Dhoom 3 Motion Poster – This year will end with a DHOOM!

The motion poster of a film that promises to shatter all standing box-office this Christmas, a poster that clearly announces that the year will end with a ‘DHOOM’.

A shirtless Aamir Khan looking outside the window with skyscrapers and choppers flying around in the air. The motion poster of Dhoom 3, instantly makes you curious about the film.

After John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, it will be Aamir who will play the antagonist while Katrina Kaif plays his lady love. Jai and Ali, two much-loved characters played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra also return in this Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film.

Watch the Dhoom 3 Motion Poster and tell us what you think!

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Dhoom 3 New Poster

Movie: Dhoom 3 (2013)
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Starcast: Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Banner: Yash Raj Films
Release Date: December 2013
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  • @syed yes his movies opened with 14 crores but the time was 2008 lol when others were giving opening of 7-8 crores…Aamir is great ..he hasnt given a single flop in last 12 yrs 2001 onwards (mangal pandey was average before you guys bark) …Dhoom 3 will cement his position as the megastar of this century!

  • Aamir khans films always been for certain section of audience except raja hindustani, gajini and 3 idiots thats why all of his films were flops, average and hits. But now people think afte:r gajini aamir got some magic band or’something to make all his films atbb. He has a good amount of trust from audience as of now I think a lot more than he deserves and that is his strength. But don’t forget he is the same guy who acted in mela, mann, mangal pandey et and he is also the same’guy whose films were moderate sucess before’gajini. Gajini would be a sureshot blockbuster in any language and 3 idiots just happened.ofcoz he has good script sense but that doesn’t mean he can deliver 3 idiots or gajini everytime.
    Dhoom 2 became blockbuster during the dominance of multiplexes but now things has changed. Now single’screen started to give good competition to multiplexes. So i feel unless dhoom 3 has extra ordinary yet simple kind of stunts or action like to that of ett, it will be limited to multiplex. Hence resulting in less collection.

  • @ Indicine Team, What I feel is Amir khan never won the hearts of millions like SRK or even Salman (if you think Salman is a new actor who just introduced to bollywood from Wanted movie….because I dont see the so called salman ‘bhai’ fans before that). 3 Idiots worked only for the great story and songs n also that movie has Madhavan who is considered as a big actor down south. The problem is media gives all credit to Aamir khan. If Aamir khan is everything, his solo release atleast would have got 100 crores especially by the fact that he is coming after 200 crore record!. The fact is Aamir khan can be a good actor but definetly not a SUPER STAR. whatever he tries differently failed – Talaash, Mangal pandey etc. My definition of super star is like people come to watch the movie and break records (especially first weekend/first week) even by knowing the critics rating as 1star or 2 star. This is my personal definition, you dont have to agree with that. So by this SRK is the only global star (almost 7 out of 10 movies highest grossers) and Now with chennai express he proved people in India are with him whenever he does what they want (masala) and next comes Salman khan where a movie like Bodygaurd can gross 140+ crores which is beyond the reach of international audience!.

    I strongly feels Krissh3 n dhoom 3 will never cross beyond 150 crores because they will not have repeat audience unlike 3idiots or chennai express.

  • @indicine what nonsense are you talking check your box office articles,non of aamir khan’s movies have collected more than 15cr.Going by your tweets and your comments I can see you are a bit biased towards Aamir.If you are running a website you have to be unbiased.I didn’t see you posting comments about SRK doing kind of offbeat films and supporting him.Do clarify…

    • @Harish, have heard a lot of these ‘you are biased towards x star’ to not care anymore. Regarding Aamir Khan not breaking 15 crore, how many movies has he had in the last 4 years? Only one – Talaash.

      Ghajini and 3 Idiots were both record-breaking openers when they released. Ghajini opening record was broken by 3 Idiots, which was later surpassed by Dabangg in 2010.

      Since then, Aamir has had only one release Talaash, which didnt have universal appeal. Without a good holiday release date, and universally appealing genre it is impossible to break opening day collections.

      Anyway, we will let the opening of Dhoom 3 and Peekay do the talking.

  • @CK , “Superthief Rakesh Roshan” LOL. ya, he steals more than anurag basu, even once he got busted and sued by Ram Sampath. Koi mil gaya is a rip off of “E.T” and “close encounters of the third kind”. plot of Krrish is borrowed from the movie “Paycheck”. lets see whether he had made a genuine attempt at krrish 3.

  • Outstanding motion poster.Creator of 100 crores,200 crores(domestic) and 300 crores(worldwide) is back to create a new club of at least 250 crores(domestic) and 450 crores(worldwide).



    2006, Krrish and Dhoom 2 both released and both created history, interestingly, Hrithik was the lead in both of them !

  • the theme of the motion poster and music is clearly lifted from THE DARK KNIGHT , i expected originality from aamir.

  • So for the 1st time in Dhoom series we will find good script and the reason is very simple Aamir khan bcoz Aamir khan does not follow good scripts but good scripts follows him.

  • This year started with Ashiqui 2, consolidated with YJHD & Chennai Express, surge with Krish 3 and end with Dhoom.

  • @Syed “Ghajini” and “3 idiots” were released in 2008 and 2009 respectively and 4-5 years back even a 10 crore opening was considered as bumper opening.So both movies got bumper opening.Anyways the most important thing for any movie is its lifetime collection and both these movies were ATBB which made Aamir khan the only actor of bollywood to give back to back ATBB.”Talassh” did not got any bumper opening bcoz it was Non Universal movie of least popular genre(suspence).Now Aamir khan is back with Universal movie “Dhoom 3” and therefore it has potential to break all the records at the box office.

  • @Gewone Thank u for telling that u will not watch “Dhoom 3” in theatres bcoz u really don’t deserve the thrill and excitement of watching “Dhoom 3” in theatres.

  • srk fans when your actor was doing 1 2 ka 4 and paheli aamir was doing films like earth and sarfarosh only his Mela was a universal flop apart from that Aamir has given some of the best movies of Indian cinema from QSQT, JJWS, Rangeela, Ghulam, Sarfarosh, Dch etc ..During that time most srk fans argued aamir is great actor but cant give big hits when he atarted giving blockbusters then again new issue lol even Mangal pandey broke 1st week record syed when it released so AAMIR IS NOT an overnite star he hAs been a superstar since Qsqt but after rdb , ghajini & 3 idiots he is Indias megastar

  • @indicine See this is what I call “biased towards x” and this is why you get this comment so many times.You say Dhoom 3 and Peekay will do the talking.Well agreed to dhoom3 due to the buzz but expecting so much from peekay when not even the shooting is over shows how much you are biased.Well I want d3 and pk both to be blockbusters but such attitude is not good.

    • @Harish, do you even know the men behind Peekay? The director of films like Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots! We have read parts of the script, and know what we are talking about!

  • @gewone ur 1 ticket wont make any big diff in 300 crore box office colectn of d3.
    Spend dat instd watchn ce in theatrs which is sinking fastr than titanic aftr a good(feku) start.

  • @khan kapoor, i thought you respect hrithik and his movies , but your true colour is showed now, stop acting like a fool ! Rakesh roshan is a legendary director, the only similarity between E.T and koi mil gaya was the coming of a friendly alien. we hrithik fans don’t bash anyone but if anyone says wrong things about hrithik, we wont spare anyone.

    P.S-Dhoom 3 would be biggie for sure but frankly nobody can do what hrithik did in dhoom 2, no matter what ! thats not what a fan says, thats the fact. anyways best of luck to both films.

  • So what!!!I mean respect “to the men behind pk” but I think you are forgetting movies like Ferrari ki savari.But as I said I want pk to break all records and that is OK for me as a reader to say but not good for you and also in a post regarding gajini breaking all records u said it broke the paid preview record with 7cr but then u say CE has broken the record with 6.75.This shows your overjoy when you were wrting this post without cross checking and now when CE breaks records you get all suspicious about UTV(I read ur tweets).

  • @Niks you got me wrong man.I am not taking any sides but it is not good on the part of indicine to say xyz will break all records.I will watch pk the first day itself and Aamir khan has nothing else to prove he is as much a king as any other khan is.

  • @sumeet everybody is saying dat nobody can do what hrithik did in d2.
    What he did man in d2 ??? apart from kissing and shwng his skinny body.
    jumping frm plane n landng exactly on train in dat weird desert.
    Shooting lyk a bullet frm mumbai’s stinky and filthy chambers.

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