De Dana Dhan Movie Review

Akshay Kumar’s much hyped De Dana Dhan released worldwide today and the expectations quite obviously are high. For one, the film reunites the Hera Pheri team of Akshay Kumar – Paresh Rawal – Suniel Shetty and director Priyadarshan. Over the years, Priyadarshan films that I have loved in particular have been Hera Pheri, Hungama and to a certain extent Hulchul. De Dana Dhan promises more – 25 character actors along with a thrilling water-flood scene as its climax.

Story is something, we cannot expect from Priyan’s films. But is it entertaining enough to deserve the price of your tickets? Read on.. 

Nithin (Akshay Kumar) works for a rich mall-owner (played by Archana Puran Singh) in Singapore. He is in love with Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and with dreams of quitting his slave-job and marrying the love of his life, he is always on a look out for a shortcut to richness. With help from his friend Ram (Suniel Shetty), the two hatch a plan to kidnap his owner’s Dog! What follows is utter chaos filled with innumerable misunderstandings and confusions.

De Dana Dhan Review

The negatives first, for a change

  • The fact that Paresh Rawal and some of the other character actors have more screen-time than Akshay Kumar is simply unacceptable. Most parts of the second half Akki is locked in the wardrobe, which would be terribly disappointing for Akki fans and the roar when he is finally released, proves just that.
  • Katrina Kaif has nothing to do. No role, few dialogues and the sizzling Gale Lag Ja dance number has been kept away as a bonus by director Priyadarshan for the post-weekend shows. Again, unacceptable.
  • For a movie hyped as the return of the Hera Pheri team – Paresh Rawal has absolutely no interaction with neither Suniel Shetty nor Akshay Kumar. Unacceptable, disappointing and with a hint of exaggeration cruel!
  • The runtime is close to 3 hours and the director has wasted loads of time in introducing all the 20 odd characters. With each having multiple misunderstandings with two of the other characters, the movies gets too monotonous in the second half.
  • While you expect non-stop entertainment, the funny scenes are few and far in between. The whole marriage angle in the second half and the addition of several new characters, ruins what should have been a thoroughly entertaining ride had the director just stuck to the Akshay – Suniel storyline.
  • The dialogues are strictly average. Some of them work, most don’t.
  • The climax which refreshes memories of the Tsumani hit resorts, looks realistic. But what’s the whole point of the scene, to evoke laughter? Sorry it didn’t.
  • What’s with the abrupt end? None of misunderstandings were cleared. Are we expecting too much here? Wasn’t it Akshay who claimed ‘Take your brains to theaters’ — After watching the film, would love to know exactly why.. ?

Its disappointing, disturbing and not one bit funny anymore! Its hard to see an actor, who you have grown to love over the years, as a part of such flicks.


  • About two scenes involving Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty in the first half are funny.
  • When Akshay is released from the cupboard. The scene that follows is hilarious.
  • Those inhaling of chloroform scenes were funny too and performed well by all the actors involved.
  • Katrina looks stunning and so does Neha Dhupia, who deserves credit for putting up the best show amongst the females.
  • Johnny Lever is fantastic.

Other performances

  • Archana Puran Singh – Too Loud and over the top.
  • Paresh Rawal has the meatiest role. He excels in certain scenes, but average in others.
  • Suniel Shetty doesn’t have much to do in the second half, but does well in the first.
  • Asrani as Mamu is good.
  • Sameera Reddy is purely for eye candy.
  • Rajpal Yadav is very good.
  • Manoj Joshi is loud but effective.
  • Chunky Pandey is okay.
  • Aditi Govitrikar currently locked in the Bigg Boss house looks gorgeous.
  • Shakti Kapoor was irritating.

Overall, De Dana Dhan isn’t close to being as good as Priyadarshan’s ‘H Series’ (read Hera Pheri, Hungama, Hulchul) of classics. Although this review wouldn’t make much of a difference to die hard Akshay fans, it is they who will be most disappointed.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Other comments – Not much to say really. It was better than the other two comedies of Akshay Kumar this year and probably deserves half a star more, if not a full one. But with Akshay missing in the second half, Katrina making short appearances every 20 mins and the lack of interaction between the Hera Pheri gang.. makes it one of the bigger disappointments of the year.

Let the bashing begin..!



  • Payal, good and honest review. Yes it probably did deserve a bit more than 1.5.

    But the fact is 90% of the people would be watching it for either Akshay or Katrina. When the two don’t have proper roles and enough screentime, you are bound to be disappointed. Hence the rating.

  • Payal, and al those who say theater was empty and occupancy was 40% ,50% etc…

    these days movies r released not in one screen.. in a multiplex 15-20shows r played.. in different screens, so ppl get distributed among them.. its obvious some screens `ll be full n some just 20% or even less.

    ppl have this strange idea tat if dey see a particular screen empty dey declare d movie as flop.. it s d collections tat matters not d occupancy in a particular screen..:)

    one more thing… before goin for a movie if u read al d reviews and d negative points , even if d movie s gud u feel somethin s lackin. and finally end up not likin tat particular movie.. its a natural psychology in man..
    eg- if some1 keeps tellin me my gf s not gud lookin, den even if she s gud i feel mentally ok she s not..;)

    so never read a bad review of a movie before u watch it(atleast those with ur fav actor)..;)

  • Hey Nauman 4get about indicine we who are they that’s it, chect out what boxofficeindia said about the business of the film.

    De Dana Dhan Has A Good Start

    Friday 27th November 2009 12.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan opened well in its morning shows. The collections for the first few shows were on average in the 70% region. At many places the collections were excellent with full and near full houses while some places in Bengal and South had collections in the 50-60% region.

    E Square in Pune had a 77% start with first show having 450 tickets sold from a possible 584. At Wave Ludhiana the film opened to 100% collections in first two shows with collections being 29,680 for each show. Indore opening ranged from 70-100% while Ahmedabad was 60-70%.

    The morning start is good at multiplexes but not bumper like a Love Aaj Kal. The collections should get better as the day goes along and evening collections have a good chance of being big.

    Just calm my friend did u remember ur akshay’s song Everythings Gonna Be All Right, so just chill.

  • But if you truly love your gf you wont care about what others say. Similarly if the movie is good you will like it… reviews wont matter. Reviews stop us from liking mediocre films.

  • Indicine
    Yes u r right, lead stars haven’t given much attention . I wonder why priyadarshan said he is repaying akshay in his bad times when his role has been shortened?

    Was priyadarshan’s ‘malamaal weekly’ a hit?

  • Suniel- tat was an eg…;) ha ha,.. i dont have 1 so i dunno…

    but in case of movies it does happen… some with gud will power do it or else dey end up gettin bored….;)

  • Amish

    ya sort of emptiness was there. I knew it was my fav actor’s movie bt ya i read a lot of reviews b4 watching. Some were bad, some were good and due to that i felt the desertion.
    I m nt denying the fact that movie is entertaining. It is.

  • Why u guy’s always saying things about cctc and ki or blue, this films is past we know the verdict of it even indicine they didnt call these films a flops apart from cctc. Why dont u 4get it at take on, since that u 4get the day of your stars disasters. Suniel can u tell me who is your actor, to tell u more about his flop if u 4get.

  • payal- ya tat emptiness was bcoz of its huge release. 1100 prints.. with 15-20shows u can imagine hw ppl “ll get distributed… i dunno wer u from but in banglore it was like tat i heard..

    Usman solo- u need not ask any1 in this site who s their fav.. many r salman fans.. and some ppl just want akki movies to flop so dey come to akki`s page n give negative reports.. der r some who tell d movie s bad in each site.. bcoz i visit most sites i know their names.. every wer same thing.. uff..

  • Indicine team..let’s talk about the negative sides of DDD,

    In the 2nd half Akshyay’s role is small..u people r saying..that’s negative..But I don’t think so..die hard fan of Akki..but other characters r so strong..we did not feel boaring..and even may be Akki’s role was small that’s why when he appears on the screen evrybody r enjoying.his’s fantastic..and as Akki was closed that’s why other characters get chance…to perform

    Katrina’s role was small…that too some extent ok as she does not have nice comic timing..

    Paresh rawal-Akki-Sunil…no conversation…that a nice change..otherwise maybe another repeatation

    Length…As Nauman told it’s about ok..

    Dialogue…as it’s a fast in that respect ok..

    Last sequence…totally disagree…it’s mindblowing…yaspal yadav’s ballance act,bikram gokhle’s sequence..
    lots of’s nice smooth comedy..

    As a whole it’s not at all 1.5 out of 5..

    Totally disagree

  • Bristi- if u watch bollywood hungama– ppl`s reaction u `ll know hw ppl wer enjoyin d movie..

    and imp thing- one who gives a negative review `ll like d person who gives same ratin as theirs..;) so even if u tel or question wy.. dey `ll have a ready made answer- its our opinion!

    have u seen indicine agreein or replyin any1 who have a positive review.. dey replied only who gave 1.5 or 2/5.. ha ha

  • Amish critics really..I don’t why try to down Akki…ki given 1.5 also..they told bad..but it was nice..always negative publicity..
    Love aj so many positive reviews..But Akki’s movies still try to servive..inspite of these reviews..

  • I just want to say to all users that please dont compare taran adarsh reviews with indicine reviews. Taran Adarsh is the worst critic ever. he just knew some vocab and juggle those words in his all reviews. you can imagine he gave jab we met 3 star and films like kambakht ishq & karzz 4 stars. what a mockery to critics. Indicine reviews are 90% of the time spot on and have best review system. I haven’t yet watched de dana dan and after reading indicine review i will wait for the dvd.

  • That is negative publicity..because of 1.5..someone decided not to watch…
    Pls frnds it’s really not 1.5..I don’t know why they given..minimum of 3 out of 5 u have to give..
    It’s really a worth to watch..

  • Bristi- those ppl who say al dat r really not interested in dis movie.. just to spread negative bout d movie dey say.. tats al…

    its easy to make out who really wanted to watch n who not… by their comments..

  • Saju Dey … real movie lovers are always with u yaar… nauman give 2.5 to Kurbaan.. I can understand that he only like cartoon stupid movies… but he gave 4 star for DDD..!!! thats horrible.. i watched the movie today.. i would give 1.5 stars out of 5…!!!!Kurbaan,, Such a good movie is going to be a flop

  • Amish tom u go and’s really a nice movie if indicine team can give 2.5 to apkgk…so this far better…nice movie..really because of this negative publicity Akki has to suffer..i don’t know why they r doing…

  • Linjo= its my personal choice to give wateva rating i feel just as u gave 1.5 for DDD, so dont give some vague commentts on us..

    u wanna fight come face to face…

  • If ddd is a stupid movie..then mostof the bollywood movies r far from reality..very few r gd…atleast this a decent..entertainer..stress relief…

  • Flip the coin and check out the other side too Amish. What negative reviews also do is.. Save those 200 bucks for someone who after watching may feel cheated. DVD is not such a bad choice.. Atleast you save up on time, if not money.

    There are many who post positive reviews without watching the film too. Isn’t that misleading too?

    At the end of the day it all balances out. A great film will always work. Good films more often than not work.. Some good films don’t get what they deserve.. The recent trend due to the multiplex era, loads of bad films work, unfortunately which has led to an overall decline in quality.. 2009 has been the worst year for Bollywood this decade.

    The best films are those that open slow and run long.. E.g Munnabhai MBBS, Taare Zameen Par, Chak De India, Jodha Akbar, Vivah.. The number unfortunately is reducing by the year.. NONE this year, almost every film has fallen 50% or more in Week 2.

    Does noone really care about quality anymore? Sad.

  • i think its wrong from indicine 2 give 1.5 to dis movie.
    it desreves only 1 star.
    some laughable scenes dats all in dis movie. nd dat too were simple scenes which u hv seen b4 in many movies.dis movie could hv been more funny if d story was good.

  • Kudos to you Indicine Kudos. You rock. My friends said everything same to what you said in your review. I will not watch this…

    I was till 2008 a huuuuge akki fan. Tashan and all movies this years have changed my views on him. Your last post made me realise that i have seen about 30 films this year and only 3 or max 4 were good. I have wasted about 6000 rupees if i could have save i could have bought my mom a birthday gift today.

    I had thought of not watching D3 but because of paresh rawal and sunil shetty with akki i thought ill watch. after talking to friends and reading your review.. no scenes together for the three… i would have wasted more money

    thanks indicine

  • Another good news, but 4 Akshay kumar fans only……

    B.O. update: ‘De Dana Dan’ has favourable start

    – By Taran Adarsh, November 27, 2009 – 21:13 IST
    Priyadarshan’s much-awaited DE DANA DAN opened to a 75% start on Day 1. The opening varied from 50% at some screens, at some plexes specifically, but was 80% to 90% at several plexes and single screens too. But the heartening news is that the film is carrying positive reports, with the audience enjoying the film. On Saturday, the business is expected to be huge, since it’s a holiday.

    Heyy Nauman where are you did u enjoy? As i told u just calm everythings gonna be all right dheere dheere.

    Fathiya i miss your review i hope u are fine? oh! sorry is not ur type i 4got, but pls can u say something atleast 4 my sake i am eager to hear from u. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Indicine team- der r many who post negative review without watchin d movie…;) wy not mention dat???

    this yr even a classic movie would `ve not run for long… bcoz of d no.of movies comin week after week..

    today in ETC der was an interview with DDD stars and taran.. der akshay tells now a days only 1st weekend business decides d fate of d movie.. not even 1st week.. so collect as much in d weekend and tats it…

    Great films `ll always work??? ha ha… oh u mean kurbaan with 4.5/5..;) cool…

    in d review section ppl post d comments after watchin.. so in which way r u helpin or savin their money…?
    if dey find ur review gud fine.. but wy tell bad bout it without watchin… or some who want d movie to do bad bcoz its not their fav actor.. write in each website.. ofcourse i know none can change them..;)

    and d movies u mentioned had a clean run , i mean open run.. for weeks so dey worked.. u just cant imagine jodha and vivah workin if it was released nw..

    tellin a movie can be given 2/5 in bracket n givin 1.5 does it look gud…??? like u did here.. pls ppl never give a movie so low rating… any movie.. not tellin for this particular 1..

    this movie has collected 5.5-6cr today i guess.. mainly from single screens.. this movie was for aam janta who want enjoyment.. fun…

    ur reviews `ll be seen by us who mainly go to multiplex.. dunno hw u r gonna help every1..;)

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