Dangal China Box Office Collections: Day 1

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has taken a record-breaking opening in China, crossing the 15 crore mark on its opening day at the box office (including collections from paid previews).

The film titled Shuai Jiao Baba (Let’s Wrestle, Dad) has reportedly collected 16,500,000 yuan (2.4 million USD / Rs 15.42 crore) in the country.

Dangal has shattered the opening record of PK and the film should surpass the weekend collections of the Rajkumar Hirani directed film in just two days after its release. The opening is strong inspite of a major Hollywood film ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2’ collecting 98 million yuan (14.2 million USD / Rs 91.2 crore) on its opening day.

The expectations for the weekend is around 10-11 million USD (Rs 65-70 crore).

Released on 9000 screens, Dangal has shattered records only because of the presence of Aamir Khan, who happens to be the only star who has cracked the China market. The only other films to make a mark in China are 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK.

Other stars like Shah Rukh Khan have tried to their luck, but films like My Name is Khan, FAN and Happy New Year have failed miserably. The suprise success was Nikhil Advani’s animated film Delhi Safari Even a major film like ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ failed in China – even though it was well-promoted and had a wide release.



  • 91 Crore For GOTG2…?
    plz indicine reply how many screens are there in china

  • 3 Idiots and PK have done amazing business in China . Dangal has done solid business all over the world . PK did 100 CR+ in China and we all expect Dangal to beat PK as it is a far superior film in terms of content, emotion and performance

  • The true Global star. Unprecedented Dominance of Aamir khan in Overseas and especially in China

  • If srk movie collect so much in chima his PR team will make us mad. Amir is only india actor tht non indians can like. Jaby koey a u tuber who reviews bollywood movies appreciate his movies.
    Bahubali cn surprise us bt nt regular hollywood watcher.

  • 15CR+
    It means 1st Day Collection is Higher
    than the lifetime collection of all Indian films in China
    (except Aamir’s Own Films) that too with an Offbeat Film
    Aamir Khan Mass💪💪💪💪😎

  • @INDICINE… IS TUBELIGHT AND OFFICIAL REMAKE OF “LITTLE BOY”.. if yes then my interest was totally gone.. i was eagerly waiting for this movie…. but… if this news is true then bhai has dissapointed us very much.. not expected this from bhai…!

  • Aamir dominates China B.o lk no other..
    Between an Indian animated film did well Dr …grt …hvnt heard of Delhi safari ..Wil check it out now

  • Biggest Global Megastar in the history of Indian Cinema – AAMIR KHAN.
    HNY + Fan + MNIK + Baahubali = 11.20 cr
    Dangal Day 1 = 15.40 cr 😸😸

  • @parshya,Dangal Day 1-2.4M$,PP-0.11M$,Total-2.51M$.China filminsider is predicting 43.5M$ for Dangal in China.WW cld be 1050-1100cr.BB2 Pred. as well is there,ie.1.1M$ LOLLLL on BB2.

    Earth shattering,jaw dropping when others including gigastars r struggling for 30M$ OS LT,Dangal can do 40M$+ in Alien,non traditional market like China.BB2 prediction is same as BB1 ie.1.1 M$ LT.


    Taiwan- 5 to 5.5M


    HK+Korea+Japan cld be min 10M

    OS LT of Dangal cld be 85-90M$.

    WW wld be 1050-1100cr.

  • chhota chetan is mixing up well wid d chinese..height factor .
    reviews from china? Positive or ngtive?

  • The collections of Dangal in China on day 1 is even more than Opening day of Akki & Ajay Devgn starrer films.

    Saturday collections of Dangal in China will be more than Opening day of Sultan & Tubelight.

    Lifetime of Dangal in China will be 300cr which will be more than lifetime of any Bollywood film this year at the domestic b.o…Period Aamir is the emperor of Bollywood.

  • Its disgusting that you felt the need to say ‘reportedly collected…’ like somehow Team Aamir will manipulate their figures.

    Pity you didnt show same ‘scepticism’ during the Diwali periods of 2013 n 2014…!

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