Chennai Express: The Road to 200 crore business in India

Chennai Express has already collected Rs 181.92 crores in just 10 days at the India box office. The film now needs around 21 crores to go past the lifetime collections of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

The most frequently asked question in the last couple of weeks on our website here, Twitter and Facebook pages has been – Can Chennai Express cross 200 crores and finally be the highest grossing film in the history of the Indian film industry?

3 Idiots - Chennai Express

3 Idiots vs Chennai Express

Before we get down to predicting the business for the remaining weeks, lets take a look at the numbers so far:

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • Total – 181.92 crore

Below is our prediction for the remaining days this week

  • Monday – 4 crore
  • Tuesday – 5 crore (Raksha Bandhan)
  • Wednesday – 3.75 crore
  • Thursday – 3.2 crore
  • 2nd Week Total – 197.87 crore

Last year, Rohit Shetty’s very own Bol Bachchan (in week 4) almost doubled its previous day business on the Rakshabandhan holiday. Chennai Express too is likely to benefit as the word-of-mouth is very good and the family audience are coming out in numbers to watch the film.

This weekend, CE has competition from John Abraham’s Madras Cafe which is a multiplex-targetted film. But going by the pre-release buzz that the film is carrying, Madras Cafe will have little or no impact on Chennai Express – unless the word-of-mouth is terrific. Even a drop of 65-70% in Week 3 would still mean business of around 11-12 crores.

By the time Satyagraha releases in theatres this month end, CE would have already collected around 210 crores.

Overall, Chennai Express is almost certain to break the 3Idiots record and could finish with lifetime collections of  around 215 crores.

Don’t agree with our prediction? Vote and have your say in the comments section below.

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Can Chennai Express beat 3 Idiots?

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  • 1st of all, comparisons have always been made and always will. The point is.. comparison is with the collections of 3 idiots and not the content.
    So stop saying that CE is not as good as 3i.
    I have a strong feeling that after looking at back to back releases every week in this month, even 3i wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Suppose CE is gonna end up at 215crs then 3i would have ended at 240 or 250 max. Its just what I think and dont want any arguements… Thank you. :)

  • dont say things like the king is back n this is the power of srk.. the fact is srk was never ever a king n as far is stardom is concerned i think salman khan is the best example of superstardom.. bas naam hi kaafi hai! on the other hand srk needs backing from all quaters like big directors, big heroines, big productions, aggressive promotions, paid media n last but not the least dirty politics..

  • @rama sen.. dude you forget about dabangg 2, 3500 screens, two national holidays, christmas week holidays, 4 open weeks and still 160… shame on sallu too… lol

  • @dext naam jada uchlo mat agar d3 underperformed kia to kia karoge, 3i records are safe before the release of kick

  • chennai express will last only after 250cr. krish 3,dhoom3 impossible to beat srk. the king of bollywood. badshah og bollywood…. his film ddlj still is the biggest blockbuster in the history of indian cinema……. love and wish for srk….. no one amir or hrithik will see there movies touch chennai express……

  • 1st. its every individual’s rght to decide which movie they shud watch.
    2nd. Common ppl will leave thier brain at home and go to watch movies like CE coZ they want little entertainment, a reason to laugh and to forget thier worries.
    3rd. about guzarish. we spend money out of our pocket to watch movie. and we spend on those movies which impress us through its promotion. Gazarish is one of my fav film. its thier fault that they dint promote it properly. ….. so it failed.
    4th. u called Agneepath a bad movie, so u dont hav any rghts talk about my(ppls) taste.
    5th. people. .. CE is a goood movie paisa vasool. not at all a bad movie, but I dnt knw y ppl talk about records. if d3 n k3 s cmng nw, srk ll come back with HNY.. so leta enjoy whixchever comes gud.
    n mr.ghost… it was your right in your opinion. .. n mine too

  • LATEST NEWS: Salman Khan is moving in with SRK. For years, it was assumed that Salim Khan was Sallu’s father, but the last few days have proven without a shadow of doubt, SRK is the real BAAP of Salman!

  • sachin11: tera problem kya hai bhai…itna rota q hai..
    pehle CE flop hoegi bolke ro raha tha…
    ab jab hit ho gayi toh 200cr nh karegi bolke ro raha tha….
    ab jab sure hai ki wo 200+ karegi toh wapis ro raha hai…
    ab akshay, amir se compare ro raha hai, kal kisi aur se compare karke royega….

    chill be rotlu….tention mat le…krish3 ya dhoom3 CE ka record todenge tab dekha jaega.

    For Now King Khan is ruling.
    let SRK n we(SRK fans) both njoy CE success.
    bar bar BOKWAAS comment karke bore mat kar.

  • Not a fan of anybody, those who say big production houses are blocking the progress of independent
    and small time industries and they point fingers at actors, Srk may have some influence that does not
    mean he has much role to play in the industry, whatever he has achieved was given to him by the
    common man, i feel it is more important to hardworking than to be working hard the reason why an
    aamir and salman have achieved i think is due to their doggedness, many people complain that
    certain non talented actors are rewarded with dividends at box office while the talented actors are
    given small films to work in, the reality is you get what you want (want used here to mean logical
    consequences of actions) I have realised practically in life that if you are not hardworking you go
    nowhere even if you are the most talented, the major quality of someone is efficiency.
    If a machine has a potential of 2500J and yields 600J its efficiency is 24%
    If a machine has a potential of 800J and yields 550J its efficiency is 69%
    If these were maen the second man will be favoured, nature-society rewards efficient and not
    talented persons.

  • @Indicine. really great. me asking SALMAN to retire is derogatory but one guy by name dxt naam comparing SRK to dog is fine. is this not double standards. wow. amazing. carry on Ur good work Indicine

  • @dxt naam. dude watch Ur comment. if SRK is being compared to dog than there was one more who was using all Eid holidays with out competition and having 4 more weeks empty. pity he
    I really can’t stop laughing
    when outimd was about to release u were all basking that Chennai express would be finished. and now when outimd is finished because of Chennai express u put that as reason. wow man. even our respected politicians also don’t change their words so fast.
    SRK was the king is the king and ll always be
    he had the guts to release his movies in competition. accept that.
    SALMAN with 4 open weeks Christmas holidays and Sundays and with 3700 screens and high ticket price couldn’t do any magic
    about ETT 4 open weeks independence day and Sundays and same raksha bandham.and with 3368 screens. lol. that worldwide is passed with in 10days. can’t stop laughing
    and u question the stardom of SRK. he is the king of bollywood from kashmir to kanyakumari.

  • @dxt naam. correct dude. u should never underestimate the power of bad film
    ETT DABBANG 2 ready. the list can go on.

  • 4 years ago 3 idiots crossed the coveted 200 CROREMark.
    now Chennai express with hilarious content is being loved by every one and is destined to cross it.
    the question arises as many haters r saying what’s the big achievement ( lol. tried to pull the train at various stops called it even a disaster . but none worked.) this is the last nail in their own coffin
    is it difficult to cross.
    the answer is yes coz
    what ever the screen count whatever the ticket prices how many holidays.
    its still way way difficult. people have to love the movie to the core.
    u can create two day or 3 day records. but to go pass 200 CRORES as TSUNAMI EXPRESS IS poised to is phenomenal.
    just lets take few examples
    ETT. 4 open weeks . no competition SALMAN mania in it. independence day. Eid holiday 3368 screens highest ticket price at that time.what happened. it didn’t
    DABBANG 2 4 open weeks SALMAN at his peak 3700 screens. Christmas holiday new year day. what happened . just 160 CRORES
    the above two scenarios were way way easy for the film to cross rather than Chennai express.
    that shows its very difficult to cross 200 CRORES.
    now that record express is going to go into record books. to be the highest grossin film in Indian cinema
    I reiterate again. it was difficult for 3 idiots to cross 200
    it was equally difficult for Chennai express to cross

  • ha ha ha ha. I really don’t know haters change their favourite stars more than politicians change their parties.
    or should I say to tackle the power of SRK they need SALMAN AMIR HRITHIK and sometimes AKSHAY. combined.
    ha ha ha.
    truly SRK is the king

  • lol comparisons of 3 idiot and Chennai express
    matter of fact is Chennai express is way way more entertaining than what 3idiot was.

  • It is not a question of if CE is a better film than 3i, it is a question of what will happen for the
    hindi / indian film industry as a commercial enterprise, for those who talk about only good films
    breaking 3i record should look to kahaani, special 26, bhaag milkha bhaag as well as ship of
    theseus as films that were underutilised at the box office. Remember gadar vs lagaan, which
    one had better critics and audience reviews and which had the oscar nomination and which one
    had a domestic net bigger than the other’s worldwide gross.
    3 idiots vs MNIK which one had a bigger gross, in fact conservative critics rated the second
    better while the audience supported the former.
    For the benefit of those who did not know, MNIK is the only indian film or india related film that
    was nominated by the Political Film Society (US) no slumdog millionaire or gandhi in that list.
    I think CE should break three idiots record both at home and overseas. Though the second does
    not look so feasible now. For those who know the records when hum aapke hain kaun released it was the first to cross 100 cr in gross, dilwale dulhania le jayenge and gadar achieved
    that also, remember when shahrukh khan crossed 75 cr with om shanyi om, it became fun for others to do so.
    When SRK made 100 cr in 2 months with ra one and don 2 . What happened the next year 9 100cr
    netters came in 2012, now CE is nearing 200 cr when it does that even this figure will be a joke to
    others. Not that he is special but he is the real frontrunner in bollywood others make records lasting
    for 10 yrs +. I enjoyed lage raho munna bhai better than 3 idiots and i think it should have
    outgrossed dhoom 2 and even set the pace for 100 cr. 3 idiots may have compensated for munna’s
    shortcomings at box office (ie not topping) and chennai express is compensating for my name is khan.

  • @dxt naam. how more shameless can u be.
    than what’s ETT
    yrf production house. biggest in the country
    katrina kaif. top most female actor.
    aggressive promotions by yrf
    Eid holiday and 4 open weeks
    independence day without any competition
    3368 screens.
    highest ticket price till than
    but forgot oops it suck at 198 or 186 CRORES.

  • CE 2nd Monday collection = 4.5 crores.

    CE total so far: 187 crores!

    CE 2nd tuesday will cross 190 crores barrier.

    another 12 crores to get to become ATBB & #1 net grosser all time ahead of 3 IDIOTS.

  • Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express and Akshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara were in news. However, SRK’s film which released a week before stole the limelight and Khiladi Kumar’s OUATIMD got a lukewarm response.

    According to the industry reports and news doing rounds, Akshay’s poor publicity of him film affected the box office.

    Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express made a box office record of 33.12 cr on its opening day. OUATIMD earned 12 cr on its first day (15th August), but amusingly, SRK’s Chennai Express earned 19.60 cr on its first day of second week (15th August).

    There were constant comparisons between the King Khan and Khiladi Kumar making it big on silver screen. Director Milan too postponed his release date to avoid clash with the Badshah of Bollywood.

    Shahrukh Khan was seen promoting his film even after it released and got a grand opening. King Khan made sure and promoted his flick to get the numbers at the box office.

    According to reports, Akki was reluctant to promote the film and that’s one reason which has affected the box office collection of his film. Comparing to his last few films like Khiladi 786, Oh My God and Rowdy Rathore, his contribution to promote OUATIMD was less.
    Shahrukh visited different cities to make his fans aware about his entertaining masala films, while Akshay was not seen doing city tours for his film.

    Why Akshay didn’t promote the film is better known to him. However, according to the box office records it’s always the janta, who makes or breaks the film on a Friday!

  • ‘Chennai Depress is more entertaining than 3 idiots’

    Really ‘noname’ that is the joke of the day. Well done air head you have outdone all the buffoonery of your contemporaries and now you have taken the biscuit of being the biggest goof out there.

    Really show some respect. I been congratulating Team Shetty for all their astronimical earnings to date, its really undeserving but nonetheless collections are what they are but that doesnt mean one should get carried away and start calling crap GOLD. 3 idiots can proudly stand alongside a Kismet, Abdaz, Mother India, Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay, HAHK or Gadar whereas Chennai Depress will have to carry on riding past with its head bowed…! Its an All Time Embarrassing Blockbuster at best…!

  • thought illiterates couldn’t read. but now these air heads illiterates can’t even understand. now I know u can’t even read. advice. kindly go to lower school and learn English
    Chennai express is more entertaining than 3 idiots. yes it is. that’s WY its still earning at the box office .
    no body wants u thrown biscuits of amalgamation. keep it to Urself retard. u compare and u give appreciation wtf. we don’t want it. keep it for so called perfectionist. dhoom 3 or already when mental releases mental.
    as far as class goes Chakde and Mnik is way more classier than a movie which shows delivery of a baby through vacuum.
    tried to pull the chain at various stops. ha ha ha. can’t stop it. so this illogical rustic nonsense words. really pity u.
    go and bark in public canteen. u might get more than a penny

  • @navin: tera problem kya hai bhai…itna rota q hai..
    pehle CE flop hoegi bolke ro raha tha…
    ab jab hit ho gayi toh 200cr nh karegi bolke ro raha tha….
    ab jab sure hai ki wo 200+ karegi toh wapis ro raha hai…
    ab akshay, amir se compare ro raha hai, kal kisi aur se compare karke royega….
    chill be rotlu….tention mat le…krish3 ya dhoom3 CE ka record todenge tab dekha jaega.
    For Now King Khan is ruling.
    let SRK n we(SRK fans) both njoy CE success.
    bar bar BOKWAAS comment karke bore mat kar.

  • King Khan’s film is a huge achievement because it is a solo hero film. Not some ensemble cast drama. It did not even milk popular social issues like Aamir’s 3 Idiots. It is not some fine script like Raji Hirani’s for 3I. It’s made by Rohit Shetty who is panned by critics and is not even an FTII alumnus.
    It’s all power of entertainment by Shetty and charisma of King Khan!

  • Ek bar Jab maine commitment kar diya toh use sirf SRK hi tod sakta.

    See what CE is doing it’s unstoppable, It will reach it’s destination where Aamir,Salman,Hrithik and Akki will have to wait again for such express in their lifetime.

    Rakhsa Bandhan offer was the slap on the SRK haters as the movie had earned enough profit that SRK and his team would not mind investing some crores in giving treat to the Indian family on this very auspicious occassion.

    A movie is made for entertaining the masses rather than just a family. So, you SRK haters if you have not watch this movie then watch out the today’s last offer show without money with your freinds.

    Movies popularity doesn’t need any real story or documentory type contents, every individual goes theatre to entertain himself in 2.5 hrs rather than scorching his mind as what he have seen he didn’t understood and come home to re think on such topics..

    So, Those who need story,contents,and reality then they can watch DD news along with parliament sessions.

    Lastly I congratulates CE team to break the records of all time BO even before 4th weekend.

  • Chennai Express was a load of bollocks, but that is just my opinion.

    As for Krrish – if we hated Ra.One all so much – I believe Krrish 3 shouldn’t cater to our sensibilities as well.

    and as for Dhoom 3 – I’m trusting Aamir Khan on this one. Let’s hope he has something in mind.

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