Chennai Express vs Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Box Office

The much-requested comparison between two of the biggest hits so far this year – Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express and Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The only common factor in both the films is the presence of Deepika Padukone, who has staked her claim as the numero uno actress in the industry, ahead of Katrina Kaif no less.

Chennai Express vs YJHD

Chennai Express vs YJHD

Now, coming to the box office collections of the two films, Chennai Express benefitted from the most lucrative holiday period – the Eid weekend. Whereas Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani released during the most profitable non-holiday period – the weekend after the Indian Premiere League. Also, YJHD released on 15-20% fewer screens (3100 vs 3600)

At the same stage (6 days), Chennai Express has collected a record-breaking 137.11 crore (130.36 excluding paid previews), while Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani did business of Rs 97.1 crore in the same number of days.

The SRK starrer failed to break the Monday and Tuesday records of YJHD, but comfortably went past the Wednesday collections of the film by more than 30%.

Below is a detailed box office comparison between Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express.

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DayYeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniChennai Express
Preview--6.75 crores
Day 119.5 crores33.12 crore (Eid Holiday)
Day 220 crores28.06 crore
Day 322.5 crores (Sunday)32.5 crore (Sunday)
Day 412.7 crores12.62 crores
Day 511.8 crores11.50 crores
Day 610.6 crores12.56 crores
Day 79.5 crores19.60 crores (Independence Day)
First Week106.6 crores156.71 crores (7 days + paid previews)
Day 86.9 crores6.48 crore
Day 910.2 crores8.51 crore
Day 1011.25 crores (Sunday)10.22 crore (Sunday)
Day 115.5 crores3.80 crore
Day 124.8 crores7.06 crore (Raksha Bandhan)
Day 134.3 crores-
Day 143.9 crores-
Two Week Total153.45 crores-
Day 153.25 crores-
Day 164.25 crores-
Day 175.6 crores (Sunday)-
Day 182.5 crores-
Day 192.25 crores-
Day 202 crores-
Day 211.8 crores-
Three Week Total175.1 crores-
Day 221.1 crore-
Day 232.1 crore-
Day 242.6 crore-
Total till fourth weekend180.9 crores-
Remaining weeks8.02 crores-
Lifetime Collections188.92 crores192.78 crores (12.5 days)


  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of a common man…
    Biggest Blockbuster of the year is CE, no doubt….
    Now Just wait for the Lifetime collection…
    It will destroy 202cr made by 3 Idiots..!!

  • well i am not a srk fan but to be honest Chennai express did wonders for him, and at this i can say that it has a big chance of passing YJHD. it might go just little ahead of YJHD.

    • Yeh jawaani hai deewani not worldwide release but 319 crore collected, chennai express worldwide release 420 crore collected so YJHD has a big win

    • Yeh jawaani hai deewani not worldwide release but 319 crore collected, chennai express worldwide release 420 crore collected so YJHD has a big win

  • indicine team ce will be affected by ouatimd by tomorrow as ce will get very much minimum screen size…. so is there still any chances for ce to beat any of the top 3 grosser?

  • Krrish 3 V/s Kochadiyaan (confirmed to release on diwali )
    Superhero film V/s Superstar film
    Father & Son V/s father & daughter combination-

    -This Diwali Biggest Exploding is on way-

  • CE has a chance to cross 200 cr as The reviews of OUATIMD is negative but response is good !! But still face alot competition In single screen !!!
    Wishing SRK all the best just


  • Chennai Express released screen size : 3500 Plus Week 1 Collection 154 Approx
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani released screen Size : 3100 Plus Week 1 Collection 107
    As per wikipeida

    Chennai Express released screen size : 1750 Plus Week 2
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani released screen Size : 2300 Plus Week 2 Collection 47

    Screens size better than new released Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (1700-1800) Plus lesser star value as compare to akshay kumar (OUATIMA screen size 2500 around from friday onward)

    So, don’t compare Shah Rukh Khan with Ranbir Kapoor as he is child (Junior Artist) in front of Badshah Khan.
    Om Shani Om Vs Saawariya everyone knows.

  • 3 idiots ne 1149 screens pe 202 crore bnaya or CE k pass to 4000 screens hain ……. that is the power of Aamir khan…….

  • If chennai express would have got the same release like Ek tha tiger last year, it would have put 3 idiots collections of 202 crore to shame by crossing in just 10 days and would have been the first movie to cross 300 crores. But King never asks for anything….he owns it! that is the difference between SRK and other khans. However this movie will surely cross 202 crores but again as king khan says in the movie – “Mere dictionary mein Impossible ka shabd hi nahi” and last but not the least – “Dont underestimate the power of king khan!!”. Onething for sure, the lifetime collections (both India +overseas combined) will never be broken !!!! Because any khan can get collections from India but not from Overseas….salman khan is still looking to break kabhi alvida na kehna records!!! Aamir has hit one jackpot with 3 idiots but again it was pure luck…. he cant do it again. But almost all SRK movies comes in top 10 overseas collections.

  • I gotta say, if YJHD released on a holiday weekend with more screens, it could’ve become the highest grossing Bollywood film ever. Haven’t watched CE yet (but I plan on watching it and OUATIMD both this weekend) so I can’t comment on them.

  • SRK did nothing but impressing the audience of Rajnikanth by massaging lots of oil on him in a song which made sure such a huge hit; he is constantly doing this since Ra.One in which he brought Rajnikanth into the movie to impress Rajnikant’s fan following south India. If he really things he is a good actor, they why is he doing this?? This proves that he hasn’t got any power to increase the box office collection by himself, he needs the help of others to increase the BO collection!! he doesn’t have the balls to face the bo by himself. Such a loser he is!!

  • @riya what a joke. If any big superstar film release during summer or if bmb release then yjhd haven’t cross 70cr and you says it will be the biggest grosser. I know girls love romantic films so 1st watch ddlj and veer zara then think yjhd.

  • YJHD had better WOM , it’s has done 190 crore without a single holiday. i’m kinda sure that CE will surpass YJHD. So CE will be the bigger grosser, but YJHD will be the bigger hit.

  • @ No Comparison, chennai express released in a Major holiday + weekend. and YJHD didn’t had a single holiday.

    Screen count of YJHD in it’s second week was around 1600 screens. and CE has 1500 screen for it’s 2nd week.

    and OSO vs Saawariya? really? ranbir was a new-comer then. it was his debut movie. don’t make such pathetic compressions.

  • Khan Kapoor…

    YJHD released after IPL. IPL month is considered as the month of ramdan for bollywood because no one with sense will never release their movie. So after a dry month came YJHD and people got no other option . And YJHD got 3 or 4 open weeks. So its common sense if any movie with average WOM and fan base like ranbir will hit big.

  • What about yjhd getting summer holidayperiod… it was youth centric ,most of the schools and colleges in india were closed during that time

  • @Kashif Nawaz 3Idiots is a Past and also 3Idiots is a brillance of Raju Hirani.
    Raju deliver record breaking Munna Bhai Series. That was beauty n brilliance of Raju. Coz u can see Sanju’s other movies results. That were not Sanju’s power that were Raju’s Class.
    Same goes for 3Idiots. If that was only Aamir’s power then what happend with TALAASH???????
    Comeon man be senseable.
    I can give u other examples as well.
    Rowdey Rathor is blockbuster but what happend with Khiladi786? OMG n Special CHabbies get classic reviews and Akshay was there where were his star power? why not Khiladi, OMG & Special Chabbis crossed 100cr?????????????????
    Golmal-3, Bol Bachan & SOS were 100cr but what happend with Tezz, Rascals & Himmatwala???????????
    Growup n be realistic.

  • @ Khan Kapoor!

    Link 1,

    “YJHD is likely to continue it’s good run in it’s second weekend as well, as the film is running on record numbers of screens in Week 2. In fact, the number of shows allotted for YJHD is higher than this week’s release Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 at most multiplexes”

    Link 2,

    As far as YJHD screens in 2nd week are concerned it will be more than 2200-2300 for sure..!!
    More than screens the no. of shows matter which YJHD will retain at least 70 % of them..

  • @Anwar, dude june is no holiday season, and there’s no holidays to collect huge. and YJHD got 2,3 open weeks? seriously? on it’s second friday YPD 2 released and YJHD fell in to no.2 position at BO. and in it’s 3rd weekend fukery released and became a hit. and it’s 4th weekend Raanjanaa released and that movie became a hit too. if YJHD had open weeks like you said, it would have done around 210 crores.

  • @No Comparison
    “shows allotted for YJHD is higher than this week’s release Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 ” they said shows, not screens..

  • @ ghost south india is not tmailnadu.there are 3 more states .rajini is not the only super star of south.may be the tamils watched the movie for rajini.but not others.dont come up with lame excuses.

  • Lol after 12.5 days it crashed a 30-40 days work :D , come on, give him a chalange :D , and after 14.5 day it will crash another 30-40 days work then after 15.5 it will crash another 40 day work :D

    thats unbelievable, god bless u my king SRK , U ARE THE BEST

    imagine if ce has open days like ETT , 3I It could colect 300 cr or more

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