Cinema Owners association decides against screening films featuring Pakistani actors

The ‘Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ has taken a decision not to screen films featuring Pakistani artists (including actors, music directors, technicians etc).

A statement on the decision was read out to the media:

“It was decided, keeping in mind the patriotic feelings, and the national interest of our country, we the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, request all our member exhibitors to refrain from screening movies which have involvement of any Pakistani artist, technician, director, music director etc”

“We the Cinema Owners and Association of India, are also in the process of requesting other associations connected with the film industry to support the sentiments in the best interest of our nation.”

The film in the near future, which includes Pakistani artists are Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Fawad Khan), Dear Zindagi (Ali Zafar) and Raees (Mahira Khan).

The Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ does not represent the exhibitors across the country. The impact is likely to be restricted to single-screens in the state of Maharashtra, unless others decide to support the decision.



  • These pakistani actor films need to banned. Even if akshay kumar’s film castst a pakistani actor, it must be banned.

  • Late but good decision, If those actors dont care about their bread n butter then why should Indians??? They are actual patriotic since they support their army which is gud but they want to even condemn about that terrorist attack in which our 18 army men dead.
    Who the hell still want to support them.

  • doesnt make much difference….anyway adhm was never hot in trade….pakau trailer,ghasapita emotion,loveshuv-all messed up….anyway it couldnt even collect more than 50cr….my utter sympathies are with adhm…….

  • Liberals who stand for freedom of choice, want to force theatre owners to release # ADHM in the name of freedom of expression.
    BAN IS RIGHT kyuki abi loss hoga to agli bar lenge nahi warna ye film acha earn kia to samjenge kuch fark ni pdta h or continue karte rahenge. so its bhavishyakaal ki sikh h.

  • I am against this nature of pseudo patriotism but would like these films to be boycotted anyways. After observing the arrogance & over-confidence of Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan, I will say that this is a wrong (incorrect) decision against the wrong (bad) people. Two wrongs have made a right. Both these guys deserve such treatment.

  • Shahrukh ran and donated money for victims who were affected by floods in Pakistan. But contributed nil for families of people who died in Uri Attacks. Neither did he tweet about it giving his condolences or condemn the attack. How can he do this to his motherland???😠

  • Very unfortunate.banning these films because they have only 1 pak artist.And what about those hundreds of indian people who are involved in making of these films, their hard work ?is these pak actors are more important than our indian legends like SRK, anushka, Ranbir etc. ?

  • @ Rangil Singh, just bcoz for family of dead soldiers we can’t make other people suffer who had nothing to do with terrorism… Banning Pakistani actors is’nt going to stop terrorism so there is no use of banning them, as simple as that… Such big political decisions are’nt taken on the basis of emotions, we should think practically.

  • Thousands of people are involved in a film. But due to the presence of one or two Pakistani artists you are going to take away those thousands of Indians ROJI-ROTI.
    #Waah Re Tumhari Deshbhakti!

  • Pakistan army supports terrorists, give them training, provided them arms and ammunition and from where that money comes from?? from the tax of people like fawad Khan and others. And by supporting them and giving them works Indian producers directors are contributing to the killings of our army man’s and civilians. and I don.t know what art is cinema?? it’s just money grabbing industry.

  • While our Nationalist government has no problem to allow visas and work permits for Pakistani artists then WTH are those ‘pseudo Nationalists’ to ban movies starring Pakistani artists???

  • Some r very hurt bcoz indian producers will loose money and paki actors hv already taken their remuneration….. let them loose will teach them good lesson and henceforth they will think atleast 100 times before casting any paki artists…everyone b ready to ban films featuring paki actors and teach our so called intellectual producers a good lesson….proud to b Maratha… proud to b indian…

  • One thing just if Pakistani can ban our Indian film then why we cant stand with our nation . Only in Maharashtra Bollywood film can earn better than any other states , it will heavy loss of industry .
    @ arjun ur state CM Mamta Banerjee allowed Bangladeshi people to live in Bengal for vote bank first ban her or stop Bangladeshi in India .
    @ bhushan OK PM Modi given visa to Adnan Sami then also don’t forget Sonia Gandhi is also from Italy Congress govt given Visa to her . Jaroor Modiji Pak gaye ho who halat sudharne gaye the they think pak will stop the all terrorist activities they have taken good initiative but u know Pakistani govt didn’t stopped terrorist activity . Its not Modi fault its fault paki blood . It was good initiative if tomorrow shameless congressi will say modi has not taken good initiative with Pakistani . What about Rahul used word like ” Khoon Ki Dalali ” want proof of Surgical Strike .



  • No India No Pakistan . Both are bloody fuckers only want to kill their own people. Only megastar Salman Bhai rules everywhere! !
    #True Salman Fans

  • Use ur will also cause loss to Indian producers nt the Pakis,both #Fawad n #Mahira took their money already.n u shd realize tht when they shoot these movies Indian govt was in good terms with Pakis n they also got work permit frm Ind govt to work in India.atleast u shd allow to release these movies which were shoot b4 the #Uri attack.n its very much clear tht nt a single person in bollywood will work with any Paki artist in future.#MakeSence……

  • Only akki statement was right its hard slap on both side people blamed paki actor & surgical strike proof . True Patriotic . Jai Hind Sir .

  • Ban karo Pakistani actor ki film , we don’t need paki in India already in India there are enemies of our own country . Perfect dialog for Indians ” saath hai to kuch hai warna kuch nahi ” .
    @ maria ur same girl before some months u said Indian soldier rape the women I have remembered this from long time .
    @ damnnn what’s ur problems what Rangil said it was right but why u hate so much on Indian soldiers .

  • People like Karan Johar are Hypocrites at best. Bollywood boycotted Mohenjodaro anonymously. Karan purposely clashing with Shivaay. He blackmailed single screen owners to sign contract for ADHM and Raees otherwise he won’t give them Baahubali the conclusion. In that case nobody stands with single screen owners. But the moment single screen owners decide not to show ADHM everyone is shouting. What about the freedom of expression of single screen owners. If people damage their screens then will Karan give compensation to them?

  • What is common to all the films which will face ban? SRK the traitor. He has a cameo in Ae dil hai mushkil, a side role in Dear Zindagi and is lead in RAEES. Hats off to the greatest silent traitor.

  • Not good. It is better if the earning of such films entirely gives to solider”s families who lost their lives in attack, instead of banning films. At the time of shoot no controversy & everything done @ Indian Government Now how can say any organization for such things…They can say not to permitted if any thing done after attack…IT IS JUSTIFIED ask…looking to the our nation”s nature.

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