Cinema Owners association decides against screening films featuring Pakistani actors

The ’Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ has taken a decision not to screen films featuring Pakistani artists (including actors, music directors, technicians etc).

A statement on the decision was read out to the media:

“It was decided, keeping in mind the patriotic feelings, and the national interest of our country, we the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, request all our member exhibitors to refrain from screening movies which have involvement of any Pakistani artist, technician, director, music director etc”

“We the Cinema Owners and Association of India, are also in the process of requesting other associations connected with the film industry to support the sentiments in the best interest of our nation.”

The film in the near future, which includes Pakistani artists are Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Fawad Khan), Dear Zindagi (Ali Zafar) and Raees (Mahira Khan).

The Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ does not represent the exhibitors across the country. The impact is likely to be restricted to single-screens in the state of Maharashtra, unless others decide to support the decision.



  • Well I think they did a big favor for Adhm. Saving Ranbir from another poor collection movie. Since from start to now Shivaay had all the excitements and been on the lead. Clashing with Shivaay would have seroisly dented Adhm collection and mind you with a clash expert Ajay. If things calm down I believe with solo release of both raees and adhm next year they can gross higher especially Raees.

  • I want karan and shahrukh khan to show there film to Lashkar terrorists and promote peace and fellowship.
    really if let terrorists see fawad khan in the film I guess they might drop there guns.
    How the hell these films promote peace and cultural unity?

  • @Challa : ICC published Future Tour Programs (FTP) for every 10 years. As per last FTP released in 2013 India was supposed to play Pakistan twice till 2016 in bilateral series but BCCI refused to play even when Uri attack has not happened. If India could have played those series then we can released the movies which shot before Uri attack. The conclusion is India has worsen relationship with Pakistan since 9/11 and now after Uri attack has taken that too another level. In the current situation we can’t be watching any Pakistani in any Indian movies though agree artist are not terrorist but Pakistan also banned MSD which had nothing against Pakistan except first ODI century of Dhoni.

  • They should not be banned but can’t be released now as well. Let the things calm down then they can decide. Meanwhile these filmmakers need to have Plan B. As of now only 4 states are supporting the ban and they are : Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat.

  • Jo v ho..#Raees and #ADHM ko free publicity jabardast mil rhi h…and the funny part is ki kuch v kr lo ye dono release hogi 100 % !!

  • Shame on cheap minded people , if you guys don’t allow them to release why you cheap people send to bitch and irfan to Hollywood .

  • Those in favour of ADHM, Raees & DZ, releasing in India are so much sorry for the sake of art & culture but they are not sorry for Indian soldiers losing life to prevail the culture of India. JAI HIND.

  • This is stupidity. The Pakistani actor has already taken his remuneration and enjoying in his country. Money is from our Indian producers which is in stake. Looks like Ajay devgan is hyperactive behind the scene with MNS Thakrey. Do whatever you like ADHM will destroy the egoistic ugly character artist.

  • Very good decision……every indian should support the ban…..ban everything related to pakistan….time to hit them hard…if pakistan can ban Indian movies just to support their country…..y should v allow their artist to perform here….proud to b maratha….proud to b indian

  • Instead of boycotting their products we are boycotting our own India’s films.. These films are made by thousands Indians and only paki artist has worked.. Only India will suffer losses if these films are banned..

  • Bad decision. .
    Did the makers know that the india-pak conflict will take this turn?
    If you want to ban pakistano artists then ok but first pay the 75 crs budget of Ae dil hai mushkil, 110 crs of Raees and 50/60 crs of Dear Zindagi. pay those 245 crs to INDIAN producers and then show your patriotism

  • v should ban our pm modi for visiting Pak PMs daughter marriage which was shortly followed by Patankhot attack & then URI. These pak stars were signed & scenes were mostly shot when Indo-Pak situation was quite peaceful that even our pm didn’t hesitate visiting marriage of our rival PM’s daughter so how can u ban these films now. ..! Boycott our PM first

  • Fawad khan hardly has 10 minute role in adhm and our very own ranbir has almost 3 hours role in the movie. But our pseudo nationalists have problem with the 10 minute role that much that they want to ban the whole movie. Haha pathetic decision

  • This is the best example of Intolerance.

    They should allow to release the movie which are already shoot like ADHM,Dear Zindagi,and Raees.

  • Good decision
    Theater owner have other option(Shivaay)
    Waise bhi ADHM ko dekhne kaun jaata apart from some lunatic fans

  • Raees still have time to replace Mahira also ban the DG
    I am not able to understand why adhm, DG and Raees tino movie me kjo’s gang shamil hai

  • Reeesss to gaya kaam se….
    Nobody interested in 2 yrs old film.
    Even indicine told it’s a average movie according to their reports.So Bhagoda fans dil tham ke bethlo.because Kaabil is kaabil enough to destroy Reeeesss.
    N.B. one more thing get ready to smash once again by ATBB Krrish4 which will be released by Rakesh uncle for sure if this clash happens…So be prepared for Double giant

  • All these r just attention seekers.
    #Raess & #ADHM will release on their respective dates without any trouble.
    #Best of Good Luck 2 Both

  • @Rangil Singh,
    Ab Rulaega Kya Pagle!
    KUDOS 2 u for this comment & your presence of mind.
    I never expected such comments from u & whole salman fans but u proved me wrong.
    We all fight over our fav. stars,heroes but we all know that the real heroes r our army,navy & air force mens who look after us,our family & our country we should be proud of them & support them not these corrupt wannabe patriots aka politicians.I support u,ur thought & our #INDIA
    I M PROUD OF MYSELF BEING AN INDIAN & so we all should be.
    By the way,
    I wanna speak this from my heart that “SALMAN KHAN”is a good person,a big hearted human being & a true megastar.I like him as a person & his social works.
    #Akki Fan
    #Jai Hind

  • The terrorist country which you guys are referring too, have had the most terrorist attacks in the history lately. One attack in Uri and it is atomatically the neighbour country, becasue you cannot blame any other.
    Anyway, it is a sad that the hatres is getting there that Indians are banning their own movie. It is a loss to India. Why do such a thing to your own product?
    I didn’t understand why Pakistan had to be made, when I was young, why couldn’t it be a part of India. Now I know, it was this, the hatres and the ugliness hindu people had in their heart to which it was necessary to create Pakistan.

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