Chennai Express Records

The trade expected Chennai Express to break all existing opening records, but not many would have expected the film to do as well as it has over the last couple of days.

Here’s a quick look at some of the records that Chennai Express has literally destroyed this weekend.

1. Paid Previews: Chennai Express was postponed by a day to take advantage of the Independence Day holiday at single-screens. By releasing their film on Friday, UTV ensured that their film would be running on most single-screens until Thursday. Later, they announced that Chennai Express would have one of the widest paid preview releases ever. The 3 Idiots record of 2.75 crore, set more than 3 years ago, was broken. CE collected Rs 6.75 crore on Thursday.

Chennai Express Records

Chennai Express is Shahrukh Khan’s Record Express!

2. First Day: This was probably the biggest of them all. Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger collected Rs 32.92 crore last year, a record that many believed only Krrish 3 or Dhoom 3 could break. Chennai Express though, managed to beat ETT by 20 lakhs (0.2 cr) as the film collected Rs 33.12 on its opening day at the box office.

3. Highest Single Day Business: Another one of the records previously held by Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger was overtaken. Eid releases have always managed to smash most records, and this year was no different. However, this time around, it was Shah Rukh Khan who reigned supreme at the box office.

4. Second Day: In the last few years, SRK films haven’t really been record-breaking at the Indian Box Office, but one of those few records that he held prior to the release of Chennai Express, was for the highest second day business. Ra One in 2011 collected 25 crore net (including all versions) in what was back then a record-breaking 25 crore net (including all versions). Chennai Express collected 28.06 crore, which is not only the highest collections on the second day of release, but also the biggest Saturday ever AND the third highest single day business ever! HUGE!

5. Weekend: With one big holiday (Sunday) still to go, Chennai Express has already topped the charts in just 2 days + paid previews. The previous record was held by Salman’s Dabangg 2 (65 crore) followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (62 crore). Both those records have been blown away. In fact, Chennai Express could get close or cross the 100 crore mark in just 3 days + business from paid previews. Humongous!

It goes without saying that, all records of 2013 have been broken too.

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  • Chenai express also has crossed 100 crore mark worldwide in just two days. Two days total is 105 crore. Mind boggling without any doubt.

  • It is really sad to see fans fighting so much over their favourite stars. I am a SRK fan and after Chennai Expressís success, I could use this opportunity to bad mouth other stars. But I donít want to do it since I donít want to start a fight. Life is too short to fight over film stars. It doesnít mean that if you like one actor you canít enjoy films of other actors.If you like an actor watch his films and enjoy. If you donít like someone donít watch his films.

  • @indicine
    Many critics say that CE did not break ETT’s record !
    They say it made 29 crores !
    What is the official friday figure?

  • CE in 2 days all weekend records broken wowwwwwww 68 crore… now only 32 crore remain to create history 3 days 100 crore amazing…

  • All possible records were broken…
    Now eyes to Highest First week, Highest Lifetime etc…#RECORD_EXPRESS..

  • OK agreed some records r been broken but the most important thing is for how much time these records will last ? 3 months ? bcoz “Krrish 3″ is”3 idiots” lifetime record is still not broken from almost 5 years.”Agneepath” opening record lasted for 6 months while “ETT” opening record lasted for 1 year.Does “CE” has that potential to hold these records for 1 year ? everyone will say No.bcoz monster movies “Krrish 3″,”Dhoom 3” and “Mental” r releasing in few months.Happy for Srk fans that they got something to cheer after many years but at the same time pity for them bcoz these records will not last longer.

  • Lifetime collection record is more important than this smaller records like 1 day record,1 hour record,1 minute record,1 second record etc.Time will tell whether “CE” crosses 200 crores domestic and 300 crores worldwide like Aamir and Salman movie.

  • Smashed all the record of Bollywood history…. Waiting for tomorrow’s collection :)
    the king is back with roar..

  • @Indicine – Iím still unsure about itís actual collection. Some trade pundits and BOI are saying it collected 29.32 crores on its opening day and 25.50 crores on second day. I know UTV has said that it collected 33.12 crores on its opening day, but even Dharma production had said that Agneepath collected 25 crores on its opening day. I’m a bit confused. Your thoughts?

  • 300 cr WW ???? its a cakewalk now… the end of Sunday, movie would have collected close to 150cr World wide……..

  • @sachin don’t worry after krish3, dhoom 3 and mental, happy new year will break all records..good for Bollywood..but one thing is sure..srk still the king of masses and classes..a global superstar.

  • How many SRK’s Haters are reading this post , to All Them is Don’t feel bad becoz PICTURE AABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST
    Its just Beginning Total collection AABHI BAAKI

  • wow just amazing..!!!
    @sachin11 Records are made to be broken, this records have shut all those mouths who are saying that SRK’s career is over. Its a slap over his face. Even i like all the KHANS, but never abuse/insult any other actor or his/her fans.

  • Salman created these records with 5 masala movies ( dabang, ready, bodyguard ,d2, ett)
    It only took Srk 1 masala movie to break them all
    The king is just warming up!!!!!

  • Just look at Sachin 11’s replies. Jealousy all the way. Burning like hell from inside. So happy to see this type of comment.
    Waiting for his partner Navin’s “Intelligent comments”

    I am not even speaking of overseas where people say – sallu who????

    suddenly these jealous fans are taking shelter under 3 idiot’s records. lol

    keep up the jealousy mates.

  • another record already the film which I have watched the most in theatres..
    n same is d case for millions of SRKianz

  • SRK usually don’t do masala films, but when he does so, he creates history.
    He did that with OSO, now CE is creating havoc everywhere!!

    Hail SRK.

    Can sallu create anything other than masala films?

  • Well done by CE and I accept it did break records.

    But, it did not break ETT’s record, and it is out there on Boxoffice India, Komal Nahta, all the major sources of real collection, unlike the paid ones.

    CE only collected 29+ crores with more wider screens and hiked prices rate.

    ETT still rules.

    @Indicine, why are you guys quoting other sources, when all the while till before CE you were quoting BOI figures. Why?

    We know you don’t have any real answer, but we all know the real reason. Being in touch with media, I know a bit of two about why so much blind support you showed to CE. It is all so clear.

    On other hand, CE looks all set to reach 100 cr fastest.

    Now, let us see how much it does in lifetime.

  • @jealous,

    MPK is not a masala film, HAHK is not, HSSS is not, and your srk’s Chak De was Salman’s movie first.

    So take your ideas and you know where to put it. lol

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