De Dana Dhan Movie Review

Akshay Kumar’s much hyped De Dana Dhan released worldwide today and the expectations quite obviously are high. For one, the film reunites the Hera Pheri team of Akshay Kumar – Paresh Rawal – Suniel Shetty and director Priyadarshan. Over the years, Priyadarshan films that I have loved in particular have been Hera Pheri, Hungama and to a certain extent Hulchul. De Dana Dhan promises more – 25 character actors along with a thrilling water-flood scene as its climax.

Story is something, we cannot expect from Priyan’s films. But is it entertaining enough to deserve the price of your tickets? Read on.. 

Nithin (Akshay Kumar) works for a rich mall-owner (played by Archana Puran Singh) in Singapore. He is in love with Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and with dreams of quitting his slave-job and marrying the love of his life, he is always on a look out for a shortcut to richness. With help from his friend Ram (Suniel Shetty), the two hatch a plan to kidnap his owner’s Dog! What follows is utter chaos filled with innumerable misunderstandings and confusions.

De Dana Dhan Review

The negatives first, for a change

  • The fact that Paresh Rawal and some of the other character actors have more screen-time than Akshay Kumar is simply unacceptable. Most parts of the second half Akki is locked in the wardrobe, which would be terribly disappointing for Akki fans and the roar when he is finally released, proves just that.
  • Katrina Kaif has nothing to do. No role, few dialogues and the sizzling Gale Lag Ja dance number has been kept away as a bonus by director Priyadarshan for the post-weekend shows. Again, unacceptable.
  • For a movie hyped as the return of the Hera Pheri team – Paresh Rawal has absolutely no interaction with neither Suniel Shetty nor Akshay Kumar. Unacceptable, disappointing and with a hint of exaggeration cruel!
  • The runtime is close to 3 hours and the director has wasted loads of time in introducing all the 20 odd characters. With each having multiple misunderstandings with two of the other characters, the movies gets too monotonous in the second half.
  • While you expect non-stop entertainment, the funny scenes are few and far in between. The whole marriage angle in the second half and the addition of several new characters, ruins what should have been a thoroughly entertaining ride had the director just stuck to the Akshay – Suniel storyline.
  • The dialogues are strictly average. Some of them work, most don’t.
  • The climax which refreshes memories of the Tsumani hit resorts, looks realistic. But what’s the whole point of the scene, to evoke laughter? Sorry it didn’t.
  • What’s with the abrupt end? None of misunderstandings were cleared. Are we expecting too much here? Wasn’t it Akshay who claimed ‘Take your brains to theaters’ — After watching the film, would love to know exactly why.. ?

Its disappointing, disturbing and not one bit funny anymore! Its hard to see an actor, who you have grown to love over the years, as a part of such flicks.


  • About two scenes involving Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty in the first half are funny.
  • When Akshay is released from the cupboard. The scene that follows is hilarious.
  • Those inhaling of chloroform scenes were funny too and performed well by all the actors involved.
  • Katrina looks stunning and so does Neha Dhupia, who deserves credit for putting up the best show amongst the females.
  • Johnny Lever is fantastic.

Other performances

  • Archana Puran Singh – Too Loud and over the top.
  • Paresh Rawal has the meatiest role. He excels in certain scenes, but average in others.
  • Suniel Shetty doesn’t have much to do in the second half, but does well in the first.
  • Asrani as Mamu is good.
  • Sameera Reddy is purely for eye candy.
  • Rajpal Yadav is very good.
  • Manoj Joshi is loud but effective.
  • Chunky Pandey is okay.
  • Aditi Govitrikar currently locked in the Bigg Boss house looks gorgeous.
  • Shakti Kapoor was irritating.

Overall, De Dana Dhan isn’t close to being as good as Priyadarshan’s ‘H Series’ (read Hera Pheri, Hungama, Hulchul) of classics. Although this review wouldn’t make much of a difference to die hard Akshay fans, it is they who will be most disappointed.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Other comments – Not much to say really. It was better than the other two comedies of Akshay Kumar this year and probably deserves half a star more, if not a full one. But with Akshay missing in the second half, Katrina making short appearances every 20 mins and the lack of interaction between the Hera Pheri gang.. makes it one of the bigger disappointments of the year.

Let the bashing begin..!



  • praveen—— beta itna gossa achcha nahi hai beta ja ke doctor se check karle kyun ke akki ki agli film flop ho gaee to tum pore pagal hojaoo ge achcha ha mere baap ke pagal khane se ek pagal bhag gaya tha o to hi to nahi aur beta film super hit hone ke liye 65 cr chahea tumhara gossa akki ki agli film ke liye bachake rakhna ok aur maine nahi aasakta tumhre baap ko padane ha ha ha ha
    aur main main ho
    main veer fan deeeeer ho — ha ha ha

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    oh sorry you dont understand the meaning of EUNUCH isnt it??/check dictionary…i pity your baaap to hav a asshole son like you.

  • DE DANA DAN films 2nd weeks FRIDAYS opening about ( 15-20)% which is very poor for big budget 65 crore film . This films lifetime colletions will be 38 crores which average or below average very dissapointing .

  • To Parveen,

    thank you very much for your comments! i totally agree with u on this, this movie is a superhit and akshay is the best! all this people who are on this site is always akshay and jelous of his success, including the indicine team. so just ignore this asshoes! also i believe next year akshay movies does well, goodluck akki!

    thank again

  • i am not bothered if teh movie is hit or flop …
    but as far as i am concerned DDD is a stupid movie ….
    as i have posted in another thread only priyan can do this …
    remake a hindi movie (pyaar tho hona hi tha) into malayalam (vettom) with slight changes in climax and then remaking the climax back into a hindi movie … and as usual this has many scenes taken from other malayalam movies too …. and he has taken it frame by frame …. maybe its cos of its repeated that i felt the movie as stupid …

  • for ppl like anand and all go and watch BAL GANESH CARTOON okay??/its good for you…if you know that priyan’s movies are like this why the hell you retards go for this…watever de dana dhan declared a blockbuster already wit 68 crores worldwide…copy or not you shuld have atlest the balls in bollywood to make superhits..otherwise dont bark!!!!!!!!!!

  • Indicine Team: i did not want to watch the movie because of your review. Fortunately my family persuaded me to join them to watch the movie. I thoroughly watched the movie and so did the packed hall here in SA. We laughed from the beginning to the end. SA has the largest Indian community outside of India. I think Indicine has to sit up and notice what we think of the movies shown here. We hated Kurbaan….we are exposed to too much of that type of scenes that we despise. Steamy scenes are a novelty there so it is considered great acting fit for an award by you and the so called critics. DDD was great…believe me…I am not a fan to any specific actor…I think all the movie did excellent in their roles. Please Indicine give credit where it is due. You are sounding and i must agree as the others say, you do not like Akshay so you are running him down. Maybe he does not come from your favourite so called banners who can produce any nonsense but be highly appreciated you like you did with Kurbaan.

  • heyy .. no need to go over the top buddy … i saw the movie gave my opinion … thats all .. no offence to anyone …
    and as i said .. i am not botherred weather the movie is a super hit or flop … in either case i have lost just 50 bucks (and refreshments extra) :P … and weather i like a movie or not i dont see it for a second time in a theater … and i can tell that this movie is stupid cos i know wat priyan’s calibre is .. i have seen many of his movies – sensible movies in malayalam which are class apart … so der will be a comparison …. and it will be much more when der is a remake … for eg … i u take bhool bhullya .. its a good movie by itself … but wen der is comparison between the original malayalam version, its not up to the mark … so in a nut shell wat i wanted to tell was that wen a man os priyan’s calibre (who makes good sensible movies) makes movies like this we find it quite hard to digest … but that does not mean that we dont watch it … we do watch it … :P

    and yeah .. as or teh BAL GANESH cartoon… or ur info .. i do watch animations … i am a big fllower of comics too … der is a big misconception that cartoons and comics are just for kids … i watch all the pixar animation movies and dey are quite good too ….
    again i want to tell everyone that .. this is not to ofend anyone or hurt anyones eelings about teh movie .. this is my personal opinion …
    regards …

  • THANKS SANDY SO MUCH…BUT I DONT THINK THERE IS ANY NEED TO OPEN THE EYES OF THE RETARDED CRITICS OF INDICINE ANYWAY…ITS BETTER TO PAINT IN WATER….even akshaykumar dont need the support of these screwers anyway…he is beyond comparison to any goofy actors in india…oneday ppl will realise that he is the lone follower in amitabh bachchan’s shoes!!

  • janta ka faislaaa chuka hai film ka dabba gol hai… it has flopped with big lossses to everyone .. none has seen it again.. sorry guys better luck next time ..abhi ke liye dana dan


    iam setting the record straight. as of today, the movie has done reasonably well. meaning, as of today it is an ‘above average’ earner. so this clearly means that it is NOT a flop, like some of you brainless beings are saying. if the movie has a decent 3rd week (next week), then it will reach HIT status. even if it has an average 3rd week, it can reach SEMI-HIT status.

    so all you haters out there, please look at the facts, the figures and use your brains. just cos you ‘want’ a movie to be a flop does not mean it is a flop. the movie has already gone above average and recovered its investment. so the question of it being a flop does not apply !

    furthermore, it is already a HIT overseas.

    so there you have it. no more petty arguing children.

  • MEGHA YOU BITCH ASS …I TOLD YOU ALREADY NOT TO COME IN THIS SITE AND BITCH ALL NONSENSE YOU RETARD….de dana dan is a superhit and all the ppl loved the movie …even my frnds are struggling to get a ticket in some mumbai theatres in the 4th week you ppl no need to make undersatnd…also i said in the beginning that with the producer ratan jain ,akshaykumar is a coproducer and share rights …means if the movie earns 25 crores also there is no loss…65 crores till now will make it wat you senseless bitch???calculate for your own…
    and if you come with any itchy positive comments about ROCKET SINGH i will give more wait…

  • i think it’s good movie..coz dat’s is d confusing story i don’t know what’s going on …well movie is super hit..akki is d best…

  • the film is so good that that indicine has reduced the rating now to 1.5.. hows that for progress.. how big a flop is it..??? indicine team could tell us that now…???!!!

  • u know wot all the guys saying that ddd is a hit are rather badly sick or maybe danm impressed from the men turned women smelly assed katto without any reason…nothing else its just a bullshittt or wastage of time and money.she just knows how to expose her apple sized boobs and hajra kinds legs to grab the attention of ppl,she doesnt know how to act at all….khali apni bhangi ankhien matka rahi hote hay…and aab akki jee us kee ab umer aa gaye hay tata bye bye bolnay kee so he should better go home now and give chance to others who deserves..DE DANA DEN IS THE BIGGEST SHIT MORE THEN WOT I WAS EXPECTING…DONT EVER GO AND WASTE UR MONEY AND TIME….to hell with the ppl who are suggesting to go and watch that bloody fucking movie

  • I’m posting my comment on this page about De Dana Dan, which I saw only last night on a dvd, and didn’t read the comments posted here on this page, except the movie review.

    Indicine Team:

    How come u say: “it’s entertaining enough to deserve the price of yr ticket” and u give the movie only 1.5/5?!!!!!!

    The movie is: hilarious.. I never loved Priyadarshan’s movie Hera Pheri, Hangama and some others, used to see them for 15 minutes and put them off, but liked only Hulchul, enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching De Dana Dan more than the movie 3 Idiots.. De Dana Dan deserves to be the best comedy of 2009, and not 3 Idiots.

    What I didn’t like about the movie is only the 20 minutes in the 2nd part, which goes a bit slow, while Akshay was locked up inside a capboard, and all misunderstanding stuff which “always” happens in any indian comedy movies.. but the direction was much better than the other comedy movies which Priyadarshan did in the past.. when any movie makes u laugh so the reason is: the good script, the idea of the movie.. the idea of kidnapping a dog from a cheap stingy lady, all the things happend in the movie was just funny.

    Performance: excellent by all the cast specially by Akshay Kumar.. now I’ve to admit that he fits in comedy roles after watching Singh is Kinng and DDD, and if any awards would be given in the awards functions, for best actor in a comic role so it has to go to Akshay Kumar.. all the best Akshay Kumar.. u deserve to win for this movie and not for Blue!

  • @Fathiya: U are so special, i like people like u, who are totally diffrence from d people. U like De dana dhan but u dont like Hera Pheri? woow, so special. I am happy that u like De dana dhan, i pray may u also like House Full too.

  • Usman Solo:if u r serious about what u r saying.. so thanks indeed, I do appreciate having ppl like u on this website.. who understand that everyone is free to like or dislike a movie.. and it’s not something that u would force ppl over love and praise a movie or hate them ( such idiots on this website who never understand all this!) they need to learn that ppl are different and 100% everyone would never agree that a movie is good or bad.

    I didn’t read all the comments on this page coz it’d take time to do so.. did u like the movie? some members in my family loved DDD more than 3 Idiots.

  • Fathiya: I am very serious fathiya n i always want know something diffrent from my point of view. I realy like d way how u challenge a movie or Actors in ur comment, u always bring ur proof on it. But i like 3idiot morethan De dana dan, even though Akshay is my best Actor.

  • Usman Solo: thanks brother, do u know that for years I could never accept Akshay Kumar in a comic role? I always thought he got a serious face and doesn’t fit in comedy.. and that’s because of my impression when I saw him for 1st time, in his debute movie.. he was so serious and never did comedy movies as a beginner in bollywood..there4 was hard for me to digist that! I never watched in the past years all those comedy movies he used to do..and that’s because Akshay did number of crap movies in the past, which gave me a bad impression about his movies.. so I never watched his movies until the day came and he did a completely different role in Dadkan.. loved his role and his acting in that movie, then I started watching him.. his only problem is that he’s not so careful in selecting his movies.. if he was.. if he was like Shahrukh or Aamir so he could’ve reached the top long time ago and not only a few years ago!

  • Fathiya: Yes u r right , but let me remind u something. Everyone has his own way to succeed in life. What can make Shah rukh n Aamir to suceed may not be the one to make Akshay to do so. So in Akshay kumar case that crap films make him suceed in his bollywood career. I also pray 4 him to do critical n commercial success like Tare zameen parr n Chakde india. I hope so from Action replay, Khatta meetha n Patiala house may be.

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