Cinema Owners association decides against screening films featuring Pakistani actors

The ‘Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ has taken a decision not to screen films featuring Pakistani artists (including actors, music directors, technicians etc).

A statement on the decision was read out to the media:

“It was decided, keeping in mind the patriotic feelings, and the national interest of our country, we the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, request all our member exhibitors to refrain from screening movies which have involvement of any Pakistani artist, technician, director, music director etc”

“We the Cinema Owners and Association of India, are also in the process of requesting other associations connected with the film industry to support the sentiments in the best interest of our nation.”

The film in the near future, which includes Pakistani artists are Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Fawad Khan), Dear Zindagi (Ali Zafar) and Raees (Mahira Khan).

The Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ does not represent the exhibitors across the country. The impact is likely to be restricted to single-screens in the state of Maharashtra, unless others decide to support the decision.



  • What will happen to screening of those movies oversees(Sri Lanka)? Will that also be restricted????
    I’m eagerly waiting for all those 3 movies…. :-(

  • I hope everyone Supports it..
    Art has no Boundary.. Actors has no Boundary… Music has No Boundary.. Only Soldiers have Boundaries and they should Die ? Its very easy to Blame Patriotic indians of Jingoism But have u ever Seen a family of Dead Soldier ? I belong to a Army Family.. My Grandfather fought 65 and 71 war and they dont do it out of Interest,they do it for the love of Mother land..
    The Least we can do is Show them Unity by Standing Against Pakistan which is a Terrorist Sponsoring Country..
    I would Say the Same if it included a movie of Salman..
    Jai Hind

  • Whether ADHM releases or not, many neutral audience will surely not gonna watch this film. Its better for ADHM makers to replace the pakistani actors with any other indian actors. Yeah the cost might increase a little bit, but KJo should do this. Otherwise, ADHM is in serious trouble. First of all crap trailer, then all this mess. In Dear Zindagi, Raees , pakistani actors should be replaced.
    Pakistani actors condemned terrorism but not Uri attacks because their films are releasing.

  • @Rangil singh really i doubt that.
    Your grandfather fought for india so did mine. But this doesnt justify anything. They sacrificed themselves…now their families suffer but just for that u will make other people other indians to suffer?? What kind of justice is that…the above mentioned movies have indian sweat n blood..indian rupee indian people besides a bunch of pakistansi.and for that u will abondon ur own brothers….it shows how much indian u are.

  • Poor decision as its not logical to ban those movies which are already complete & about to release in near future , because now it is only the Indian Actors & producers who is going to suffer from this ban not pakistani actor who already paid in advance.

  • States like Maha/Raj/Guj full of communial people where my states west bengal there is no difference between hindu/muslim. Delhi NCR, CI/CP, Andhra are also peacefull stats. Fanna also banned in maha/guj rest is history ADHM will be blockbuster

  • Whats happening with Ritesh Sidhwani and SRK, i think they deserve it. They have screwed up their movie release whose outstanding teaser was launched more than year back. Just for a greed of one national holiday, they will be banging their head now. But feeling bad for Dear Zindagi and Ae dil hain Mushkil. Dear Zindagi is any way will be a multiplex oritented movie so will not get much impacted. But Ae dil hain Mushkil will surely be impacted badly with already Shivaay leading ahead.

  • @ rangil salute to ur family in Punjabi at least one member of family part of soldier . If we Indian not supporting our soldiers then who will support them & good decision by exhibiters & distributer stop pakistani actor films . I think this time ADHM & Raees should release but not shooting with Pak actor , director , singer .

  • Shame less creatures want continuous killing of Indian Pakistani and kashmiris since 70 years. Come on childo solve Kashmir issue so that south asia can become poor less. Watch the poors they don’t have money to marry their girls. don’t have shelter against bad weather . don’t have food to eat. don’t have wash rooms. Near 800 million poors want these fanatic land lovers to sit and solve Kashmir issue. May wisdom prevail

  • What is common in these films


    U r


    Its Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan In His Bad Phase More Worse Than Salman Bcoz Salman movies released that time it was flop but srk his movies not releasing king bana bhikari
    3.4 billions srkian

  • I am full in support to this decision

    Pakistaniyo ko cast karte wakt sochna chahiye tha ki kya 126 crore ki jansankhya wale desh india me ek bhi talented actor nahi hai ki hum ek tuchh se desh ke actors mangwae.

    Good decision from Raees team to casting Pakistani, So that It can’t release in India.

    Go & release Raees in Pakistan only

  • Whoever supporting Pakistani Artists should send their Children in BSF, CRPF or army first….then no one will oppose them to work or support these Pakistani artists………These artist earn money from here, provide this money to Pakistani govt and their govt invest this money in Terrorism…..

  • I sometimes really don’t get what we are achieving by banning these movie. These movies have contribution of more than 100 -1000 of our own people. Just because an actor from terrorist country has a role in it, why to sabotage our own peoples contribution.
    What salman said was quite correct. Its the government who has provided working Visas. Why have they not stopped it. Why the trade export and import are still going on with pakistan. Why most favourable nation has still not been removed for pakistan. This really shows that Bollywood is the soft target for the politicians to be in the limelight in the name of pseudo patriotism. If we are really that patriotic , we should be clean with our taxes, join NGO , do charity. Raise the internal concerns which our country is facing from unemployment,cleanliness, judicial pending cases, crime, tax evasion, honour killing, rising population. Patriotism should not be only limited to external threats or during our cricket matches.

  • Did the makers know before they cast Pakistani actors on their movies? Now i feel really bad for ADHM makers, now i’ll watch the movie for sure after Shivaay

  • Good decision..! cinema owners and exhibitors association should also burn all the money which they earn from previous movies featuring Pakistani actors like kapoor and sons, all the movies for which rahat fateh Ali khan, atif aslam etc sang…

  • Bhaag Coward Bhaag
    Bhaag Ghueya ka global star Bhaag
    Bhaag Ghueya Ka superstar Bhaag
    Bhaag Ghueya ka still a superstar Bhaag
    Bhaag Ghueya Ka Sabse bada SUPERSTAR Bhaag
    Bhaag Excel Bhaag
    Bhaag Red chillies Bhaag

  • What about those films whose shoot has already been completed
    They can’t replace the actors.The relation between these two countries wasn’t that bad when they would have approached the Pakistani actors to be part of their films in 2014-15.Why should the producers suffer just because they couldn’t foresee the future. The association should demand to not cast any Pakistani artist in any movie henceforth or else face the consequences and not disrupt the movies which has already been shot

  • It is not narrow minded but absolute foolish and ‘namard’ decision because of hypocrisy and just to gain publicity. I remember about old hindi movies where a villain kidnap heroine or hero mother to fight and win with hero. What has fawad Khan or any one did to those jawans who got killed?. Just go n fight with pakistani army or terrorists. Whose stopping u?

  • i support it. If pakistani theatre hnrs decide to not release indian films and happy to suffer loss for his soldiers even when they are only depend largely on indian films.
    So Why indian theatres show pakistani actors. Some says art has no boundary. I want to ask them that this theory not apply in pakistan?

  • OMG…there should be limit to idiotics n hypocracy.
    These films were started shooting wen modiji was hugging nawaj sharif n kiran rijiju was giving adnan sami indian citizenship.
    Stop behaving like idiots pakistani actors got their payment but indian producers did nt gt release wat logic ??????
    Im so pissed of this special my dear maharashtrians doing this. Bt thts some morons we marathi people r atleast better than this.

  • Mark my words ADHM will get 2300-2400screen and Shivaay 2800-2900screen where M-plex ratio 50-50 leading ADHM at metros. Controversy will not affect ADHM infact it increase more hype to aam janta out side maha/guj

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