Chennai Express: The Road to 200 crore business in India

Chennai Express has already collected Rs 181.92 crores in just 10 days at the India box office. The film now needs around 21 crores to go past the lifetime collections of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

The most frequently asked question in the last couple of weeks on our website here, Twitter and Facebook pages has been – Can Chennai Express cross 200 crores and finally be the highest grossing film in the history of the Indian film industry?

3 Idiots - Chennai Express

3 Idiots vs Chennai Express

Before we get down to predicting the business for the remaining weeks, lets take a look at the numbers so far:

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • Total – 181.92 crore

Below is our prediction for the remaining days this week

  • Monday – 4 crore
  • Tuesday – 5 crore (Raksha Bandhan)
  • Wednesday – 3.75 crore
  • Thursday – 3.2 crore
  • 2nd Week Total – 197.87 crore

Last year, Rohit Shetty’s very own Bol Bachchan (in week 4) almost doubled its previous day business on the Rakshabandhan holiday. Chennai Express too is likely to benefit as the word-of-mouth is very good and the family audience are coming out in numbers to watch the film.

This weekend, CE has competition from John Abraham’s Madras Cafe which is a multiplex-targetted film. But going by the pre-release buzz that the film is carrying, Madras Cafe will have little or no impact on Chennai Express – unless the word-of-mouth is terrific. Even a drop of 65-70% in Week 3 would still mean business of around 11-12 crores.

By the time Satyagraha releases in theatres this month end, CE would have already collected around 210 crores.

Overall, Chennai Express is almost certain to break the 3Idiots record and could finish with lifetime collections of  around 215 crores.

Don’t agree with our prediction? Vote and have your say in the comments section below.

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Can Chennai Express beat 3 Idiots?

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  • Wow that’s amazing.
    Would be very happy if it crosses 202 figure by Box of India as well then haters won’t have any points to argue on.

  • This king reaches 200cr club aftr 4 years when d3 and k3 wil start 250 or 300cr club.
    Must say he is very slow and

  • Now one thing is clear,that if a film is good (decent critics + good wom),and has a superstar,and releases on a festive season,it is likely to cross 200cr easily.
    Best of luck Team CE,but 3 idiots will remain in our hearts forever..

  • Ya its almost certain ce cross 200cr but its interesting to see whether ce cross the mark with in 2nd week or take more time.
    Ya acc to boi ce also cross 200mark at the end of 4th weekned or 4 th week.

  • Even if “CE” crosses 200 crore business it will be not as big achievement like “3 idiots” bcoz 4 years ago it was like impossible to cross 200 crores bcoz at that time the movies don’t even use to cross 100 crores but from last couple of years many movies have crossed 100 crores easily.

  • @indicine
    Agree or not
    If OUATIMD would have released on 8th aug,it would have atleast collected 100crs.Neither they took advantage of eid nor of independence day.
    Just foolish thinking by Balaji,let their film down.

  • @Darkboy don’t worry.”3 idiots” record lasted for almost 4 years which is impossible for “CE”.Forget 4 years even 4 months is very difficult bcoz “Krrish 3” and “Dhoom 3” is

  • 220 cr surely….lifetime..even more..
    because after release of Madras cafe CE will have also 700-800 screens..and after Satyagraha..400+ screens..

  • Dark b o y: (August 19, 2013 at 2:14 pm)
    Dhoom3 and krrish3 the road to 300crore business in India.
    Srk bye bye.


    I’m laughing hard. The funniest joke of the day.

  • simply outstanding . guess by the time its out of theatres it would have collected 220 CRORES plus . amazing figures. power of common man . yes. every one has just loved the movies. from a child to a y80 year old lady. it truly deserves to cross the coveted Mark of historic 3 idiots

  • Now CE will get tough competition from

    Besharam (gandhi jayanti)

    Krrish 3 (diwali)

    Dhoom 3 (christmas)

    Thuppakki remake (strong content +akki in action)

    Don’t think Mental can challenge CE’s record,it is looking a B-grade movie with not so good content,neither the supporting actors and leading actresses have been casted well.
    Would reach a max. of 130-140crs.

  • @indicine u should also compare other factors between these 2 movies like number of screens,ticket rates,footfalls etc bcoz there is almost 4 years of difference between these 2 movies and things have changed quite a lot between this 4 years.

  • 3:4 days for 205 if we took BOI Numbers which is 170

    2:3 days if we took other sites numbers which is 180

    So it is matter of 1 day not big deal

    haters can wait 4 the train to crash what left from them like dark boy who lives in shadow :D and trying to get some attantione by playing the part of the biggest fool in d world :D and sachin the joker :D

  • Darkboy….

    None of the filims will go beyond 160 crs without good content unless it comes after a dry IPL month or a solo release on EID…

  • chennai express prediction-
    monday-4.5 cr
    tues day-7.5 cr
    wednes day-3.5 cr
    thurs day-3 cr——————atleast 200 cr .
    3rd atleast……….

  • #dark boy

    i bet dhoom3 not gonna make 200 cr.
    K3 have a chance

    then why are you so proud of salman who did 198 cr. In solo eid release with 4 open weeks

    ETT should break that record
    but it failed
    salman is drowning day by day

  • Last night I watched Chennai Express and I am blown away by the height of stupidity and disgust of the film. Such a lower class entertainment!! I knew that the film will bring more stupidity and and common story by watching the BO report because what I have been noticing stupid films like Dabang, Singham and Agneepath are doing better than expected. All are headless movie for headless people. Do’t these people at least expect a quality entertainment?

    The story was too common where father is a don and decides to get her Daughter to marry another big Don but she flees and gets stuck up with Shahrukh and then he also gets stuck up with her for his stupidity and then both love each other fight with the people of her father. The story is too common that we have seen this thing happening in so many old hindi movies? what was new there?? acting was as usual, action was not convincing!! there was nothing in the movie which I could appreciate and I am wondering how this film is going well at BO!! such a low expectation people nurture in their mind about a movie that they don’t even consider the story and the elements of it. They just go by the hype of the movie!! they don’t use any head!! this is why film like Guzarish flops at the box office and films like Chennai Express gets such a huge success. Narrow minded ignorant people!!

  • @harry u recognize it as a joke.
    Do u even know how big k3 and d3 are.
    Go back in 2006 d2 got d widest release of 1800 prints and was a atbb and k3 was a blockbuster.
    Nw come bck in 2013
    k3 havng super cool vfx and d3 releasing in imax formats.
    Whenevr these 2 franchise arrive in bolywod its only they who create records.
    Let the promotns start there hype wil only make u mad

  • Probably screens will be added up today, therefore, my prediction for remaining dayx
    Monday : 5 crs
    Tuesday : 8 crs min
    Now wed collection will decide its lifetime trend bcuz its a day after holiday
    If wed coll. : 5 crs or above , lifetime : 250 crs ( unlikely )
    If wed coll : below 5 crs, lifetime : 230 crs ( likely )
    If wed coll. : below 4 crs, lifetime to be in the range of 215 crs ( worst scenario )

  • its really funny some people are now talking about the screens and about the year 3 idiots was released.
    i remember when ett was released all ett fans were saying it will cross 3idiot it will be a new record.
    my question for those people is waS ETT release date 2009?
    i am fan of all actors i really love big B AJAY SRK SALLU BAI AKSHEY HRITHIK AND MANY MORE.
    what i am trying to say is please please please help bollywood to grow with your good review with your respect to all actors.
    these actors are all working hard to entertain us it doesnt matter if some of there movies is going to be flop or hit.
    if the movie is good say its good if it is not say its not.

  • My predictions-
    Monday- 4 cr
    tuesday- 7 cr
    wednesday- 3.5 cr
    thursday- 3.5 cr
    total until 2nd week(200 cr)
    friday- 5 cr
    sat- 6 cr
    sun- 7 cr
    weekdays- 10 cr
    lifetime-228 cr

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