Chennai Express to join the ‘200 crore club’ today!

Chennai ExpressChennai Express will only be the second film in the history of Indian Cinema to cross the 200 crore mark. The Shahrukh Khan starrer needs to collect just Rs 2.71 crore to join the elusive ‘200 crore club’.

With the film still going strong at the box office, history is likely to be made on Friday as the Rohit Shetty entertainer could finally go past the lifetime business of 3 Idiots (202.5 cr).

On its second Wednesday, Chennai Express collected 4.51 cr at the domestic box-office. The total net box office collections in 13 days now stands at Rs 197.29 cr. The film is likely to collect around 44.5 crore in its second week, falling just short of the 2013 record of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which collected 46.8 crore in Week 2.

The overall record for the highest second week collections is held by 3 Idiots (Rs 56.5 cr)

Chennai Express 2nd Week Collections

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • 2nd Monday – 3.8 crore
  • 2nd Tuesday – 7.06 crore (85% growth)
  • 2nd Wednesday – 4.51 crore (36% drop)
  • Total Collections in 13 days – 197.29 crore




  • BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER in the History of Bollywood is Chennai Express.
    Congrats!! SRK, Deepika & Rohit..!!

  • record xpress…… where is the haters jin logone bola tha chennai xpress ett ka record to dur ki bat ready ka record bhi nehi tor payega……srk gives a big slap for this haters….i think now they are crying becos not only ett record but also 3 idiots record are now broken….. hahaha

  • And some people were saying it wont cross 100 cr
    SRK, Aamir and Hrithik are all gonna be in 200 cr club
    Par no so called megastar

  • Ok crossed 200 crores but “CE” will always be known as the second movie after “3 idiots” to join 200 crore club in India.

  • Though Chennai Express has done extremely well at Indian Box Office and will cross lifetime collections of 3 idiots for sure but 3 idiots still remains one of those movies which would remain in minds of its viewers forever. Congrats to all those talented movie makers who knows what audience wants and continue to deliver them. Hats off to Indian Cinema. :)

  • wow thats great. it would be cross today and today will break 2 records, 1 CE beat Ik tha tigar and 2nd it will break yeh jawani hai dewani record of second week. InsAllah.

  • Once a king always a king.
    Its just s matter of time to cross the 3 Idiots record. Now all the SRk haters will be mental.
    Lifetime will be around 215 cr+.
    CE breaking all the records.
    SRK Rocks.
    Last but not the least this Eid was really awesome. We were able to watch a unique movie. Not any remakes.

  • only 5 crore left for all time block buster grosser of box office india surpasing 3 Idiots recrod in just 16 days Amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • “CE” failed to beat 2nd week records of “3 idiots” and “YJHD” bcoz it does not have repeat value like these 2 movies which have done extraordinary even in working days of 2nd week.

  • Akhir baap baap hota hai!!!Now if there is one movie that can actually challenge #Chennaiexpress it is DHOOM3.And if that fails to break the record of #Chennaiexpress then this record created will stand out for at least another 3-4 years until the movies are released in 4200-4500 sreens.

  • This will be huge for a film that did not have genius of Hirani behind it, rode on a hero (whose haters have forever alleged he’s over! LOL!) and whose content is panned by critics. No big production house, no aura of a franchise, no foreign locations!

    DPad’s the new queen! Industry must finally acknowledge Rohit Shetty as a master entertainer who can bring huge returns at box office.

    SRK was already ruling till 2008. In between, in so called low phase, he only gave hits. Now again back to blockbuster phase! It was just a matter of time and connecting with desi audience!

    Congratulations Team CE!

  • this is just phenomenal. no body had ever dreamt of it. but never lost hope. 3 cheers to Chennai express team. and to all the SRK fans who happen to support. and also to some of my friends
    @CERocks @xzone @romance express @IMAM. advanced congratulations.
    and also thumbs up to all haters out there. u tried hard to pull the chain and stop the train. but in reality the train was unstoppable.
    great going guys. great going team. SRK Deepika and Rohit

  • YJHD had ZERO Competition in 2nd week & collected 46 crores.

    CE had OUATIMD, an 85 crores budgeted film as bitter competition & still collects 44 crores.

    SRK is much bigger star than Ranbir kapoor.

  • special mention to guys who at the end of every conversation were REITERATING that Chennai express would not only fall short of 3 idiots but also not cross ETT.
    ha ha ha. no animosity here.
    but kindly think before u speak
    and think before u put challenges to the only king of Indian cinema. SHAH RUKH KHAN
    Naam to suna hoga

  • And the guy who is finished breaks 3 idiots record his film crosses 100 crore mark at overseas easily while the so called biggest superstar’s film struggles to collect 60 crore at overseas

  • Annndddddd the 200 crore station is near :) Super Happy.. I.m gonna have a big party..

    Chennai ai ai aiiiiiiiii Express.

    and in my city for the coming week, they have actually doubled the daily shows to 180, can u believe it?? and some once upon something has 14 shows..:)

    Long live King SRK.

  • Watched chennai express 3 times
    First time with friends, enjoyed the film but most of the dialogues was not clear due to noise
    Second time went and had to sit in front row that too on corner end but a boy who sat right behind my back was laughing non stop so couln’t hear all the dialogues clearly again !
    i manage to convice my family members to watch chennai express and went with my whole family yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed and understood 1 thing that we get double mazaa when we watch along with family bcuz we feel truly happy when our dear one’s laugh a lot. I have watched many regional films with family but never laughed so much like we did during chennai express. This movie is indeed the best comical movie ever

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