Chennai Express Territorial Breakdown: 2 Days

Chennai Express was rock-steady on Day 2 of its release. Mumbai circuit dropped by around 20%, while smaller centres like Orissa and Assam fell by nearly 40-50%. West Bengal and Mysore – both Shahrukh Khan strong holds were outstanding. Other circuits were steady too.

Detailed territory-wise breakdown of Chennai Express. All figures from UTV.

Mumbai11.52 cr9.30 cr20.82 cr
Delhi / UP5.92 cr5.40 cr11.32 cr
Punjab2.33 cr1.96 cr4.29 cr
C.P Berar1.64 cr1.40 cr3.04 cr
C.I1.15 cr0.93 cr2.08 cr
Nizam / Andhra2.42 cr2.02 cr4.44 cr
Rajasthan1.92 cr1.52 cr3.44 cr
Mysore2.02 cr1.95 cr3.97 cr
Bihar0.70 cr0.63 cr1.33 cr
West Bengal1.55 cr1.42 cr2.97 cr
Assam0.35 cr0.18 cr0.53 cr
Orissa0.40 cr0.25 cr0.65 cr
Tamilnadu / Kerala1.20 cr1.10 cr2.3 cr
Total33.12 cr28.06 cr61.18 cr


  • Looking forward only for 4th day(Monday) working day collections which will give some idea whether “CE” has potential to beat the lifetme collections of “3 idiots” and “ETT”.

  • Outstanding Collections and Territorial Breaks…
    Blockbuster of the Year..
    Who says the SRK is finished..
    200 core Club Coming up soon Stay tuned!!!

  • Ok now indicine gave territorial breakdown also which says 33.12 cr in first day. . Meaning ETT record broken proved. . Nw’ dnt’ say its fake

  • OUATIMD must postpone itself to 23rd Aug. It will save itself and also free the way for CE to break more records. Win-Win situation for both.

  • What ‘Chennai Express’ has earned in just 2 days is more than the lifetime collections of Special 26, Khiladi 786 and Joker..

  • common srk u can do meaningful movies…sorry didnt liked it…oso and rabne are far better films thn chennai exp…

  • @Mayur, i know collections are outstanding but not more than lifetime os s26 or k786.
    K786 76cr
    s26 71cr acc to taran.

  • for all the haters of king ,who said that his era is end and all shit.
    after 2010 the trend of masla genre was started,and salman did back to back masala movies and did that time srk did off-beat theme movies like ra-one(super hero),don 2(thriller),jab tak hai jaan(romance) and all them depite bring down any record easily crossed 100 crores and 200 crores worldwide and made record in the overseas.

    many of them even said srk losed hif foot hold,salman ruled indian box office and all…..
    but now srk does a msala movie,then everthing is proved,the records of dabangg 2(65 crores in weekend) and ek tha tiger(57 crores) are just broked by chennai express in two days(64),what salman did in last 3 years was just destroyed by KING KHAN.

  • saw chennai express just now and it really is fun express. it’s a family comedy for sure. rohit shetty shows why he does comedy movies and deepika was sooo awesome. tangaballi at bollywood part was too fun :D will see it agan this week now

  • @sachin11….no need to look after monday…..just compare the second day….

    ett :
    first day- 32 cr
    second day : 14 cr

    first day- 33 cr
    second day – 28 cr

    these data r enough for u to shut ur mouth…..ce has not dropped by 200%… don’t wait for unexpected things….u ll get disappointed…..
    ce is not a fluke like ett….it will continue to run like a hurricane….

  • @mayur, get out of ur drinking habit??/speak sense……. we agreed that joker flopped, but still made 21 crores. now add with a 85 crores of khiladi 786 + 65 crores of special 26( both were superhits in terms of budget) if u have studied upto atleast 2nd grade in school….the total comes to 127 crores. for that this cheap CE has to run another 1 week. and a bad news for u…audience percentage decreasing in all theatres…so from tomorrow CE will sink. and wait..when OUATIM2 releases on thursday, CE will hide like some cheap C-grade movie. my predictions were always been real!!! happy EID.

  • rowdy rathore a non holiday release earned more than raone and jab tak hai jaan . two heavily promoted festive releases :P srk last four movies have not made what akhsay made in one year. lol . and by the time srk would release his next movie akhsay would have oatim, boss, thup.. remake and its entertainemtn released. ek movie saal main laye wo bheee festive season pe fir bhee struggling to touch record lol fake king . and despite all the hype huge screen ticket prices up by huge number plus fake figures still ce would fail to break record of dabang 2 ye jawani hai diwani ek that tiger and threee idiots and by the time his next movie is released he would have to catch up with at least half a dozen more movies . besharam kick krish 3 dhoom 3 boss etc just to name a few .

  • after few days indicine will only publish the figures as 29.05 cr first day and 26.6 cr second day..wait and watch

  • @afraz whatever be the case…this movie has real stamina to cross 200 crores. This is clearly evident from saturday collection. Ek tha tiger drop to 50% on second day but only 4-5crores for chennai express. This proves it all. Also if there were no preview shows this movie would have crossed 38 crores easily on day 1.

  • Chennai express will definetly cross 200crores because south india collections will be so huge for this movie…3idiots crossed 200crores becoz it got excellent collections from south also the same is happening for chennai express..

  • @sachin11: Is that so? A few days I remember your comment saying that CE will break Ready records only. And SRK will be following the same records next years. Now how come suddenly CE has potential to beat 3 Idiots and ETT ?

  • @mayoor,akshay do 5 movies then srk do 1 movie with earthshattering promotion.all akshays movies are non holiday relises with small banner.if you want to compare pls wait for boss relise with large no of screens.

  • hey raman kumar, SRK ll again break those film’s record then again some 5-6 movies will break SRK’s records and then again SRK ll break those records.




  • @sumit suman…..all the best bro…enjoy…;-)
    meanwhile, i heard that a 33 yrs oldy was spotted with his wife (our aunt) in along queue to get the tickets for ce……and after having waited for 3 hrs, finally he got a couple ticket for him and aunty ji….so all the best to him also…though, at this age , he doesn’t have anything to enjoy…:P lol…

  • srk is yet to croos even rowdy rathore’s record. mr. both ra one and jab tak hai jaan failed to do so with festivals and all kind of tectics . it would collect close to 150 crore. with fake figures you can make it 170 max . still it won’t cross yjhd ek tha tiger and three idiots . 2007 ki bat kar rahe ho uske baad 6 saal ho gaye means 6 sall srk gumnami main tha. abi eid ka fayda uthaya hai bus . non holiday kare toh 80 crrore bhee na pahuche :P

  • @zony hahaha JTHJ,RA one,Don2 were off beat films great yaar before these films releases you srkians predicted 200 cr lifetime sure now become off beat films, dear Admit your mistake that srk was not able to deliever then now he is able this time so simple, it is always better to accept your fault rather than hide it with excuses, grow up man…..

  • first of all congrats to srk and Rohit shetty for those records it created barring opening day collection because i know for film publicity utv will definately announce collection more than ETT and it happened as per BOI its 29.2 cr as against ETT 30.5cr when BOI given update of ETT first day collection of ETT was 31.25 cr but as real data recieved it was 30.5 cr so admit is as same similarly when ce actuals recd than it will below 29 cr so no reason to rejoice as first day record not broken, i never take official figure irrespective who is the star of the movie, 2nd thing if this kind of 3 holiday back to back given to any Salman starrer than it will definately ahead what srk did even srk fans knows that if this weekend is given to srk than result will definately better than CE, 2nd thing Rohit was the major part of this success i remeber my freinds saying that its rohit movie so will definately see that because rohit made his image of a director who can entertain hugely
    and after 5 release of srk his fans first time getting chance to rejoice and bashing others so no problem because jab andhe ko aankhe milti hai to wwo aise hi react karte h jaisa ki srk fans kar rahe h. and those who r saying that srk taking risk so we love him tell me who is the star who not taking risk as Aamir is risk taker since his first movie, hrithik following him and now Ranbir too. and someone said that he proud that srk made Ra one i want to say if srk has a risk taker why he not making movie in which he is the side actor and some other is a lead like Aamir did in TZP, i would like if srk make a movie on high budget not like Billu and create what Aamir did in TZP. so he is not alone a risk taker
    why you srkians never said bfore srk past release that it was classic and blah,blah at that time you all saying that 3 idiots records were history when srk released , i remeber even at the time of MNIK release they thought skr will break 3i records so y weren’t you become intelligent that time now giving excuses that if srk doing masala than he can also make and break records
    we srk hater always admit that Masala movies will work irrespective of actor but main thing is that with -ve publicity who can get higher collection and Salman movies got always mix revies still got higher collection while ce wom is definately better than salman’s bodyguard and ETT…..

  • dabangg-abhinav kashyap-first time director-huge risk-at
    ready-anees bazmee-giving duds along with superhits..its comedy film not action drama like dabangg-Bb
    bodyguard-siddque first time director in hindi-B.B
    ek tha tiger-spy and romantic film non commericial director-b.b
    dabangg-2—arbaaz khan first time director —B.b

    five different directors five big hits its not fluke…

    coming to chennai express deepika padukone give big blockbuster yjhd and semi hit race-2 already this year along with one of best director exploited action comedies and hugely sucessful commericial director and important thing EID factor….. if SRK can give big hit abhinav sinha with ra.1 every actor fan like aamir,salman,akshay wil agree..chennai exp sucess is contributed to by srk only???? common man if ranbir released yjhd during eid time wil get bigger thn chennai exp can chennai exp get big number if released during post ipl??? only blindfold fans lik xzone can answer

  • @abhi salman khan next film also kick first director and sohail khan is not raju hirani nor rohit shetty….congrts deepika,rohit and srk for huge sucess……

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