Akshay Best films and verity in Namaste London,Bhool Bhullaiya,hey Babby,welcome (except welcome i liked remaining 3 of his films)
    Salman as his best entertaining movie along with Govinda: Partner
    Srk best performance i admire Chak De India and good Romantic movie OSO
    Superb Comedy movies like Dhamaal,Dhol.
    only exception was that HR not had any movie that year.

    so for me that year was best year with have perfect combination of social,patriotical,biopic movies with Entertaining & romantic movies.and each of the actor got one of their best ever in that year, hope 2014 repeat, because we have Aamir+Sanju+Raju combination in P.k., Salman’s in Jai Ho & Kick,Srk’s HNY,Hr’s Bang bang, Ajay’s Singham2, Akshay’s Holiday & Gabbar, so we have good looking ventures ahead in 2014.

  • Srk fans reaction after CE records broken:

    * K3 broke CE record (as per some trade analysts) : Manipulated figures and does not deserve to be better than CE.

    * D3 boke CE records : Various reactions, changes everytime they see D3 breaking a record every day/week:

    & Movie is successful only due to Dhoom franchise and Aamir have no contribution. (right if srk had done, what is Dhoom?)

    & IMAX (harly 4 screens and very less IMAX viewers compare to normal screens viewers) ticket prices helped the movie break records (Who asked srk not to release in IMAX? doesn’t srk have money or not aware of technology).

    & Producers (YRF) manipulating figures (The same YRF was most loveable by srk fans few years ago).

    & Less tickets are sold for D3 compare to CE and now they want Indicine to count the number of tickets and post an article for these morons !!!! Lol

    & Aamir is not a star (Are you kidding? The man who created 100 cr, 200 cr club and hopefully 300 cr (may be with P.K.) is not a star)
    Whereas the man who struggled 15 years to give an ATBB is a global star.

    CE broke 3 Idiots records and D3 is doing same, what is wrong in it? It is like in a hotel, only one customer (srk) is allowed to have all the meals himself.

    Dear srk fans, Happy New Year !!!!!! I wish this year brings some sense and logic to your brains and you start accepting facts (other actors success).
    Stop ‘Grapes are sour’ attitude.

  • the last year gives us 4 Important lessons from Bollywood:-
    1. Don’t Underestimate the Talent,abilities and BO performance of Little Master Aamir and his movies :Dhoom3
    2. Don’t Underestimate the power of Common Man Srk: Chennai Express
    3. Don’t Underestimate the power of India Superhero aka Hrithik Roshan as Krissh : Krissh3
    4. Don’t underestimate the Fan Following of Salman Khan: despite having no release in 2013 this man was top searched and talked about man Of blooywood in that year

    the best is Arvind Kejriwal surprised all and dethroned Bigger Political Parties like Congress and BJP and he was combination of all 4, using broom for flying like Harry potter so a superman like Hr, A common man like srk in ce, in height he is bit Similar to Aamir and with huge votes given to ‘AAP” suggest his followings like Salman.

  • @divya biggest joke amir fan following is more than srk.i like his acting in dhøom 3 but in case of fan following amir is still behind HR.amir movies worked because of content (in case of dhoom 3 ,dhoom name is enough to watch ).

  • ghanta krissh-3 record fight is between srk and aamir…aamir won but enough srk,aamir and salman..time ranveer,ranbir to take game forward…really bored of srk pairing with deepika again i hav to watch them in HNY

  • @sakshi dont dig to much after Ek tha tiger ticket its chennai express only ticket hike…even singh is king is bigger hit thn om shanti om in india becoz singh is king is bigger hit in single screens…

  • @pranay j – if dhoom 3 name is enough then the film cannot be beating every record left right n center….what u r saying is that the next dhoom will 100% beat every record in sight…..how stupid is that????

    also all three khans have a very very strng fan base…..u cant really say which one is bigger…..remember on fb salman n aamir r way ahead of srk……all 3 r huge…..

    and the fat that aamir movies turn out to be good movies in d end earns him that repuation that gives him such a fan base……

  • @pranay – every movie lover is an aamir fan becoz he makes quality movies. I guess the most disappointing movie from aamir in the past 13 yrs is Dhoom 3 and just see what havoc it is creating at the boxoffice.

    Also I have never mentioned aamir has a bigger fan following but I mentioned that aamir has the acting chops to even make a bad movie watchable and a humongous hit while Srk may have a big fan following that allows his movies to be a hit but he cannot on his own make a movie all time blockbuster. Like in case of Ra1 and Don 2 he had everything in his favor and did promotions for nearly 1 yr but still as the movie was bad and Srk dont have tat big a following that he can carry the movie to a blockbuster status alone so they were just a hit.

    But it wud foolishness to not accept that he does have a pretty big fan following to take these movies past 100crs.

    Carrying bad movies to blockbuster status ws only dne by Rajesh khanna and AB in the past and Salman in the present scenario.

  • According bollywood hungama:
    In August this year, we saw Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone going all guns blazing with Chennai Express. While the film went on to become one of the biggest hits crossing the 200 crore barrier, it was soon followed by Krrish 3 becoming the next entrant into the club.

    In this edition of Box Office Report Card, we take a look at the films that have managed to break the barrier of Rs. 200 crore. In a comparative analysis we pit the cast, director and of course the three films to break this mark against each other.

    Interestingly, while Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots that released in Christmas in 2009 took 70 days to cross the mark, SRK’s film did the same in just 15 days. Krrish 3, on the other hand, took just 10 days to make it into the 200 crore club. And now, Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3 managed the same in under 10 days, establishing a new record of becoming the fastest film to reach the Rs. 200 crore mark.

    Apart from this, below we list a few unknown factoids about the Rs. 200 cr Club members:

    • Chennai Express managed to break 3 Idiots record (of entering the 200 crore club) after approximately 1267 days/181 weeks. However, Krrish 3 managed to break Chennai Express’s record of entering the 200 cr club after 80 days. Aamir’s Dhoom 3 followed right after breaking Krrish 3’s record within 50 days.

    • Aamir Khan achieved this milestone when he was 45 years old, while SRK achieved it near to his 48th birthday. However, Hrithik is the youngest actor to enter the club achieving this milestone closer to his 40th birthday. Aamir however is the only star to have two 200 crore blockbusters to his name, as of now.

    • Deepika achieved this milestone at the age of 27.5 years, as compared to Kareena who achieved the milestone when she was nearly 29.5 years old. On the other hand, Priyanka, who is currently 31.34 years, becomes the oldest actress to be the part of the 200 crore club, while Katrina achieved this milestone after 30.5 years.

    • Rajkumar Hirani achieved this milestone when he was 47.5 years old, while Rohit Shetty achieved it at the age of 40.5 years, while Rakesh Roshan at the of age 64 was the oldest director/producer in 200 crore club. Vijay Krishna Acharya gets this record at the age of 45.

    • 3 Idiots was released in 1700+ screens, Chennai Express was released in 3500+ screens, Krrish 3 was released in 4400 screens whereas Dhoom 3 was released in 4500 screens in India.

    No. Movie Name Release Lifetime Days to Reach 200 Crores Milestone Date
    1 Krrish 3 1-Nov-13 244.92 10 10-Nov-13
    2 Dhoom 3 20-Dec-13 241.93 9 28-Dec-13
    3 CE 8-Aug-13 227.13 15 22-Aug-13
    4 3 Idiots 25-Dec-09 202.47 70 4-Mar-10


  • @Divya if movies generate bugs only bcoz of acting then wht about Talash ??? Amir get High grosser inform of ghajini,3idiots and D3 and congrates to amir for that but that does not mean srk has no aukat against Amir and if u want srk each movie to break 31 record then why Talash cant break GHAJINI record ??? DON 2 and RA ONE consider bcoz of their high budget if u gone by earning then its BB as BODYGUARD in 2011…when it comes to high gross movie then salman 8 , amir-srk 5 times while in top 3 movies u get SALMAN-SRK 17 movie and HR-AMIR 7 movies,ajay-akshay 4 movie in list…Universally known 3 idiot movie best on Chetan bhagat novel but credit given ????????? For CE success e1 responsible whether is DP or RS bcoz its CE success not only SRK success and when its come to RA ONE then for you only SRK no kareena or anubhav ????? right AS ALWAYZ DOUBLE STANDARD FAN

  • Just for the information of all haters, Hindi release of Dhoom 3 was almost similar to what CE had. The extra 850 screens were for tamil and telegu release. Please check the same before commenting.

    Hindi collections are given by the favorite site of SRK fans after K3 release which is BOI and acc to them D3 hindi may collect 265-275 crs so just see the difference and stop citing the difference in screen count.

    In overseas also CE was comprehensively beaten by D3 with almost the same number of screens.

  • @sakhi you are the most innocent,dump srk fan ever,look at your comment asking to count nos. ticket sold of d3 and ce,what do you think that indicine will start counting tickets for you. You remembered that rohit shetty hasn’t crossed 110cr before ce,but do you srk also not crossed 120cr mark before ce, while all his movies like jthj,don2 and ra1 having holiday or holiday period,while rohit’s Golmaal3 was having a competition on diwali 2010, with Action replay same like srk jthj have with sos, but his next two movies singham and bol bachchan are normal weekend releases, no doubt srk has contributed in Ce,but how can you taken credit away from Rohit shetty, similarly we Aamir fans can’t taken credit away from Yrf and Dhoom franchise but as movie trending well and accepted means public loved the movie so being a central character Aamir also having major contribution. So stop jealous and enjoying Happy new years posters and other information.

  • Hey from looking a indicine comments over a period of time, i have noticed that SRK is almost always compared to and ridiculed everytime another actor movie comes out? WHy is this? Are u all jealous and insecure of his gr8 success for over 2 decaded and that he is the richest star? I mean his movie Chennai Express was not a francshise like K3 and D3 yet it beat 3Idiots record and did extremely well in spite of competition in each of its first 3 weeks. That show SRK star power. Many hav also attritbuted CE great suceess due to Deepika but thats unfair since CE is a full on comedy movie and almost all the comic scenes were carried out superbly by SRK……..sure she acted well but by no means carried the movie……if she relly caused CE to break 3I record then why didnt Ram-leela cross 200 crores?? The reason why CE suceeded was mainly due to SRK brand and also a little Rohit sheety and also cuz the movie was relly entertaining…………………….so Dhoom 3 being a huge brand film shud not be compared to CE and jus becuz Dhoom3 is doing well doesnt mean Aamir is bigger than Salman or SRK……………..Indicine plz publish this, i have said nothing offensive

  • @hrithik you say if srk done dhoom 3-
    *work bcoz of kat,ab,yrf and dhoom brand not srk
    *you guys have problem when srk made movie in 3D its prize may 100 prize more but imax 400 to 900 and u deff say why imax only 4 theatre in india surely srk want to break 3I overseas record
    *you guys have prblem wth lungi dance then only god knows what with tap dance
    *never accept the convertable bmw bike
    *dhoom is about robbery so you guys say robbery ki dhoom ho gayee dhoom 3 se
    *weakest dhoom bcoz of srk
    *not deserve to break 3I record exctly u say for CE
    *3 hour bore,crap movie
    And hrithik for maniplation either prod fig or boi responsible you never know atleast D3 makers give language wise breakwise breakup you know why k3 makers not gave that ???

  • @imtiaz,aks:okay, forget about filmfare,even in other award functions,hrithik won.but those are for krrish. So it was hro who won almost all awards for krrish and dhoom. About amir performance in RDB,that was a very simple performance.how can u expect for that? Same for sanjay’s performance in LRMB. That was also simple.
    After hr,the 2nd best candidate was saif for omkara.

  • @Triniman – U ask that why always SRK is dragged everywhere. Let me tell u the reason and belive me it has nothing to with his star power

    Do u see salman hrithik akshay ranbir or ajay’s fans here fighting to undermine the success of aamir

    There is mutual respect but guess whose fans are arrogant and brattish like there superstar and always tries to undermine other’s success. Its u guys always trashing other’s success with silly reasons. They are in shock by the fake kings record been broken left and right in 2 months. Dude accept the fact with dignity and live on. Dhoom 3 is already the highest grosser and will do a business of more than 500cr becoz of one and only aamir as people are going just to watch him now.

  • @Sem – the question is mot how much talaash collected but how much it wud have collected had SRK been there. Remember JTHJ which released in the diwali before Talaash.

    JTHJ collected 102 cr and Talaash collected 93 cr despite being of niche genre and non holiday release. Had SRK been there in the movie it wont have collected more than 50-60 crs.

    When overhyped with many leading director, music director and top heroine and most of all in his own genre failed to earn more than 102 cr.

    Remember it is only due to Aamir, tat it collected 93cr. He has shown his star power well enuf with dhoom 3

  • @nipun
    You like movies like Lootera etc. so you should know that Aamir’s role in RDB had a different accent and personality.
    Hrithik in Dhoom 2 had almost exactly same pwrsonality and accent that he had in Krrish. He was stylish no doubt but in terms of performance Aamir was much better.
    Hrithik won Filmfare due to Dhoom 2 being one of the most popular films of 2006. Filmfares like gaining TRPs and making public happy by giving awards to hit films instead of deserving quality.
    Dont be surprised when CE wins more Filmfare awards than Lootera. Filmfares mean nothing.

  • @ Divya Hey now D3 wud have been big with any of the major superstars: Aamir, Salman, Hrithik, SRK………..it was expected to break records…………so I am not in shock whatsoever. CE was not expected to do so well but it exceeded expectations tremendously………..also SRK has been more consistent that Aamir………….in the 90’s Aamir was akin to his nephew Imran Khan, he just had a handful of hits and many flops…………….SRK has been giving hits consistently since 1992……………..he and Salman reigned in 90’s butt then Salman fell in 2000’s but SRK kept on growing strongly…………also hes the biggest star worldwide………………he is the most versatile, stylish, charming, magnetic actor in bollywood……………….why u hate him for being a little arrogant? Hes a self made star unlike Aamir who had family in Bollywood and also the rest of actors had connections……only SRK and Akshay are self made stars…………..SRK has attained so much as a self made man……………i feel u all give to much praise to Aamir, he himself said he did not have star power like Salman and needs to have a gr8 script and/or big franchise for fans to come in groves to his movies…………….Salman and SRK have far more star power…………..so the record Aamir has achieved is not relly his record but Aditya Chropa/YRF record……………….ITS U who HAVE to accept that truth and stop deluding urself…………..the past 2 decades SRK was king……………….now Salman is reigning king…………………Aamir is still a toddler compared to these two.

    JTHJ only collected 102 crore becuz of the huge clash with the popular masala film Son of Sadar and it lost money also due to Bal Thackery’s death. If if was solo release and no death it wud have collected 120-130 crore. If SRK was in Talassh it wud have done 110-115 crore.

  • @Divya JTHJ collect 103 acc to boi and 120 by official and jthj clashes wth sos and you know around 15 cr reduced by boi for jthj and sos its good that talash fig same for boi and official fig and who knows srk in d3 or amir in ce how much earns…its up to you

  • @WTF as you check BOI go in DOWN THE YEAR and check TOP HITS & TOP ACTOR and then ask who is best and i have give you top hits and go with box office then
    Box Office 2002
    1 Devdas 32,50,00,000 Hit
    2 Raaz 22,00,00,000 Blockbuster
    3 Kaante 19,50,00,000 Above Average
    4 Aankhen 15,25,00,000 Average
    5 Humraaz 14,50,00,000 Average

    89, 91, 94, 98, 99, 05, 10, 11, 12
    Total films in top list: 26..WITH APKGK AND OSO GUEST APP
    95, 98, 04,05, 07
    Total films in top list: 19…without HTHS,KKHH,KARAN ARJUN
    and I corrected my last comment

    NO 1 — 13,09,08,06,96,90,88
    NO 2 — 01
    NO 3 — 07

    NO 1 — 12,11,10,05,99,94,91,89
    NO 2 — 07,02,98,96,95
    NO 3 — 04

    NO 1 — 07,04,03,02,01,00,98,97,95,93,92
    NO 2 — 13,11,10,08
    NO 3 — 12

  • @Triniman – This is why SRK fans are not liked. Always ready with excuses.
    This toddler (acc to u) is the creator of 100cr club, 200 cr club, 300cr club worldwide and 400cr club worldwide. Soon he will create the 500cr club. Keep on underestimating him.

    All the excitement around D3 was becoz it was Aamir doing a Dhoom. So ppl were expecting something new and he fulfilled his promise by doing the same. Had it been SRK or Salman in D3, the result wud have been completely diff becoz they both have already done movies lyk D3 in Don and ETT.

    Also Aamir does not have to rely on Star power, he is a game changer. He has the good will of movie watching public unlike SRK and Salman who just rely on their Stardom instead of giving the audience some really gr8 movies.

    SRK has lost the plot in the bid to be No. 1. Earlier he used to do good movies. Now he makes movies just to make money and remain on top. He is doing Crappy masala movies with Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan just to remain on top but that wont gain him anything.

    Aamir will come with a Dhoom or PK and will obliterate all his records and then he will start chasing records. again. You know why that is, becoz people know that ‘Aamir ki movie hai to achi to hogi hi’.

    @Sem – You know why official figures and BOI figures are always same for Aamir movies. it is becoz he never maniulates the figures. In case of D3, only diff between official and BOI is 5 crs. While in case of CE it is 19 crs.
    Talaash only collected 10 crs less than JTHJ despite releasing on Non holiday and facing competition from second week from Khiladi 786. Also it was a niche movie not meant for everyone. Remember how much MNIK did being a niche movie.

  • Srk
    95, 98,02,04,07
    Total films in top list: 19…without HTHS,KKHH,KARAN ARJUN
    and I corrected my last comment 02 as mistaken 05

  • Also one more thing I wud clarify Aamir was never the one who would chase records. He has made it clear that he gets his high from being appreciated for a gud movie. If that wud have been the case he wud have never been part of RDB and TZP where he was never the lead actor.

    In fact in Taare Zameen Par, he let the kid be the hero of the film. Can u recall any such film from SRK.

    People will always remember him for classics like QSQT, JJWS, AAA, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, DCH, RDB, TZP and 3 idiots. Also whenever he comes with a masala fare you can see the results lyk Raja hindustani, Ghajini and Dhoom 3. I always hope that

  • @trimiman Lol at your “thakur strike Talaash” comment dude… Now I’ve heard it all, dont speak nonsense dude, you know perfectly well had Thakur been in Talaash then it would only collect max 60-65 cr no more… The movie worked because of Aamirs insistence on being true to the script- had Thakur been there then we would have got 3-4 jovial item numbers popping out after a murder/ dead body scene, a sing song with 20 other stars. Thakur then would have insisted on sleeping with Kareena say three times during the movie but then you find out in the end of movie Kareena was a ghost so really Thakur would have been ‘playing with himself’ and that would shock all lungiwalas to their rotten core… All this being taken into consideration its safe to say had Thakur been in Talaash then it wouldnt belong to the thriller suspense genre but it be Bollywoods cersion of Hollywoods Scary Movie franchise- people would have mocked Excel for making such a farcical movie….
    Aamirs Talaash was one of his best works since Dhobi Ghat which was his best work since 3 idiots which was his best work since Ghajini which was his best work since TZP…. You see where Im going with this…. Aamir works according to the good script on offer- Thakur works to chase Readys record and now Dhoom 3’s records…. Big difference dude

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