Dhoom 3 Motion Poster – This year will end with a DHOOM!

The motion poster of a film that promises to shatter all standing box-office this Christmas, a poster that clearly announces that the year will end with a ‘DHOOM’.

A shirtless Aamir Khan looking outside the window with skyscrapers and choppers flying around in the air. The motion poster of Dhoom 3, instantly makes you curious about the film.

After John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, it will be Aamir who will play the antagonist while Katrina Kaif plays his lady love. Jai and Ali, two much-loved characters played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra also return in this Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film.

Watch the Dhoom 3 Motion Poster and tell us what you think!

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Movie: Dhoom 3 (2013)
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Starcast: Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Banner: Yash Raj Films
Release Date: December 2013
For more details: Dhoom 3 Movie Page



  • Same poster like Gajni. The only difference is in Gajni poster he Wears a Locket in neck n in D3 poster he wear e Hat. Is repeatition is a perfection??????

  • Its POOR

    sorry to say this but. The more I look at it the more I realise it is below average. Aamir’s midgit height & narrow shoulders just doesnt suit his bare back look.

    It feels like somebody made a SPOOF of heist movies posters rather than the real poster.

    Like it was suppose to be a joke. I am not buying it at all.

  • The poster is okay, somehow i didn’t like it much, but that is Aamir, saving the best for last.

    Whoever says Aamir does not break records are deluded. Seriously, they do not know even abcd of movies or boxoffice.

    Hopefully D3 is better than D2, which was more style than substance. D1 was far better than D2, just like Koi Mil Gaya was by far the best than Krrishh.

  • @amit
    First you Srk fans have to know that CE not made anything extra ordinary.

    Opening day record..!
    Which is big question.
    According BOI its not crossed ETT.
    And if crossed according to others its not by big margine its by just 20 laks.
    Srk with 600 more screens & 15% more ticket rates just managed 20 laks..?

    Weekend record is by taking PP in count.Which are not PP its allmost semi-release.

    Now if you compare ETT & CE then after 8 days both films are at same level of business despite CE released 600 more screens & 15% more ticket price.

    Even this is the only Eid where business is not increased like all previous Eid’s.

    But problem is that after such huge time its nearly 6 years Srk got something to cheer & hence you guys gone mad.

    So please recover from it quickly.

    And for all these movies which you are talking K3,D3 & Mental.
    After so much changes in business this year these films really no need of holiday to creat records.
    You may know that YJHD collected 186 crs without holidays & after getting so much holidays question is that can CE cross it..?

    You know once in cricket Mathew Hayden broken the highest record of Brian Lara by just 10 runs against Zimbabwe & then Lara scored 400 against England in England.

    Wait untill Diwali you will get what is the capability of 3800 screens with todays ticket price..

  • D1 john hit
    D2 hrithik record
    D3 aamir superhit
    D4 salman atbb
    D5 srk all time block buster nd worldwide 500 crore india alone 300 crore

  • Its fine that Dhoom3 has Aamir but you shouldn’t under look the fact that Vijay krishna acharya ( “Tashan” fame) is the director of this film.

  • @dark boy and king khan, haha you morons wont accept how good hrithik was in dhoom 2 coz he and aamir are competitors now and you guys are too egoistic to accept any fact, you will praise john coz he is not even in the race now. hypcrites, you all are waiting for dhoom 3 coz of the dhoom franchise, dhoom was a hit but dhoom 2 was a huge blockbuster infact highest grosser of bollywood till 2008. Dhoom means style,attitude and class which hrithik showed perfectly !

    P.S-Dhoom 2 made dhoom franchise global and a craze everywhere !

    I haven’t said anything bad about d3 or aamir but if you morons are gonna point fingers towards hrithik’s flawless act in dhoom 2, then don’t expect neutrality from this side too

  • ofcourse dhoom 3 is a hgue film and aamir will take it to new heights, i don’t hate aamir, i admire him. but few haters were commenting bad about hrithik and dhoom 2 so i had to open up !
    Hrithik and Aamir all the way !

    @rohit, hrithik is not kohli for god’s sake, you don’t look like a real fan of hrithik.

  • @rohit. book Mark this page
    I bet neither DHOOM 3 nor KRISH 3 ll cross 250 CRORES. sorry not even 200. coz both r purely multiplex movie
    and both won’t break Chennai express record of fastest to 100 CRORES.

    what ever u say or bark. SRK is THE BIGGEST GLOBAL INDIAN SUPER STAR

  • @rohit. book Mark this page
    I bet neither DHOOM 3 nor KRISH 3 ll cross 250 CRORES. sorry not even 200. coz both r purely multiplex movie
    and both won’t break Chennai express record of fastest to 100 CRORES.

    what ever u say or bark. SRK is THE BIGGEST GLOBAL INDIAN SUPER STAR.

    @khan. come on don’t disappoint them. showing their back is perfection for so many . plz .

  • looks like the back of charlie chaplin or Rob schneider!!! Hope we see Akshay kumar…atleast in dhoom 4…a perfect fit for the role. yashraj films…please be sensible atleast now!!

  • @sumeet u started first of all by posting that nobody can do what hrithik did in d2. But Aamir is going to create a different thief altogether. He doesn’t want to do what hrithik did in d2 and neither would we the audience be interested.


  • @aks thanks bro

    @sumeet Plz dont get offended, look some of us like me are huge fans of multiple actors, I hold Aki, Hrithik, Sunny and Salman in very high esteem which is why I always fight with those delusional srkians on every other article defending the indefensible..! To me Aamir is Numero Uno- something about QSQT, Dil, JJWS, HHRPK which has stuck with me throughout the ages and recent hits like RDB, TZP and 3 idiots will forever be etched into my memory. Hrithiks movies are good too- I guess though we come from different decades but Aamirs impact from 88 is equivalent to Hrithiks impact on you since Y2K- we are now devotees but lets not get sidetracked by afew ill coloured remarks/ bad taste comments here n there. Both rock the boxoffice unlike a certain SRK who needed a reckless train filled with unimaginable levels of explosives by Shettys Team just to blow up stations sorry theatres left right centre everywhere. No class there just mindless negligence. Which is why SRKs movies fade into obscurity so quickly after a week.

  • @navin. I really think Chennai express fame has dented u in a big big way. wow. Bro calm down u might have a heartattack or two
    when SALMAN was doing brainless masala flicks u were in all admiration. wow. and also the fact that his brainless potboiling flicks were earning. and ya not to forget girlish and puny behaviour by releasing their movie only when they had minimum of 3 open weeks multiple holidays. lol
    all this while SRK was experimenting with his genre tryin to give US all something different. wow to his credit even his experimental movies without any free weeks ahead of them raked in lot of money at the boxoffice
    now he decided to show is super power by doing one masala flick. and u could see the result
    Wednesday collections showed a jump and Thursday it ll displace OUTIMD as though the latter never released.
    and u say his movie goes into obscurity
    but the matter of fact is his phenomenal success at the boxoffice has taken u all into oblivion. ha ha ha really pity u.
    just wait and watch picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost

  • @praveen worry about your joker akshay s outimd.it has got mixed response. it is going to be. a flop in dhoom 4 yrf wont take jokers like akshay lol.

  • Some rumor says Uday Chopra will die in dhoom 3 and abhishek hopes that Aamir should play as a good guy in Dhoom 4 So everybody loves these two rumors as no one wants to see uday chopra in dhoom franchise and wish to see Aamir in dhoom 4

    @indicine can you clarify that krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 were the first movies to release Motion posters i request plz clarify so that a trend had begun in bollywood

    @sumeet i agree and understand you more as we were dedicated hrithik fans so just see in coming days how his movies perform and make some fools mouths shutdown i think you know me how i bashed each and everyone who talks bad on hrithik but there is abarrier we should be silent and not to react unnessary words instead of that we can praise and show positive side of hrithik Finally i appreciate your efforts for showing love on hrithik you are a true dedicated hrithik fan

  • @Sumeet one more this article was mean to Aamir so its not the right place to react try to be calm yes the morons and hypocrites were here to bash on hrithik because of dhoom series comparison so why most of them were not comparing jhon with Aamir because the right person to compete in perfectionism was one and only hrithik thats the reason every hater wants to try to pull down the image of hrithik but fools they dont know that they are making hrithik popular by bringing his name so that people will remind his dare devilery action scenes if anyone comes in hrithik article then we can give them real jhatka to them So i hope you understand me well

  • @noam you trying too hard kid… I got much bigger fish to fry than you my insignificant srkian friend….! Get in line but its a long line as Im more interested in responding to those ’empty brain zone’ srkians who like ‘being whatever /whoevers fans’ when it suits them…! ;-)

    You a srk fan so what? What that has to do with me only you know and care about. My advice is for you is to get a life and leave me well alone. It seems thakurs masala/ red chillies filled Chennai Depress has increased your blood pressure not mine- take a chill pill Mr No Name Noamyy…! ;-)

    Aamir roxXxXx and bhai still roxXxXxXx too

  • @navin. wow . really tsunami Chennai express has served u well. lol me trying hard. wow. just amazing. really nyc. guess would link u to chameleon. changing colours all the time. SALMAN movie u become his fan and when amir releases his. u take Ur puny little attitude and go there.
    man u got to be kidding.
    I bet and every one bet SALMAN is never going to break any records
    as far as so called perfectionist goes or should I say perfection in copying.
    man really u need to see a doc.consult soon. or the tsunami might kill u long before the release of
    mr perfectionist in copying

  • Mark the word this 25-dec will be earth shattering and it will break all the records after that Salman “Mental” will create new record.

  • after 6 years one blockbuster but all srk fans came out from the pound in moonson season haha get life u all wait other bigger star on que for release D-3 and Mental so relax enjoy 4 months of CE success.

  • Itz Ce time n Dhoom time is coming..
    Ce – 190-210 cr
    Dhoom – 250+
    Im a Srk fan but honestly Dhoom 3 will end this year with a Dhoommmmm!!!!

  • The shit movie like Chennai Express is only ruling its territory just because SR K is in there. I bet every South Indian movies are far better than Chennai Express, honestly. Well, literally I find the Dhoom 3 will be biggest blockbuster in the Indian film Industry because the movie has a great hype and a great actor too and plus its the most anticipated movie of the year. Also, what I find the audiences reaction towards this is they are saying Aamir does not fit his roles, but what I can say is Aamir is definitely the best choice. Well, when it was time to release Ghajni, everybody is saying that what the heck Aamir will do in it? But he proves what is he capable of. His body was hack a lot of better than Hritik during those period. So, please if u think the Aamir is not capable of doing this role, and you would be definitely wrong because he is only the actor to deliver any sorts of movies in Bollywood.

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