De Dana Dhan Movie Review

Akshay Kumar’s much hyped De Dana Dhan released worldwide today and the expectations quite obviously are high. For one, the film reunites the Hera Pheri team of Akshay Kumar – Paresh Rawal – Suniel Shetty and director Priyadarshan. Over the years, Priyadarshan films that I have loved in particular have been Hera Pheri, Hungama and to a certain extent Hulchul. De Dana Dhan promises more – 25 character actors along with a thrilling water-flood scene as its climax.

Story is something, we cannot expect from Priyan’s films. But is it entertaining enough to deserve the price of your tickets? Read on.. 

Nithin (Akshay Kumar) works for a rich mall-owner (played by Archana Puran Singh) in Singapore. He is in love with Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and with dreams of quitting his slave-job and marrying the love of his life, he is always on a look out for a shortcut to richness. With help from his friend Ram (Suniel Shetty), the two hatch a plan to kidnap his owner’s Dog! What follows is utter chaos filled with innumerable misunderstandings and confusions.

De Dana Dhan Review

The negatives first, for a change

  • The fact that Paresh Rawal and some of the other character actors have more screen-time than Akshay Kumar is simply unacceptable. Most parts of the second half Akki is locked in the wardrobe, which would be terribly disappointing for Akki fans and the roar when he is finally released, proves just that.
  • Katrina Kaif has nothing to do. No role, few dialogues and the sizzling Gale Lag Ja dance number has been kept away as a bonus by director Priyadarshan for the post-weekend shows. Again, unacceptable.
  • For a movie hyped as the return of the Hera Pheri team – Paresh Rawal has absolutely no interaction with neither Suniel Shetty nor Akshay Kumar. Unacceptable, disappointing and with a hint of exaggeration cruel!
  • The runtime is close to 3 hours and the director has wasted loads of time in introducing all the 20 odd characters. With each having multiple misunderstandings with two of the other characters, the movies gets too monotonous in the second half.
  • While you expect non-stop entertainment, the funny scenes are few and far in between. The whole marriage angle in the second half and the addition of several new characters, ruins what should have been a thoroughly entertaining ride had the director just stuck to the Akshay – Suniel storyline.
  • The dialogues are strictly average. Some of them work, most don’t.
  • The climax which refreshes memories of the Tsumani hit resorts, looks realistic. But what’s the whole point of the scene, to evoke laughter? Sorry it didn’t.
  • What’s with the abrupt end? None of misunderstandings were cleared. Are we expecting too much here? Wasn’t it Akshay who claimed ‘Take your brains to theaters’ — After watching the film, would love to know exactly why.. ?

Its disappointing, disturbing and not one bit funny anymore! Its hard to see an actor, who you have grown to love over the years, as a part of such flicks.


  • About two scenes involving Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty in the first half are funny.
  • When Akshay is released from the cupboard. The scene that follows is hilarious.
  • Those inhaling of chloroform scenes were funny too and performed well by all the actors involved.
  • Katrina looks stunning and so does Neha Dhupia, who deserves credit for putting up the best show amongst the females.
  • Johnny Lever is fantastic.

Other performances

  • Archana Puran Singh – Too Loud and over the top.
  • Paresh Rawal has the meatiest role. He excels in certain scenes, but average in others.
  • Suniel Shetty doesn’t have much to do in the second half, but does well in the first.
  • Asrani as Mamu is good.
  • Sameera Reddy is purely for eye candy.
  • Rajpal Yadav is very good.
  • Manoj Joshi is loud but effective.
  • Chunky Pandey is okay.
  • Aditi Govitrikar currently locked in the Bigg Boss house looks gorgeous.
  • Shakti Kapoor was irritating.

Overall, De Dana Dhan isn’t close to being as good as Priyadarshan’s ‘H Series’ (read Hera Pheri, Hungama, Hulchul) of classics. Although this review wouldn’t make much of a difference to die hard Akshay fans, it is they who will be most disappointed.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Other comments – Not much to say really. It was better than the other two comedies of Akshay Kumar this year and probably deserves half a star more, if not a full one. But with Akshay missing in the second half, Katrina making short appearances every 20 mins and the lack of interaction between the Hera Pheri gang.. makes it one of the bigger disappointments of the year.

Let the bashing begin..!



  • Read the full review Amish. Watch the movie and let us know what you think.

    Free to criticize, argue or debate. We respect every opinion :)

  • Some funny scenes cant make a movie good. It lacked a good story. Priyadarshan alwayz tries 2 make people laugh by mixing up several things and its d same case in dis movie 2. nothing new. Akshay kumar role is so small in 2nd half. One time watch only

    — Typing in all Caps is not allowed. Review fixed.

  • Very disappointing review. I will say anything bout the movie only after 9 pm tonite after watching the movie. Indicine- highly unexpected !

  • himmmm……………i am crossin my fingers whether with ful batalian of comedian also, cannot give a hit……… akshay kumar…

    this review shows the signal…whether it also gone sink in bollywood… akshay frens….

  • I `ll comment after watchin d movie but some things i felt bad was..
    —-“other character actors have more screen-time than Akshay Kumar is simply unacceptable”

    wen u dont like akshay does it matter?? if he has more screen space/time u feel its an overdose… and nw less screen timing s hard to digest… hmmm point to be noted my lord..;)

    with akshay saying– pls leave ur brains outside, u ppl took a lot of brains inside n thrashed it… nw wen he says bring ur brains u cant digest it….;) … 2nd point to be noted my lord….;)

    “The climax which refreshes memories of the Tsumani hit resorts, look realistic.”– but u felt it was a negative point.. hmmm 3rd point to be noted…;)

    only 2 scenes u liked in d full 3 hrs… hmmm highly unacceptable… 4th point to be noted..;)

    “It was better than the other two comedies of Akshay Kumar this year and probably deserves half a star more, if not a full one”– tellin this was not at all digestable…..;).. 5th point to be noted…;)

    rest `ll comment once i watch it….

    Am sorry to tell but u do hate akshay ….;) A LOT……

  • Indicine team:
    i wont talk about myself just let me know that is Taran Adarsh fool who gave DDD 3.5 , KI 3.5 , SIK 4 , Welcome 4 , Bhaghumbhag 3.5 , Garam Masala 4 , Phir Hera Pheri 4.
    and u gave all these movies 1 and 1.5
    where is a diffrence in between both of u ???
    why u dont like masala movies ???
    All the Best is exeptional case that u gave i think 3.5 or 3
    dont think Taran is fan of Akki coz he gave most of the time more then 3.5 just remember CC2C and 8×10 and Tashan Taran gave 1.5
    let me one thing i really wanted to ask it since last 1 week that
    u said that u r a group, may be 5,6 people or more then that. now i hv some questions plz reply it soon
    do u all guys go together for a movie ?? if yes then how come every one’s choice is same ??? if Taran , Martin d suza(glamsham fame), masand , joginder tanuja , and some other critics will go together for a movie how can they give same rating ? every one has diffrent choices and every one has diffrent openion for a movie. if they cant agree on a same rating then how come u 5,6 poeple can agree on a same rating ???

  • Amish..

    1. It does matter as they are selling it as an Akshay Kumar film. It does matter to every single guy / gal who purchase tickets for the film, due to Akki’s presence.

    2. Whether he says bring in your brains or leave it at home.. It doesn’t matter as long as the movie is entertaining. De Dana Dhan wasn’t.

    3. Yes, a negative because you will realize when you watch it, the scene was totally unnecessary. What was the point of the whole thing? Watch it and please explain.

    4. To be exactly 4 scenes. Two in the first. Two in the second.

    5. Because Chadni Chowk and Kambakht Ishq were unbearable. De Dana Dhan was watchable, but that doesn’t make it good.

    You dont have to be sorry, because it ain’t true. We love Akshay, but not his recent films. And lets avoid this talk of being fans of a certain star right here. Its about the movie, not the star!

  • @Indicine Team
    HA HA HA HA HA…..just laughing at your review just like the movie. You are making several attempts to make a mockery of yourself, your website and your reviews (especially the ones for Akki movie).
    Dont you also notice that by every next day you are having fewer and fewer comments for every article of yours. Thats because Akshay fans are dejected with your fake reviews, pro Khan reviews, anti Akki reviews and dishonesty and biased ness above all.

    I swear by whatever god you wanna name that this is my last visit to your website not because I am a ardent Akki fan, also not because DDD is an excellent movie unlike what is said in this dishonest review, but it is because that I cannot tolerate any of your dishonesty any more and your Anti-Akki articles. One thing to notice is that in this review also you have kind of tried to create distances between Akki and his fans who went to watch this movie but I can assure you that you have failed miserably and pathetically in your attempt.

  • Indicine :
    Now i am eagerly waiting 4 my show at 6.
    People r liking it. Even on ur site- ritvika,nauman,bristi have given 4 stars. But u trashed it pathetically. I just hope i m nt disappointed after watching ! Well sorry it wud b too early to say anything against u


  • i was thinking indicine will go to movie along their brains but they left it in their indicine office.
    and guys u can imagine that if some one hasnt his brain with him then how can he gives a good review???
    indicine if u can noticed so many negative points and u think that u r perfect for criticize then why u guys dont direct any movie ???
    why u r spening ur time here ???? we hv plenty of other sites as well u can visit those sites so plz start to make a movie , like Kunal Kohli
    and he deserved that he could give reviews coz he can make good movies like Hum tum and fanna

  • INDICINE-fair review.indeed very disappointing effort by priyadarshan who has lost his magical touch after hera pheri and hulchul.akshay kumar has mastered the art of giving consistent flops every nw n then.nauman seems to b a big tym fool.i mean how can any1 for that matter lyk this crappy stuff(BATTER THAN DIS BATTER THAN DAT..LOL..ROFL)…mr flop kumar keeps on doing same kind of stuff again n again and saturation point has come.INDICINE:DO U REALLY FEEL DIS KIND OF FLICK WIL WORK AT THE BOX OFFICE..thanx indicine.keep up the good work:)

  • nitesh:
    dont worry abt morning show collection coz i already mentioned that muslim audience is busy in prayer and kurbaani they will free in the evening and then sab muslims cinema halls pe Hulla Bol dain ge then u will see colections.
    i bet last show ll close at 85 %

  • Hey ppl…Dont waste ur hard earnd money on dis one..If u wanna c good comedies then i wud suggest deewana mastana…hera pheri…hungama…hulchul…even awara pagal dewana is better than ddd..i wnt give ddd more than 2stars coz frankly it doesn’t deserve..take care ppl.peace out

  • @Indicine

    This is the best I could expect from you Indicine for an Akshay Kumar movie review. I mean what else can you expect from a Bollywood website that goes ga ga over Shahrukh Khan and his charity works. The last article on planet earth that I would write is an article about SRK and his charity works. And if you can do that then this is the best one can expect from you for Akki movie.


    Sorry Sahil, I could not understand your meaning of a fool, according to the definition that is understood by 99.99% humans of a distorted arrogant fool, it seems like you are one closest match unlike Nauman. Try pointing one finger at Nauman to call him a fool, 3 others point at you.

  • Nitesh:
    indicine gave 4.5 start to Kurbaan , 4 to Jail , 3.5 to LD . did u see the box office result.
    and if u wana talk abt Blue then listen guys Blue got 36 cr 1st week 8 cr 2nd week it total 44 and add 6 more for whole life . it means 50 cr . due to high budget movie was avg . if DDD get 50 cr then it is hit.
    KI got 42 1st week 10 cr 2nd week and total about 60 cr all time . Taran gave 3.5 to KI and indicine gave 1.5 or 1 star to KI . if history repeats then DDD will get 50 + .
    just one thing for Akki that he should control the budget of movie if every movie is less then 40 cr budget then he can recover it in 1st week.

  • Indicine
    grow up and b fair in ur reviews.
    Stop this anti akshay campaign.
    Its really sad, u have lost one of your loyal visitors ‘AB’ just cos of ur partiality.
    I am sure, like the way u have thrashed the movie, u will see ppl trashing ur review.
    Cos ppl irrespective of whether its an srk or akki fan, ppl are going to watch it in large numbers.
    People will laugh at ur review when ddd turns out to b a blockbuster.
    And to b very clear i m not a die hard fan of any actor. I just watch movie and rate it genuinely.
    Its surely above ur rating

  • @AB ND NAUMAN SORRY GUYS..IF I DID HURT U IN ANY offence..i understand every one has his point f view.but personally i found the movie a big bore..u m glad u enjoyed it..chao

  • I saw DDD last night in Dubai. it was fantastic even we couldnt get the tickets for evening show so we had to get night shows tickets. and early morning i had a flight to pakistan .cheet criticize
    Movie starts with akshay and archuna’s chemistry then suneil joined the show 1st 30 mins are awesome . aur then one by one every character performed good. Alots of funny sequences . u r watching movie and it is going very normal suddenly funny scene or funny dialogue and it will be surprise for u and then u hv to laugh .
    I really like this kind of comedy.
    Akshay is superbe . he looks like back in form, which he left after Singh is Kinng.
    Katz and sameera looks good , music is also good not pritam style. But still good .
    My rating is 4 / 5

  • Nauman we don’t really know about other reviewers.. to each his own. Anyway, we don’t watch movies as a group. And the reviews are by a single individual. Now why not reveal the identity you may ask. We can, but then like the Rediff comments section it will all be about bashing the reviewer. Calling names and soon gets too personal. Its different here and exactly how we like. How many sites / reviewers interact with the readers of the site? I don’t know any.

    Regarding directing a movie, you were kidding weren’t you? How can you compare a reviewer to a director? You cant ask a game reviewer to go code those games can you? Reviewers are a part of the audience, we go by the overall experience. Like your review that we put up last night, this is ours. An opinion, which could be different from yours.

    We have been to several shoots, watched big directors direct, actors act.. its a learning experience. There is a LOT to film making and You get to learn a lot too just being on the sets, amidst all the chaos. Soon we will try and bring in a new feature which will cover the process of shooting a film, hopefully in pictures or even better videos.

    And lastly.. Box office. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of a film. Andaaz Apna Apna, Dil Chahta Hai, Hera Pheri were box office flops, but remembered, loved and watched as classics now. Also, we have never claimed we are ‘perfect critics’. :)

  • Dil Chahta Hai did well only in Mumbai.. Rest of India it flopped.

    Hera Pheri too did well in a few select cities, nothing great. The first weekend business of Phir Hera Pheri was more than double of the entire box office net of Hera Pheri 1.

    So overall yeah, both movies underperformed. Andaaz Apna Apna and Socha Na Tha were ‘clean’ flops, if you can call them so!

  • I cnt understand why everytime akki fans complain about the movie of srk,salman,aamir dnt even bother about review.they wait for audience verdict…and for TARAN ADARSH….he is paid!!HE GAVE 3.5 STARS TO KI,DO KNOT DISTURB ND DATS TRUE…ND 4 STARS 4 BLUE WHICH WAS HIGHLY DISLIKED BY AUDIENCE!!!!

  • Faud:
    so it means Taran didnt get any money for Tashan , CC2C , 8×10 , dilli 6 , wts ur raashee ……..
    coz every movie got 1.5 by Taran, and dont forget Blue gor 45 cr+ it means people liked it but due to budget couldnt hit. if budget of Blue was 20 cr then it could be Super hit.

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