Chennai Express picks up by 40% on Krishna Janmastami

Chennai Express continued its steady run at the Indian box office, even as the country celebrated Krishna Janmastami on Wednesday. The film picked up by more than 40% to collect Rs 2.46 crore on its 20th day at the box office.

One of the reasons why Chennai Express has fared so well at the box office is because it has managed to show fantastic growth in business on every national holiday – initial Eid weekend, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmastami and each of the 3 Sunday’s so far.

With Satyagraha releasing this week, Chennai Express will be the third choice this coming weekend as Madras Cafe is also carrying extremely positive word-of-mouth. The film should end its run with all India business of around 223 crore.

Chennai Express Third Week Collections

  • Friday – 2.12 crore
  • Saturday – 3.61 crore
  • Sunday – 4.75 crore (Holiday)
  • Monday – 1.63 crore
  • Tuesday – 1.74 crore
  • Wednesday – 2.46 crore (Holiday)

Total – 16.31 crore (6 days in third week)

Total Collections so far in 20 days - 216.87 crore



  • @Aslam wel said bro. Its not easy to achieve that target. And i want to tell every one that 80% of the Chennai Express business is just and just because of SRK & Dips magic. But having said that it does not mean that i am denying the power and skills of Rohit Shetty.

  • Both K3 & D3 will break the record of CE.. Bcoz both film is good cntnt in frnchise & most awaited movies …

  • @ indicine and to all hrithikians I want to give you some important updates on our very own krrish 3 .
    1. Krrish 3 trailer is just 108 left to have 14 , 61 , 00 , 000 , 00 views .
    2. Krrish 3 will be dubbed in tamil and will simultaneously release on 4th nov . The makers of krrish 3 are planning a huge release in tamil nadu and kerela .
    3. According to reliable sources the first song of krrish 3 is going to release next week . So rejoice guys and indicine please reply me back its a request .

  • @saksham very cheap act. U r using SRK’s platform to promote K-3. Sad
    That shows KING’s power. People are using Kings platform to promote their product.

  • Come on guys promote Boss, Krishh-3, Dhoom-3 this is right and powerful place to promote ur weak product. Coz u fill find large number of audiance here to read u. Spread Advertisements. We all know KING’s heart is too big to support their opponents / rivals.

  • @shyam yes ce doesn’t deserve to collect 1 crore like ur sallu marigold which collected only 1 crore..but it deserve to collect 300cr in india but due to clash our unbeatable express collected 220 cr

  • @ ce rocks I don t want to promote krrish 3 its just that indicine is not posting some important articles which I think our viewers should know so just its my way of doing this . And this was not a delibarate call to do on this page but there is no suitable place left to comment so I thought it to be suitable . Please don t be upset and don t make this a issue . And @ indicine you should post these articles instead of me . Because of you I am getting framed . Please reply fast .

  • @sachin11…….where were u, when ur sallu used to run like street dogs behind holidays and open weeks…..and that is the reason, y he din’t release his movie this year, bcoz he was not getting open week and holiday…..and u r talking abt holidays….rofl……u r such a dumb…..can’t help u…..
    but i m feeling sad for u salman fans as if even rajpal yadav wud announce a release against sallu, he would postpone his “mental/azad/crap” whatever….such a coward…..

  • @shyam….ur words said it all…ahahah..u didnt watch d movoe, ur r lier
    chennai Expressss roks…
    We all frm nigeria reps only SHAHRUKH KHAN… @lagos island we even created r club name srk boys club, sittin dhere n watchin his past movies

  • Today is Krishna janmashtami and every where in Dahi handi have one song and dance in mumbai i.e. lungi dance. Even srk attended at Ghatkopar and Worli and cheer the all Bal Gopals. He is truely energetic

  • Wikipedia
    List of highest-grossing Indian films worldwide

    Rank Movie Year Studio(s) / Producers /Worldwide Gross
    1 Chennai Express 2013 Red Chillies Entertainment 3.92 billion (US$62 million)[8][9]
    2 3 Idiots 2009 Vidhu Vinod Chopra 3.85 billion (US$61 million)[10]
    3 Ek Tha Tiger 2012 Yash Raj Films 3.1 billion (US$49 million)[11][12]
    4 Yeh Jawaani Hai D 2013 Dharma Productions 3.01 billion (US$48 million)[6][11][13]
    5 Enthiran 2010 Sun Pictures 10.55 billion (US$170 million)[citation needed]

  • Dark boy….

    Dhoom 2 was an all time blockbuster ? I didnt know that. LOL. Yes Dhoom 2 beacame a big success because of its first part+peoples trust to Yash raj + Hritik roshan. You know what, at that time social media was not powerful like today.So people go and watch movies with trust. Once its gone it will affect their next movies. That was the trend that time. And you want to know what was the impact the movie Dhoom 2 had created to Yash raj and hritik roshan ?? Here it is

    Yash raj’s 7 movies after Dhoom 2 bombed at box office coz people was no more believed in their products.
    Hritik roshan was a superstar at that time. Because of his stardom people went and watch Dhoom 2 and people lost their trust in him. After D2 his movies were Kites and Guzarish and i hope you know the fate of those movies.

  • Chennaiexpress

    Mention if i miss anything

  • 400 Cr, baby here we are :D , 1st movie ever

    no aamir, no salue ,no one,
    only number 1, king khan, the king of bolywood , Shah Rukh Khan , 1 name , 1 all time express


    haters keep crying and we will keep laughing on u :D

  • Akshay’s New Record. Which movies will break this huge record?

    OUATIMD Finishes Pathetic Week Two

    OUATIMD finished very bad 2nd week and the drop from week one is more than 85% which speaks volume about bad trending of the film. It collected less than half of what “Chennai Express” collected in 3rd week.

    Film collected poor 7.25 cr nett in 2nd week taking total collection to 60 cr nett plus. Film will lose majority of screens in 3rd week and will finish with 62 cr nett lifetime total which is simply pathetic.

    Film collected almost similar to its prequel which managed 60 cr nett 3 years back that too with lesser promotion. Film will be huge loss making proposition for Bala Ji, minimum in tune of 25-30 cr.

  • Finally BOI anounced that CE crossed 200 Cr after third week. In Fourth weekend Movie will become highest grossing ever declared by everybody on the planet. Hope it crosses 400 Cr. WorldWide too.

  • @geewan oh dear oh dear you again…! :-(

    Okay Dont worry my illiterate overseas residing illegal immigrant come alien non human friend, Im still laughing out loudly on each and every soppy comment of yours. You can try to make sense but I cry sorry I cringe at every new comment of yours as I know, you know well everybody knows its gonna be more overseas gibberish which not even your english tutor or classmates will be able to understand or translate for us.

    Keep barking you unbearable little srkian living in some outer space territory called ‘overseas’ as thats the one and only place you deserve residency…! :-P

  • Those idiots who were crying for BOI for them here it is:

    Chennai Express Hits 200 Crore In Three Weeks

    Friday 30th August 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Chennai Express hit the 200 crore nett mark at the end of its third week as it grossed around 16 crore nett in its third week. The three week total for the film is around 200.75 crore nett and will become the highest grossing film ever over the weekend.

    Considering the huge business the film had done over the first week, a 16 crore return in week three is fantastic as it is amongst the top five highest third week collections which include films that did not start with huge collections like Barfi and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

    The film is looking to finish with a lifetime total in the range of 206-208 crore nett. An improvement of 20 crore nett from last years Eid release Ek Tha Tiger.

    So now shutup and accept the facts.

  • Though we cant trust at this biased site BOI. But who follow that so called & biased BOI for them i sent this article. BOI is helpless and cant reduce more bombastic & fantabolus collection so atlast they said CE cross 200cr. Now Sir KING KHAN proved and his Express Business force to all hater to accept the reality.

    How many Nails u want in ur Coffin????????

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