Dhoom 3 Motion Poster – This year will end with a DHOOM!

The motion poster of a film that promises to shatter all standing box-office this Christmas, a poster that clearly announces that the year will end with a ‘DHOOM’.

A shirtless Aamir Khan looking outside the window with skyscrapers and choppers flying around in the air. The motion poster of Dhoom 3, instantly makes you curious about the film.

After John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, it will be Aamir who will play the antagonist while Katrina Kaif plays his lady love. Jai and Ali, two much-loved characters played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra also return in this Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film.

Watch the Dhoom 3 Motion Poster and tell us what you think!

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Movie: Dhoom 3 (2013)
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Starcast: Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Banner: Yash Raj Films
Release Date: December 2013
For more details: Dhoom 3 Movie Page



  • @sachin11 yes I dont deserve to lose my money on a fashion disaster :D

    @dark boy go and find a torch to light ur dark life :D

  • horrible.

    I’ve seen TAKERS recently and even B grade Hollywood heist movie has better promo than this.

    The makers of DHOOM 3 should’ve looked at DON-2 promos which were 10x better despite movie not being all that.

  • if a crap lik chennai exp can score….why not besharam or d-3 …….salman&srk had eid releases i want to see aamir and ranbir to release there films on eid……

  • OMG it looks fanTabulously brrrilliant…!

    300 cr is definitely a real possibility with Christmas and New Year Holidays and atleast 2 open weeks its gonna be a safe bet.

  • @sumeet dhoom 1 was much better than dhoom 2.dhoom 2 was a crap it was a blockbuster because of craze and impact of dhoom1.john was excellent as supervillion. but hrithik failed in D2 hrithik had becomed a loverboy he failed to match john.now i am waiting for dhoom 3 lets see what aamir can do.

  • @harsh and @syed You 2 are beyond help. Kya bakwaas bak rahe ho…? As indicine and many others have nicely pointed out to you 2 that Aamir infact created an opening day record with his Ghajini and 1 year later broke it with his own 3 idiots. The man is a trendsetter and dont forget Talaash collected 92cr net in India without a holiday release or mass appeal, it was down played by Aamir so had it been heavily promoted then adding another 8 cr would have been easy work. But then again Aamirs fans dont care if Talaash reached the 100 cr club or not, RDB and TZP never reached the 100 cr club and to us both films are way better than 80% of the thrash inside the so called coveted 100 cr club which Aamir started but abandoned very quickly to form his even more unique 200 cr club…! The mans a visionary and perhaps had a premonition that the 100cr club would soon be filled with craps like HF2, Raavan Returns as Ra.one, Don 2, Ready and Chennai Depress so best leave it to the rest…! :-P Dhoom 3 already rocking haterz who know Srks long awaited recently attainted records will be annihilated within 2 days…! ;-)

  • @niks, @darkboy, @sachin11 lol dont think that geevan is quite ready to catch the train just yet baby as hes waiting for some soppy sod to upload chennai depress on youtube for him so he can do what he does best and that is LIKE, like, LIKE etc etc etc…! :-P

  • @sumeet Ok we heard you, noone can do what Hrithik did in Dhoom 2…! :-)

    I get it, but then again noone can do what John did in Dhoom 1…! Its a fact. Whats gone before cannot be changed but we all know for sure what Aamir will do in Dhoom 3 will never have been done/ seen before…! Just a rumour but just maybe Uday Chopra will be killed of as Ali in the franchise (thank god I say) and with that announce his retirement from acting (again long overdue). It will be a first and what a glorious death it will be, along the lines of Ghajini Dharmatmas death- it will be one for the ages. I hope so and another rumour out there is maybe Uday will direct the 4th sequel and Aamir joins the police force or replaces Abhishek (again about time too) and starts catching the bad guys…! Just my thoughts to go along side your facts but be happy, K3 will destroy Chennai Depress’ records and Dhoom 3 will then proceed to shatter those records afew months later. Everybodys happy except for best friends Srk and Uday whose records and careers will be in tatters. ;-)

  • @sumeet
    First stop comparing Hrithik with Aamir.
    It sounds like comparing Kohli with Tendulkar.

    Hrithik is good actor & no doubt about that.

    But before saying that no one will replace Hrithik you have to think that both films are different.
    Even there is no any connection between D1 & D20 except Abishek & Uday.

    So Aamir is not replacing Hrithik,he is playing a new character.

    When comparison came for thiefs role even some people think that John played better thief than Hrithik.

    But actualy it doesnt matter because everytime writer writer the character according to the actor who is playing this.

    So we expecting a new type of villian from Aamir & not the same from previous films.

  • @Syed, why only madhavan? there were so big stars in 3 idiots who are bigger than aamir. as examples chathur and that boy who played Millimeter. LOL. dude, you make fun of your self when every time you comment.

  • @sumeet , dude I love hithik. actualy i think aamir , hrithik, ranbir are the only superstars who can act. (ajay devgan is pretty goo but he sucks in comedy). i didn’t bash hrithik, i just said rakesh roshan steals from hollywood. and i never liked rakesh roshan movies except for koi mil gaya. may be rakesh roshan knows the formula for a hit, but don’t think he’s a good director. anushrag basu copys the whole movie sometimes, but he knows how to execute well.

    And if it wasn’t for his son hrithik roshan, rakesh might have been history now.

  • the poster looks good. it would be an awesome movie
    way better than ETT and DABBANG 2 and ready (though I admit WANTED AND DABBANG WERE AWESOME MOVIES)

    but some people calling it perfection. lol.

    @dark boy. lol dude. sinking. that’s what going to happen to SALMAN movies from now on.
    and 11 CROREs plus on a working day after bumper opening is awesome. so u watch Ur comments u speak.

    @Indicine. I agree with harish statements. u r some times biased.

  • Teaser Was simple and Nice nothing much revealed other than Chicago

    I Hope this will make surely big and good competition for Krrish 3

    This year will end with Dhoom 3 tag line looks innovative

  • Trust me aamir’s body is look like an old mans body
    just ok
    nothing extra ordinary
    He will not sluit as a villan he is too short in height to play a strong villan n kat will not suit with him she is 3 to 4 inch taller then him. If he is perfectionist so why not he choosed a heroien who matched his height. He also want to cash the good luck n craze of Kat.

  • Mark my words that CAP in the trailor will become trade mark for Dhoom 3

    @indicine can you confirm one thing that is this the end of dhoom series

    To be honest Aamir is stylish now its clear the buzz has begin and it will create history in digital market like Krrish3
    As a normal person i felt that this is power of franchises not only the star power(even it is Hrithik or any Khan) the franchise makes it bigger and better till it reaches best
    So we people will feel proud that bollywood is reaching hollywood very soon as this two movies will make some noise of an indian movies

  • one word awesome, its different motion poster after ek tha tiger i love this poster so much…
    why people compare k3 with d3 bot r different branch and both will be huge, no doubt about it, so k3 & D3 fans don’t try to degrade any of one…
    here some Aamir haters trying to say that aamir will not do what hr did in D2, so what is the need of Aamir to do what hr did as Aamir will do something different for which he being known to do, hr & John both r best in their prequel but now its Aamir time, let’s first you watch movie and if then you will disappoint than you all can say he failed, but looks just the poster is out and craze is anonymous….

    someone said Aamir is the actor who did Mann,Mela kind of movies agree with Mela that was not good but Mann was a good movie and he has so many good movies in his credit that aprat from haters we don’t need to look that flops……

  • @Navin:agreed. .what i hrithik did,noone can do that. .and what amir will do,that also noone can do. .
    @ruler:k3 poster is cartoonish? ? ? ?
    i don’t know which planet you belong to. .! !
    Please correct our lens. .

  • One film managed to cross 150crs(First film which crossed Ready with double screens) any how & SRK fans are started thinking that he regains the number 1 spot.

    Even they thinks that CE is a master piece.
    Sometimes looks very funny.

    Any way Srk tried too hard to break Aamir & Salman’s records which were created by them years ago & now they are on the way of turning new milestones.

    Now everyone is talking about lifetime of K3 & D3.
    Can they cross 250 or may be 300..?
    What will be the Kick’s opening day..?
    Will it touch 50 crs mark..?

    Everybody thinking on that & Srk fans asking,”Will CE cross YJHD’s lifetime..?”

  • @navin bro love your comments as a reply to sumeet lol

    those who r underestimate Aamir career i would like to give details of Aamir movies which was given best movie award by Filmfare wards though i not like them but those who loves them get a clear picture:

    Best Film awards:
    1. QSQT-1988
    2. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander–1991
    3. Hum Hai Rahi PYaar Ke– 1993
    4. Raja Hindustani–1996
    5. Lagaan:- 2001
    6. Rang De Basanti- 2006
    7. Taare Zameen Par– 2007
    8. 3 Idiots–2009

    from first 5 movie i mentioned he was Solo actor in all and all were hits..
    and for TZP this is also completely belongs to him as he was the director of the movie as well as suppoting actor too.
    so we want great movies and i think not one can question about all mentioned 8 movies that these were bad personally i would like to remove Raja Hindustani as i don’t like that movie much….

  • Few hours back Krrish 3 crossed 10million mark in youtube by beating all existing records in youtube for any indian movie by giving great standard to bollywood but any such movie that can give tough competition to krrish 3 was Dhoom 3
    So krrish 3 vs Dhoom 3

    The Common Point is not between Hrithik Vs Aamir
    but at the End of the year it will be Aamir Vs Vivek Oberoi because both are playing suer villans in their respective films in terms of Experience and perfectinism ,fanfollowing,stature Aamir is miles ahead but when it comes for Acting both are in same platform to show their Evil side in the most prestigious venture but dying to see who will win lot of accolades from audience Answer may be Aamir but lets see who is?any surprise?that VO maynot take away limelight from Aamir but atleast he can stood along the side of him

  • @syed : atleast make some sense before you comment. You first downgrade salman later you say Aamir is not a superstar. plz consult a doc ASAP, may be CE effect.

  • u aamir fan are really crazy\
    think about the releasing date of movie
    25 december 2013
    one national holiday then three working day and after then sunday
    now one can be enough intelligent to darely think of breaking CE record……………
    neither Krish 3 releasing on sunday
    neither Dhoom 3 releasing on wednesday
    nor mental releasing of friday ( 26 january is on sunday) will break any record of C E

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