Dangal’s extraordinary box office collections in Taipei, Taiwan

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is performing extraordinarily well in markets that aren’t known to open up for Hindi Films. The collections in Taipei (capital city of Taiwan) are beyond extraordinary as the film is showing excellent trend – with collections sustaining and growing with each passing week.

The film is expected to collect more than $5 million in Taiwan, with collections from Taipei itself expected to cross $2.5 million.

The Taiwan collections will add around Rs 30-35 crore to the previous worldwide gross of Rs 720 crore of Dangal – which would take its worldwide gross to 750 crore plus.

With the first weekend business in China expected to easily cross the 50 crore mark, Dangal should cross ‘800 crore’ worldwide in the next two days.

Check out the excellent trend and day-wise collections in Taipei, Taiwan:

Day 1616,320₹1,312,762
Day 21,161,764₹2,474,557
Day 31,318,251₹2,807,875
Day 4541,080₹1,152,500
Day 5561,170₹1,195,292
Day 6638,870₹1,360,793
Day 7570,895₹1,216,006
Day 8775,111₹1,650,986
Day 91,377,284₹2,933,615
Day 101,693,567₹3,607,298
Day 111,891,294₹4,028,456
Day 121,794,396₹3,822,063
Day 13822,395₹1,751,701
Day 14799,725₹1,703,414
Day 151,380,203₹2,939,832
Day 162,666,749₹5,680,175
Day 172,653,711₹5,652,404
Day 181,076,225₹2,292,359
Day 191,038,098₹2,211,149
Day 20830,930₹1,769,881
Day 21947,605₹2,018,399
Day 221,245,649₹2,653,232
Day 231,863,499₹3,969,253
Day 241,829,932₹3,897,755
Day 25936,010₹1,993,701
Day 26867,445₹1,847,658
Day 27980,510₹2,088,486
Day 28980,510₹2,088,486
Day 29954,905₹2,033,948
Day 301,161,373₹2,473,724
Day 311,968,660₹4,193,246
Day 322,061,955₹4,391,964
Day 33854,530₹1,820,149
Day 34745,615₹1,588,160
Day 35702,110₹1,495,494
Day 36887,303₹1,889,955
Day 371,614,301₹3,438,461
Day 381,652,199₹3,519,184
Day 391,402,270₹2,986,835
Day 40503,280₹1,071,986
Day 41503,590₹1,072,647
Day 42497,060₹1,058,738
Day 43697,275₹14,89,155
Day 441,501,506₹32,06,734
Day 451,238,760₹26,45,593
Day 46521,455₹11,13,660


  • It takes something really special for an Indian winning the hearts of Eastern Asian Audiences who are very demanding and selective.

    Who says Bollywood dont have content driven movies?

    Raj Kapoor started this trend way bk 50/60s in USSR(present Russia forms part of it). Amitabh stepped up..in 70s…Mithun da …80s in current Russia too, Shah Rukh became a household name globally. Salman innovative new era rebirth followed up ..No turning Back,Aamirs started his Magic there after he too no turning back.
    People have been talking about Bollywood raising the bar.(..Cannes,Oscars and Asian Awards have strictly bollywood movies being nominates alwats…)But content wise our industry tops all the global viewership.

  • Nw when bhaubali 2 breaking record.Bollywood pundits trying to pul up dangal and getting insecure to keep it up

  • Sab ki khatiya kar di Aamir ne with china and Taiwan.800cr wld be done by sunday.

    Even haters forced to admit only Aamir is a star in China and Taiwan,no one else matters there.It’s not abt indian cinema it’s abt sincerity,dedication and creativity of a man called Legendry Aamir Khan.

  • My fave film in recent time along with Tare Zameer Par are my evergreen collections thxxx mr Aamir Khan i will always make time for your films.

  • Hence It is proved that Indian Audiences(mainly Hindi) are so frickle minded and can’t live wuth same thing for long 😃 jokes apart Superb trend & Lovely Movie Lovers 👏

  • Great work my Aamir Khan as he is reaching in new markets which will be beneficial for Bollywood.

  • gud morning team @indicine
    it is good that you are taking keen interest in dangal vs baahubali bo number tracking .But don’t be jealous about extraordinary performance of baahubali 2
    and u said our Hindi industry
    i mean what is hindi industry talk more about Indian film industry.And you are trying to convince that dangal will firstly cross 1000cr worldwide before baahubali.😁 don’t feel jealous team
    dangal-750cr till yesterday and
    b 2-850(approx.) till yesterday

  • This means , we have a very big market out there..
    Baahubali 2 can probably touch 2000cr and robot 2.0 can do 3000cr

  • He is real global supper star
    I don’t think why people media say srk is global star.
    In global collection he is in third spot
    1) aamir
    4)akshay ( because his movie has only akshshay not big director or actress supporting cast etc…)
    6) Ranbir( because alone ranbir he even not cross 50 cr mark worldwide)

  • Aamir has come a long way
    Before 2008 his career was lull
    – gave only 2 blockbusters in the first 20 years of career. means 1 bb/decade.
    – lost clash to srk -> ram jaane vs ahat and Salman Khan: Hello brother vs the earth
    -took 12 years to enter the 50 cr club after it was started in 1994.
    -had the longest internship period jst like rahul gandhi. handful of hits in the first 20 years justify this.
    -There are 3 Khans movies whose ffs are higher than his RH-HAHK, DDLJ and Maine Pyaar Kiya
    -Was introduced to overseas only in 2009(Salman by HAHK, SRK by DDLJ)

  • Proud moment for Indian cinema. Taiwan and now China.. Amirs exellence and hard work towards movie paid off.

  • @Indicine.. Please update Bahubali collections. This also an Indian movie. Please forget Hindi or Regional at the moment. Both Bahubali and Dangal making proud for an Indian cinema and people.

  • @Indicine
    One question. Are Bollywood movies which release in China dubbed in Chinese language ? Or they screen the movie with subtitles ?

  • Woww..u really are bent on showing dangal as top grossing hindi movie..where are the week 1 collections of bahubali..dnt be so envious indicine…its quite evident you are..

  • BAHUBALI 2 breaking record from east west north south, still not a single article on that, what happend @indicine. south industry is also a part of indian industry isnt it?

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