Chennai Express Records

The trade expected Chennai Express to break all existing opening records, but not many would have expected the film to do as well as it has over the last couple of days.

Here’s a quick look at some of the records that Chennai Express has literally destroyed this weekend.

1. Paid Previews: Chennai Express was postponed by a day to take advantage of the Independence Day holiday at single-screens. By releasing their film on Friday, UTV ensured that their film would be running on most single-screens until Thursday. Later, they announced that Chennai Express would have one of the widest paid preview releases ever. The 3 Idiots record of 2.75 crore, set more than 3 years ago, was broken. CE collected Rs 6.75 crore on Thursday.

Chennai Express Records

Chennai Express is Shahrukh Khan’s Record Express!

2. First Day: This was probably the biggest of them all. Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger collected Rs 32.92 crore last year, a record that many believed only Krrish 3 or Dhoom 3 could break. Chennai Express though, managed to beat ETT by 20 lakhs (0.2 cr) as the film collected Rs 33.12 on its opening day at the box office.

3. Highest Single Day Business: Another one of the records previously held by Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger was overtaken. Eid releases have always managed to smash most records, and this year was no different. However, this time around, it was Shah Rukh Khan who reigned supreme at the box office.

4. Second Day: In the last few years, SRK films haven’t really been record-breaking at the Indian Box Office, but one of those few records that he held prior to the release of Chennai Express, was for the highest second day business. Ra One in 2011 collected 25 crore net (including all versions) in what was back then a record-breaking 25 crore net (including all versions). Chennai Express collected 28.06 crore, which is not only the highest collections on the second day of release, but also the biggest Saturday ever AND the third highest single day business ever! HUGE!

5. Weekend: With one big holiday (Sunday) still to go, Chennai Express has already topped the charts in just 2 days + paid previews. The previous record was held by Salman’s Dabangg 2 (65 crore) followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (62 crore). Both those records have been blown away. In fact, Chennai Express could get close or cross the 100 crore mark in just 3 days + business from paid previews. Humongous!

It goes without saying that, all records of 2013 have been broken too.

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  • Salman khan created almost all these records with 5 masala movies. It took only 1 masala movie for SRK to break all those records of Salman khan which indicates that SRK was, is and will be the reigning king of bollywood

  • has waited a bit to see reviews before going to see it and it was soo much fun :D deepika’s accent was soo cute and shahrukh khan was really great. will go see it with family now this week again

  • just saw chennai express and it was really awesome. deepika padukone accent made the movie lots of fun. shahrukh kha and deepika chemistry is sizzling. a really fun family movie. will have to see it with family now this week :D

  • @sachin11….seriously man…now it’s nothing but jealous……u guys have been saying since last 1 yr, that opening day of ett is invincible and ce has no potentials to break it bla bla bla…and now, when ce has broken it, then u r saying that this record has no significance….common man…at least , accept it , that “srk ne es baar keh k lee hai tum logo ki”…lol….i am not saying that ce’s record will remain unbroken….but let me clear one thing that if k3, d3 or mental break ce’s record, then it’s all about the potential of those concerned movies…ce has nothing to do with it… keep ur jealousy wid urself….ur words r nothing more than some ‘c’ grade jokes…:P

  • fianally managed to watch ce today itself….a big thanks to those, who arranged tickets for me….
    seriously, todays collection may surpass opening day collections….bcoz advance booking is on peak…..all the shows till end of the day, r booked…even my show was packed….ce is running with it’s full speed…..and it seems it will thrash all records, which will obstruct its way….
    now , a new challenge for salman khan and his fans…cross 100 cr in 3 days, then come and talk about star power and all……
    what he was doing since last 5 releases, is just playing safe with a masala genre….now srk has shown that if he wud come wid masala, then what outcome will come….but vice-versa is not true….tell that “non-actor” to come up with cdi /mnik/ jthj type of movie and make it atleast hit….forget bb’s and superhits…
    can he?????????????

  • @sallu fan…whoever r saying that CE collected 29cr than according to those critics ETT collected 183cr lifetime…r u ready to agree on this? haters r just crying like a new born baby…UTV,DNA,TARAN ADARSH and many more said that CE broke highest first day record of ETT by collecting 33.12cr…so u can only sit back nd cry till salman’s next release..hahaha :D

  • ha ha ha ha. enjoying movie . wow its just awesome





  • @jealsous sallu fans Try Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (family/ romance/ drama and see how it became the biggest grosser EVER in 1994 and held that lucrative record til Gadar 2001…! A record which youtube king has never attained in his 22 yr career or ever likely to hold…! Biggest Grosser ever records are for Aamir, Salman, Sunny and Hrithik only…!

  • @ srkians Congos to Team Shetty for breaking so many records- Chennai Depress is steaming ahead at record pace and no derailment so far…! RespexXx

  • the movie is fantastic and it should make 250cr+ . after all east or west srk is the best. srk fans always rockssssss.

  • first of all congrats to srk and Rohit shetty for those records it created barring opening day collection because i know for film publicity utv will definately announce collection more than ETT and it happened as per BOI its 29.2 cr as against ETT 30.5cr when BOI given update of ETT first day collection of ETT was 31.25 cr but as real data recieved it was 30.5 cr so admit is as same similarly when ce actuals recd than it will below 29 cr so no reason to rejoice as first day record not broken, i never take official figure irrespective who is the star of the movie, 2nd thing if this kind of 3 holiday back to back given to any Salman starrer than it will definately ahead what srk did even srk fans knows that if this weekend is given to srk than result will definately better than CE, 2nd thing Rohit was the major part of this success i remeber my freinds saying that its rohit movie so will definately see that because rohit made his image of a director who can entertain hugely
    and after 5 release of srk his fans first time getting chance to rejoice and bashing others so no problem because jab andhe ko aankhe milti hai to wwo aise hi react karte h jaisa ki srk fans kar rahe h. and those who r saying that srk taking risk so we love him tell me who is the star who not taking risk as Aamir is risk taker since his first movie, hrithik following him and now Ranbir too. and someone said that he proud that srk made Ra one i want to say if srk has a risk taker why he not making movie in which he is the side actor and some other is a lead like Aamir did in TZP, i would like if srk make a movie on high budget not like Billu and create what Aamir did in TZP. so he is not alone a risk taker
    why you srkians never said bfore srk past releases that it was classic and blah,blah at that time you all saying that 3 idiots records were history when srk released , i remember even at the time of MNIK release they thought srk will break 3i records so y weren’t you become intelligent that time now giving excuses that if srk doing masala than he can also make and break records
    we srk hater always admit that Masala movies will work irrespective of actor but main thing is that with -ve publicity who can get higher collection and Salman movies got always mix reviews still got higher collection while ce wom is definately better than salman’s bodyguard and ETT….. but still collection are beyond imagination……….

  • it will be the first n last srk movie to have broken any records that too for a few days only :p .. let salman come next year then all u srk fans will become “MENTAL” n then he will “KICK” u all out of the universe :D .. till then have a good time!

  • Now haters denay their comments and saying any 1 who do masala will break the bo rec be4 they were saying only salu can make it and let srk cross rowdy rathor boxoffice col first :D

    so pathatic haters :D

    i love to watch them doing that it proves how double standerds they are

    we srkian always say srk is the king even with his flops like swads and ra 1 , we never turn our bk to him but where were those salue fans be4 2009?

    god bless u my king u always crack ur haters heads :D
    keep it up

    waiting for OUTIMD maybe i will laugh more and more ROFL

    according to their words 1 movie can make the star reach the seven stars as ranbir with YJHJ then

    SRK Cross it and left salu, ajay,akki far behind :D now only aamir is waiting :D

    that was ur words so accept it or start to use ur brain , boxoffice is not every thing but the laugh, the respect and the love we feel when we watch our star films

    Each 1 has the right to love his star but no 1 has the right to say bad things about the other stars

    Grow up and forget hate becouse it will destroy u first

  • No one should talk about long standing records to SRK fans. Has any film beaten DDLJ’s record? Does anyone have guts to go back and check collections of SRK films vs others’ films from 1990s and till 2008? These one minute record games were started by stars who started giving hits only recently. Today SRK has shown his might in this game too.
    Let other films also release and break records. It doesn’t matter because when history will be written, the lifetime record of whole career of stars will be discussed and it will be clear who actually had the best, stable and most consistent record of all, in the post-Bachchan era!

  • @indicine, i thought you published the official numbers and not one given by the producers or distributors.

    I don’t have to check my facts, because BOI have always been the most accurate in figures without any bias, and suddenly this whole media is quoting some others sources, and Indicine has followed the suit.

    Well, whatever suits you better.

    I don’t have anything personal against Indicine or CE, but when news aren’t tested for facts, from all perspective, it doesn’t say the whole truth.

    Whatever it is, congrats to Indicine for being a good entertainment news website, and congrats to Chennai Express team, for doing good business, afterall a whole industry is dependent and now with so many hits this year, the industry will be more confident in putting money in films.

  • Chennai express, a flop tale!

    Look at the story line:

    A girl (meena ma) wants to run away and stay away from her family … and which train does she boards from Mumbai :Chennai express. Isn’t that Ironic. She should have boarded Delhi express or some other train that would take her away from her home town;)

    Why would she board the train that would take her closest to where her family is staying.

  • @ankit

    Hehehe dude to srkians all of a sudden masala pot boilers are classy and intelligent movies…! But every other masal pot boilder is mindless vulgar crap- such hypocrisy…! Lol

  • @g@yone your comment again made no sense just like your silly name. You live in some tin pot republic but thats just an easy excuse for you to use to justify your stupidity, you plain stupid as Im sure other people in your country do not write in such retarded form- grow up you ‘hater’ and talk sense that makes sense to anyone other than yourself…! :-P

  • now Chennai express also running in srk house.. on personal home theatre.. also going houseful.. there is demand to show in all moti mahal and kfc outlets also because of the huge damand. the south indian sagar ratna chain says business has picked up since the time shows have been put up in all its outlets..!!!

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