Dhoom 2 vs Dhoom 3 – Which trailer was better? VOTE!

The response to the Dhoom 3 teaser has been outstanding. Every trade pundit and industry insider that we have spoken to, is confident that the film will take a earth-shattering start at the box office. What’s more, the 1 and a half minute long teaser trailer has also crossed the 3 million mark on Youtube in less than 48 hours (Second fastest after the theatrical trailer of Krrish 3).

Which brings us to the trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2 which was received equally well when it released more than 7 years ago in 2006. Back then, Hrithik was riding high on the super-success of Krrish. He followed it up with Dhoom 2 which was an even bigger success at the box office.

Dhoom 2 - Dhoom 3

Dhoom 2 – Dhoom 3

Coincidentally, the third part in both the Krrish and Dhoom series release in the same year. Will history repeat itself? Will the two films be the Top 2 biggest grossers of the year? Only time will tell as Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express has set the bar high for the Diwali and Christmas releases!

Coming back to Dhoom 3, its Aamir Khan who plays the super-cool-thief this time around. Expectations are high, as the Dhoom series is known for its iconic villains – John impressed one and all as Kabir in Dhoom and Hrithik was easily the best thing in Dhoom 2. Can Aamir Khan, who is widely believed to be one of the best actors in the industry, do better? He has one of the most popular leading ladies in the industry, Katrina Kaif, for company.

Below are the two trailers of Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3. Watch and vote for the trailer that you like better!

Which trailer do you like better?

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Dhoom 2 Trailer – Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai

Dhoom 3 Teaser – Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif



  • Dhoom2 definately..

    Amir khan is great Actor but I feel he is miscast in this role..
    He dont have sex appeal like Hrithik , John..

    Mark My words : Dhoom 3 will be one of biggest disappointment this year..

  • Dats a Dhoom2 trailer and it is a Dhoom3 teaser! Nothing is revealed except the key characters are introduced.
    U cant compare a teaser with a trailer.
    After watchng dhoom2 trailer you can make out the story can you predict the story of dhoom3??

  • And the trailer of Dhoom3 is over 2 minutes as said by faridoon (bollywod hungama) which will come in october or november then we will see which TRAILER is better.

  • Ram charan please dub magadeera film into hindi and promote one week then you will get super craze in bollywood and it will collect 500 crore net in india…..Krrish 3 has better content than dhoom 3

  • Dhoom2 was way better . Not saying it as a SRK – Hrithik fan ! But Hrithik was simply wow ^_^ . He won hearts ^_^ .
    Dhoom3 will not be able to become highest grossing movie like Dhoom2 became

  • Dhoom 3 trailer is average. .but kat is looking superhot.

    Now dhoom2 vs dhoom 3

    hrithik vs amir:
    hrithik is awesome in dhoom2.he is my alltime favourite actor.but i believe amir is a perfectionalist too.so amir will also give perfect justice.but hrithik has some extra qualities like dancing and his looks is fab.”dhoom again” dance number was a big buzz at that time.

    Aishwarya vs kat:
    “AISHWARYA RAI”,the another meaning of beauty.
    Both in looks or acting,aish is far ahead of kat.
    But kat’s biggest positiveness is her sexiness .she rocked the nation with her “sheila ki jawani”.but don’t know how her acting will be.

    So my vote goes to dhoom2.(but i am excited for dhoom3 too)

  • Right now it is unfair to compare bcoz it is a “Dhoom 3” teaser not trailer and they have shown almost nothing in it except the introduction of characters.There is no fighting scenes between Aamir,Abhishek,Uday,no conversation between then,no songs,no romance between Aamir and Katrina.The comparison will be fair only when the Trailer will release maybe next month.

  • Don’t compare #Dhoom2 and #Dhoom3
    if you are comparing these two, it means you are definitely an srk fan jealous of Hritik and Aamir.
    haha… but poor strategy…: )

    D2 was superb and stylish and also D3 is going to be mind blowing…:)

    loved the both..:)

  • Are you guys kidding……..No hard feelings for Aamir…..He is I great actor……But DHOOM series is about Action,Stunts,Über Cool looks,Style……It’s not just about acting……Hope the full TRAILOR does full Justice to the Huge ANticipation regarding this flick…….Letz keep my fingers crossed……!!

  • dhoom 2 due to hrithik, he looked badass anti villan, unlike amir who is looking like he is going to put abhieshek and uday in bars, dhoom 2 all the way

  • I liked “Dhoom 3” more bcoz of Aamir khan and bcoz he is playing Supervillian for the 1st time in his career but “Dhoom 2” was also good.



  • Now SRGy fans will vote for D2 as they are insecure about CE record, but mark my words, D3 will do 300 crores in India…..

  • Hrithik was good in “Dhoom 2” while its very early to comment on Aamir bcoz in Teaser they showed just 1 stunt but i think Aamir’s BMW bike is undoubtedly way better than Hrithik’s bike.

  • Dhoom 3 max collection will be 250 if only positive WOM and there is mix or negative WOM no chance to beat CE

    1st week 140
    2nd week 70
    3rd week 25
    remaning week 15

  • Don’t compare #Dhoom2 and #Dhoom3

    D2 was superb and stylish and also D3 is
    going to be mind blowing…:)
    loved the both..:)

  • well its neck n in neck…..also remember this aint the theatrical trailer of Dhoom 3 , so its not a apple to apple comparison….theatrical trailer of dhoom 3 could be launched anytime on or before diwali….that will give more insight into the film….the teaser is just an announcement of the star cast and the release date….

  • Aamir khan can not match the persona and charm of Hritik Roshan or John Abraham. Very bad choice for this role. Aamir’s character will spoil whole mood and buzz around Dhoom series. Very disappointed.

  • @AMit Ok Aamir does not have sex appeal like Hrithik or John.so what ? I want to clear u that this is not a adult movie.

  • Dhoom 2 for sure, Hritik take Dhoom 2 to a whole new level after john abraham. Aamir cant to anything and its clearly visible in the teaser itself that aamir is failure in this kind of roles. RIP DHOOM3.

  • Aamir has spoilt the whole feel and charm of Dhoom series movies. Very bad. This time its disappointing. Hritik and John was much much much much better then this. So Dhoom 2 anytime.

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