Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani First Week Collections: Blockbuster

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniRanbir Kapoor was always known for his acting talent, but not many in the trade believed he could match up to the Khan’s when it comes to sheer box office pull. But with last week’s release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani crossing the 100 crore mark in less than 7 days, the superstar has proved his naysayers wrong.

The Karan Johar produced rom-com has fared well across India and the overseas markets too. After a record-breaking weekend of Rs 62.1 crore, the film sustained very well over the weekdays. While the youth have always come out in numbers to watch Ranbir on the big screen, the family audience took to the film big time over the weekdays. Result? A massive blockbuster, and the highest grosser of 2013.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani First Week Collections

  • Friday – 19.5 cr
  • Saturday – 20 cr
  • Sunday – 22.5 cr
  • Monday – 12.7 cr
  • Tuesday – 11.8 cr
  • Wednesday – 10.6 cr
  • Thursday – 9.5 cr
  • First Week Collections – 106.6 crore

YJHD is likely to continue it’s good run in it’s second weekend as well, as the film is running on record numbers of screens in Week 2. In fact, the number of shows allotted for YJHD is higher than this week’s release Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 at most multiplexes.

Sky is the limit from here on. The film is likely to cross the lifetime collections of Rowdy Rathore (last year’s post-IPL release) in 10 days.



  • Woohoo!! Plus it has got a new benefit, YPD2 has got unfavourable reviews. It’s magical run at boxoffice is unstoppable. High probablity of beating Rowdy Rathore and Dabangg 2’s lifetime collections! BIG!!

  • YJHD fails to beat ETT and Dabangg 2’s record of getting into 100 cr in 6 days by just 2 crs.
    But YJHD beats Bodyguard’s record of 8 days.

  • For any film BOI figures are always less than the official figures,but I dont know why for YJHD BOI figures are equal to official figures?

  • For example
    Film BOI Official
    ETT 187cr 198cr
    D2 150cr 158.5cr
    Race2 93cr 102cr
    Sos 87.5cr 105cr
    YJHD 106.6cr 107cr

  • Actor No. of 100cr films
    Salman 5

    Ajay 3

    SRK 3

    Aamir 2

    Akshay 2

    Ranbir 2

    Hrithik 1

    Saif 1

    Not included Singham,lifetime was 99.5 crs.

  • @Babaji, but talaash and OMG collections were almost same. and akshay is down in the list now until he regains his position with outima.

  • kudos to ranbir…..yjhd has managed to collect such tremendous nos. just bcoz of ranbir….it’s a slap for those one, who r delaying their movies only so that they won’t clash…plus they need open weeks and holiday releases…but this young star has proved that these tactics are needed for a flop star , not for a real star… record for non-holiday release..

  • Akshay looked good in ouatm2 trailer only drawback was imran khan
    i doubt he will ruin d movie
    that’s d only advantage ce have over it
    otherwise ouatm2 would have been sure shot winner

  • i’m disappointed. people have no movies to watch???? this one had no authority to reach near 100 cr even. and i’ve told a hundred times not to compare this new generation kid with legends. ranbir’s career will finish in next 2 yrs..when another star son or new talent takes over. but legends remain same..just like Amitabh bachchan!!

  • @Ronie
    Yes u are right,Imran is a total disappointment,he doesnt look like an actor,the scene where he jumps in the train,his expressions there goes totally wrong.
    Shahid kapoor was the first choice for that role,he is a much better actor than imran.

  • Yes, even i felt that Imran Khan is not a good asset to OUATIMA. He is too chocolate type of guy to do a role of baddie. But like Imran, Saif Ali did surprise everyone with his Langda Tyagi, and if Imran does the same, then great for OUATIMA.

  • The end of the year dhoom3 is all over the top and aamir made new trend in box office 250 crore so wait and watch

  • Ranbir is now 32, so media is favouring him, but when he becomes 40, they will forget him just like Hrithik. But 3 Khans and Khiladi are the legends of bollywood.

    After few years SRK’s son with debut with DDLJ2 then media will start favouring him. We can never predict that he become a legend like his father. Even fardeen khans or zayed khan sons may become bigger star than 3 khans.

  • @kaan khajoor…srk is gone….in ur dreams…right??? results of ce will teach u, whether srk is gone or not….till that time, just keep chillax…..!!!!

  • my prediction for yjhd is matching till now.lets hope it has a 30cr 2nd weekend and 28 crore 2nd weekif that hapeens a 25 cr 3rd week will be possible and further 10-15cr in rest of its b.o. 107+58+25+13=203cr lifetime.

  • @khan kapoor Its true what you say about Srk… This Eid there will be a film called ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaii Baadshah Ruled’ before a second film releases ‘Chennai Depress Train To Transport Old King Srk To Chennai’ where baadshah will see out his final days watching the sun set…! ;-)

    So sad, so tragic but its only right that the New Prince (Ranbir) replaces the Old King (Baadshah Srk)

    Thats life so accept the truth srkians.

  • @xzone poor little xzone, first you still believe in Santa, then theres the Tooth fairy and now you still believe in Srks star shining bright…! Listen xzone being in denial about Santa is ok if you 8 years old but you now 34 yrs old fast approaching a mental age of 10, let go of the past and now become a Devotee of Mumbais new prince- Ranbir Kapoor…! Let srk settle down in Chennai and live happily in a retirement community xzone. Come on son be brave and look to the future.

  • @romance:ppl have forgotten hrithik? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Huh. . .there is a limit of joking:p . . .
    If it happens so,then y he is always considered in the top 5 stars of bollywood from 2000. . .now a days,ppl have started forgetting your oldie srk. .he should start playing father role of leading actors in a movie. . . .

    BOI iz vry bad n cheater website..i hate dis website

  • This is the begning of era of kapoor,”ranbir” he is just an owesome actor and a mega star in making.I personally believe he has got that magical charisma of connecting wid people like raj kapoor,rajesh khanna,amitabh bachchan and king shahrukh khan had…a long way to go for ranbir but it will b enjoyable

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