Chennai Express: The Road to 200 crore business in India

Chennai Express has already collected Rs 181.92 crores in just 10 days at the India box office. The film now needs around 21 crores to go past the lifetime collections of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

The most frequently asked question in the last couple of weeks on our website here, Twitter and Facebook pages has been – Can Chennai Express cross 200 crores and finally be the highest grossing film in the history of the Indian film industry?

3 Idiots - Chennai Express

3 Idiots vs Chennai Express

Before we get down to predicting the business for the remaining weeks, lets take a look at the numbers so far:

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • Total – 181.92 crore

Below is our prediction for the remaining days this week

  • Monday – 4 crore
  • Tuesday – 5 crore (Raksha Bandhan)
  • Wednesday – 3.75 crore
  • Thursday – 3.2 crore
  • 2nd Week Total – 197.87 crore

Last year, Rohit Shetty’s very own Bol Bachchan (in week 4) almost doubled its previous day business on the Rakshabandhan holiday. Chennai Express too is likely to benefit as the word-of-mouth is very good and the family audience are coming out in numbers to watch the film.

This weekend, CE has competition from John Abraham’s Madras Cafe which is a multiplex-targetted film. But going by the pre-release buzz that the film is carrying, Madras Cafe will have little or no impact on Chennai Express – unless the word-of-mouth is terrific. Even a drop of 65-70% in Week 3 would still mean business of around 11-12 crores.

By the time Satyagraha releases in theatres this month end, CE would have already collected around 210 crores.

Overall, Chennai Express is almost certain to break the 3Idiots record and could finish with lifetime collections of  around 215 crores.

Don’t agree with our prediction? Vote and have your say in the comments section below.

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Can Chennai Express beat 3 Idiots?

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  • @anwar any film cn go above 160 cr wid a crap content as provd by ce.
    And wid aamir in d3 and hrithik in k3 do u think that they must b having bad content?

  • I’m 100% sure now that d3 nd k3 will not cross 200cr.. The funniest thing is that aamir nd hrithik fans saying that it’ll cross 250 nd

  • Jealous souls who till yesterday were only speaking about numbers are talking about quality . . You spoke of digits, we proved it with digits . . This more than proves SRK is the biggest star . .

  • @darkboy.. By ur great logic.. If crap films like chennaiexpress collects 200+cr. Then d3 k3 mental with great great great content it will collect easily 400 to 500cr alone in india.. Wow this is incredible never seen before

  • And last peekay.. The aamir-hirani 3i collected 202 cr from just 1300 screen nd now peekay will release atleast at 3500 then it will collect 600cr according to boi nd 620+ other sites

  • Agreed 3 idiots was a masterpiece, it created the 200cr club way back in 2009. But has any other film crossed its collections? No not till date. But now CE is most certain to do that. What no other film could do with holiday releases and large amounts of screens, CE is well on its way to do. Every movie has its advantages and disadvantages, which don’t need debate because that’ll change nothing. The facts are clear, go with it or against, it’s purely not gonna matter.

    CE will be joined by K3 & D3 in the 200cr club,
    But history will say that 3 idiots created it and CE was the first in 4 yrs to beat it . .

  • Yes @ghost where u have been when SRK gave u swads, MNIK , CDI, RNBDJ, and so on , why u couldnt make it join the 150 ?
    but u made a crap like D, ETT ATBB,

    When srk gave indian what they want u start to talk about the story :D

    I remember whem JC said SRK works only for overseas fans and he should work more 4 indian fans , he did and see what overseas didnt let him down also :D not like what sm idiots was thinking ce will not work overseas,

    and we will never let him down , here he rule the box office since 1995 without any competetion

    but now he gave indian what they love ‘masala’ he proved what we want to prove after that he will bk to his quality again and will give us another movies just like JTHJ, MNIK, K3G, CDI, RNBDJ, DON2, KANK, OSO, MHN, DDLJ and so on

    So stop talking and let him enjoy his new records :P and let the indian enjoy their fav masala movies

  • guys…stop showing ur double standard..when other brainles entertainers were earning mobey u were supporting it but since its SRK it has hurt ur so called intelligence..u all r just insulting urself by showing ur double standard…but currently its clear that CE is being loved y ppl…ye haters ko itni mirchi kyun lag rahi hai samaj hi nahi aata..first let D3 n K3 release then make

  • i dont really think krish got chance of 200 crore after watching at trailor it looked quite riped from several hollywood movies and hes suit needs bit upgrade. storyline have to be strong vfx is okay but things around have changed from krish 2006 now we have seen alot of super hero movies in between so comparisons cant be avoided. as for dhoom 3 got a budget of 150 crores not including promotion and now movies can be destroyed in first 3 days as to so wom have to be really good to cross 250 crore. so even if it does cross 250 crore it will only be super hit or blockbuster. and will it appeal more to multiplexe or single screen thats another story. thanks

  • Chennai Express has crossed the
    worldwide business of Ek Tha Tiger in just
    ten days plus its paid previews. The film is
    already the second highest grossing film
    Worldwide with 314 crore gross after its
    second weekend. Ek Tha Tiger had
    grossed 310 crore in its lifetime run.
    1. 3 Idiots – 392 crore
    2. Chennai Express – 314 crore (after 2nd
    3. Ek Tha Tiger – 310 crore
    4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 301 crore
    5. Dabangg 2 – 250 crore

  • @Dark b o y: Please be senseable. As u said any film can go above 160cr wid a crap content, answer my few question:

    1. Talaash (critics darling movie – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful 90+cr
    2. OMG (critics darling movie – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful 70+cr
    3. SC-26 (critics darling movie – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful 70+cr
    4. Khiladi-786 (crap conents – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful 60+cr
    5. Himmatwala (crap contentse – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful 45+cr
    6. Guzarish (critics darling movie – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful.
    7. Action Replay (crap contents – fans ga ga over movie) But lifetime shameful.

    so whats the logic behind ur senseless argument.

  • Ce life time collections will be-230nett.
    World wide gross-400cr.
    Neither k3 nor d3 can beat ce record. Only happy new year can beat dis. Only king can beat his own record.

  • I saw the film along with my wife and daughter on Saturday. They loved the movie immensely. My daughter [5 years old] clapped in some scenes too.

    Well, its entertaining movie, liked by audience. I too liked it, except climax.

  • Indicine here is my prediction according to the trends of the previous 3 biggest hits of bollywood history;3 idiots, Ek tha tiger, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

    1) YJHD collected 134.95 crores in 10days and its lifetime collection was 188.92 which means 71.432% of its total collections. If you go by that and assume 181.92 is CE’s 71.432% of its total collections it should have a lifetime collection of 254.674 crore.

    2) ETT collected 158.71 crores in 10days and its lifetime collections is 199.2 crores which means 79.673% of its lifetime collections. If you apply these figures to CE it should earn 228.331crores in its lifetime.

    3) 3 Idiots had a 10day collection of 113.5 crores & a lifetime collections of 202.5 crores which means it has earned 56.049% of its collections in 10 days. If you apply this and assume that 10day collection of CE(181.92) is 56.049% of its lifetime collections, CE should earn 324.57 crores in its lifetime.

    Out of the 3 movies 3 idiots was the most liked movie with excellent word of mouth. The trend it had, none of the other movies had. It was constantly stable in an unbelievable way throughout its course. Nobody can expect CE to be as stable as that, partly because of the competition it has with the upcoming movies. Plus a lifetime collection of 324.57 crores is ridiculous. So it’s out.

    Out of my above mentioned 3 predictions in the worst case scenario it has a chance of earning 228.331 crores total. This is going by the trends of YJHD. But it didn’t have a major competitor in its course. Since CE has couple of competitors in the coming days ahead, I guess it should earn at least 220 crores.

    Indicine, how’s my predictions? Seriously…!! What is your opinion about it. Pls tell. :-)

  • again its UTV number which is hight than the real number about 15 cr BOI is the trusted one because the number come from distributers not producers .CE has abig chance to break 200 cr record but this only if BOI accept not taran or UTV who hyped the numbers like hell and indicine follow them right now but in the part they follow BOI ???

  • why indicine follow UTV number right now but not in the past you always follow BOI just because its Shahrukh film or what BOI fet their number from distribueter and thats the real number not producers number who always will hyped their numbers

  • One film & all records ! This is the power of SRK. A common story made every record. Then imagine ! If the story will be like ddlj, kkhh, bazigar, gaddar & 3idiots, what happens.

  • Why r people comparing 3idiots vs CE. 3idiots was class movie & CE is not 10% of 3 idiots.CE is very normal type(stupid type) withot sense movie.3 idiots will always remain in our heart. 4 years ago 200cr means today’s 300 cr.Why media is giving importance if CE will break 3 idiots record.CE released in 3500 screens & ticket price was also high…I do’nt think this is acheivements.I do’nt know how people’s taste change in India they r watching stupid type movies like Dabang,yeh zawani hai diwani,Rowdy rathore,Bodyguard etc..

  • Ready non holiday release with 1800 screens did 120 crores,rowdy rathore non holiday release 2600 screens did 131 crores,yjhd non holiday 3100 screens did 176 crores! So wat is great in chenai exp did 210 crores with huge holiday release along high ticket prices shame srk fans over cheap comments abt the sucess of aamir,salman&akki..

  • those who think that it is shahrukh khan who has made these records, get a reality check.. its not srk but rohit shetty, deepika, eid, 3back to back holidays, independence day, no competition from OUATIM2, now raksha bandhan.. now u cant get so lucky everytime.. as they say “every dog has his day”.. so did srk this time

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