Chennai Express Independence Day Box Office Update

Chennai Express is all set to cross the 150 crore mark on Independence Day, as almost every show throughout the day was running to 10-20% better occupancy compared to Wednesday. Looking at the current trends (9PM), the film is likely to collect around 15 crore net.

The film is performing extra-ordinarily well in the Delhi/UP circuit which started slow last week. West Bengal and Mysore circuits are record-breaking with 85%+ occupancy. Mumbai, Nizam, Gujarat-Saurashtra are strong too.

The trend on National Holidays is similar to Sunday business, the morning – noon – evening shows get the best response. Business then tends to slow down for the night shows, as the following day is a working day.

Chennai Express has retained most screens today, and also has more shows than Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara at multiplexes, which is why the film is leading in every circuit even though OUATIMD opened very well today. The real competition between the two films begins tomorrow, as the Akshay Kumar starrer will have a much wider release.

  • Paid Previews – 6.75 crore
  • 1st Day Friday – 33.12 crore
  • 2nd Day Saturday – 28.06 crore
  • 3rd Day Sunday – 32.50 crore
  • 4th Day Monday – 12.62 crore
  • 5th Day Tuesday – 11.50 crore
  • 6th Day Wednesday – 12.56 crore
  • 7th Day Thursday – 15 crore (expected – not final figures)
  • Total – 152.11 crores (expected)


  • Watched Chennai express today and here’s my review:

    Wow…!!! What a SHTYLE!! It’s so much fun. Though not the best of SRK (obviously can’t be compared to DDLJ, Baazigar, Darr, K3G, Chak De.. etc.), it is the best movie of SRK in recent times. After Om Shanti Om this is my most enjoyed SRK movie. It was really fun. Me and my friend laughed so much that we both got a stomachache at the end of the movie.

    SRK was very funny throughout, esp. in that train scene. The way Meenamma & Rahul communicate through songs is hilarious. Loved Deepika’s sleep talking scene. She was too funny and really pretty. I used to be a fan of Katrina. But sorry Kat, after CE I have become a fan of DP. Deepu, you are my favourite. I think CE belongs more to Deepu rather than SRK. Hope Happy new year will be able to break all the existing records of CE & others and the records set to be broken by Dhoom 3.

    All songs were beautifully picturised that they are all visual treats;specially Titli and Kanyakumari which are my favourites. Music is not extraordinary but nice. Titli is the best! And yes indicine, 2nd half was a bit too dragging with songs placed close to each other. Specially I feels that Tera Rasta Mein was an unnecessary song tha they could have edited that part ot. But it was not intolerable because of beautiful and colourful picturisation.

    Talking about the climax it is just a typical hindi movie climax with typical fights. Although indicine said it’s great, other than the final few dialogues between Meenamma & Rahul other things are just typical of any other masala movie. They could have had a better climax.

    This movie is a total surprise for me. Didn’t expect it to be that good. I’m not a big fan of Rohit Shetty either. Never thought it’ll be able to make some hope on chasing the magical 3 Idiots record;even though Krish 3 and Dhoom 3 were expected to chase it.

    My rating is 4/5.

    I’ll definitely go on a second ride in Chennai Express for sure. Good luck CE team and congo!

  • SRK has done his job now its time for akshay, Hrithik and Aamir
    To give a blockbuster, if we talked about record
    CE record will take remain unbeaten for next 3 year.
    As it is impossible for any body to collect 100 Cr in 3 days. 150 in 7 days.

  • Yaaa khudaa plzzz ce shd collect atleast 17 crores on national holiday…
    N all d best to ouatimd…!!

  • @anupama:i am agreed with you in some points. .
    1.Yes the songs were n’t partly distributed. .most of the songs lie on the 2nd half. .
    2.and yes,it is the best movie of srk since 2008(mnik too).
    3.i also loved the song choreography and picturization(specially titli,1234 and kashmir.
    4.srk was funny and entertaining.

    But somewhat i disagree too. .
    Deepika was looking damn preity. .but acting could have been better. .no doubt,she has tried her best in performing such a difficult and varsatile role,but still could have been a little better. .especially when she was speaking at high pitch,looked like she was out of her character. .and
    Obviously,it is one of the biggest movies of the year. .it may beat ett record too. .so congo to srk

  • 15 crore is very good. But i think it can go upto 18 crore. I hope tomorrow will be good as well with less screens.

  • Tue collectin – 11.5 since screen has been reduced to half and taking into consideration a normal 10% drop so i think

    Fri -4 cr
    sat 5cr
    sun 6 cr

    weekend – 15

    mon – 2 cr
    tue 2

    week -22 cr

    in 2 week – — 175cr

    3rd week – 12 cr


    total 190cr

  • now imagine, what if ce wud have got the same 3 open weeks as ett…
    Then it wud have possible that we might have seen the first 250 cr (indian b.o.) movie..
    Haters..thank srk that he din’t run behind open weeks like sallu, otherwise there was no other option than suicide.

  • 150cr week, fri 7 sat 8 sun 10 weekdays 13 total till 2nd week 188 3rd week 12 and rest 15 lifetime 215 cr verdict- atbb

  • @Indicine Great going CE Plz answer i am pissed of by people fr critizing srk fr screen allocation mainly haters is it all his fault wasn’t it utv and ekta should crictseized fr mess plz reply

  • wow ce is rocking sure it desrved to be superblockbuster… guz do u think ace khan’s dhoom3 will crush these records? this year belongs to king khan and mr. perfectionist….

  • @Anupama. U and indicine team are wrong regarding second half of chennai express. As a matter of fact, second half is better than first half bcuz second half has best scenes such as shahrukh climbing ladder lifting deepika and the emotion attached with it, comedy scenes when they were in the village, villagers helping them to escape from thangaballi etc. Film dragged a bit only for 10-15 mins before climax. I think it started after kanyakumari song untill tere raste song and it was during this period people got break from laughing but as u said beautiful location compensated for it. Even I thought the same as u whenI watched for first time but in second viewing I realised that only 10-15 mins were little drag.

  • my prediction :CE’s collections in 1st week 153cr (expected)
    fri 6
    sat 7
    sun 9
    mon 4
    tue 3.5
    wed 3
    thu 2
    3rd week : 15
    remaining weeks 10
    Total : 213 cr

  • @Indicine. two question plz
    if it manges to have 15 CRORES plus Thursday than that means it would be the first movie in history of Indian cinema to reach the coveted 150 CRORES in 1 week. am I correct Indicine
    if yes than it ll be a new bench Mark set in history of Indian cinema

    2) what ll be the exact screen count from tomorrow Indicine for both Chennai express and outimd?

    kindly answer them plz Indicine

  • @chirag. Recently twice this screen problem occured but in both occasion srk movie is involve its bcuz recently only 2 times 2 big movie clashed and in both occasion srk movie is der. Salman ran away from eid bcuz of fear from outimd and his overtly worry abt record while in other hand srk grabbed it and decided to clash. Ekta kapoor posponed the movie probably due to exibitors pressure bcuz most of them prefered chennai express and she might have hoped if chennai express crash then she will get more screen and can cash it on independance day. Actually it’s not a bad idea but unfortunately it flopped bcuz they under estimated the common man power I mean shah rukh khan star power. Having said that ekta kapoor and akshay kumar are brave people bcuz they didn’t act as a victim for publicity.

  • I just watched the CE, here in New York($14.50).i was very fun movie and everybody in the theatre was laughing and having so much fun. Theatre was about 70% full. Which is big for Hindi movie for afternoon show. Bottom line is CE is still hot here in USA. I don’t hear anybody talking bout OUTIMD. Although will watch the movie when it comes out on DVD.

  • And it will be the 1st movie to colect 150 in 1 week

    Thats SRK’s power when he has a bad time wonder what will happen if it was in his good days

    haters , go and watch outimd it needs u :D

    let ce for us :P

  • @Anupama, thanks for your detailed review. You have written a long review only on first time watch. What would you expect from a fan who has watched it 11 times like me!! :). I can detail every scene of it and how long that scene will start n end in such detail may be even Rohit shetty cannot eloborate the movie! :)

    My fav khan is King khan… every one is saying he is back n retain his king khan spot….but they fail to realize that his actual potential was ‘Acting skills’ which he bestowed upon us like Samar anand of Jab tak hai jaan (my all time fav- i watched it 23 times), My Name is khan (Mind blowing acting…no one can act), Rab ne banadi jodi ( Amazing movie n great story to please the married couples. Sadly due to mumbai bombings,it couldnt get the collections what it deserved.. I feel Rab Ne would have reached the first 100 crore club even before aamir’s ghajini if there were no bombings..its total collection was 87 crores in India alone. I watched it 34 times), Chak De India (Amazing… words to explain my king khan’s acting ability…other actors would have run away to choose this movie…they would have told to director…movie on Indian women hockey in Indai??? what a joke!…but our king khan proved he has god gifted talent). Next comes my previous fav Kal Ho Na Ho….(Just to cry I used to go to theater….amazing SRK!!! Top notch when hides the feeling of love towards preethi zinta)….ETC ETC…..

    Every other popular khan tries to remove dress and get box office collections and not for their acting talent. Do these popular khans know what do we call who earn money by removing the clothes called??? LOL :)

  • @chirag. I will give u the detail of what may have happened between exibitors and ekta kapoor

    Exhibitors : ekta ji we can only give less screens for’outimd bcuz chennai express buzz is very high
    Ekta kapoor : but our film is also big one and most awaited!
    Exhibitors : but why don’t u pospone and release on independance day ?
    Ekta kapoor : no we can’t take that risk
    Exhibitors : pls think abt bcuz both movie business will get affected
    Ek tha kapoor : ok lemme talk with my team

    Ek tha kapoor : almost all exhibitors r interested chennai express’ what to do?
    Her team : i think sharukh star power is not like before and if the film crash then we ill get more screens and moreover film on 8th day wont be a threat and hence our film get full advantage of independance holiday

    Exhibitors : what have u decided
    Ek tha kapoor : we I’ll pospone but on 1 condition that sharukh has to tell media that he requested to my dad and he agreed
    Exhibitor : ok lemme speak with utv

    I think this what probably happened. Later srk and utv made a master move by posponing release date by a day. So the lesson to be learned is that never undefestimate the power of common man

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