Chennai Express picks up by 40% on Krishna Janmastami

Chennai Express continued its steady run at the Indian box office, even as the country celebrated Krishna Janmastami on Wednesday. The film picked up by more than 40% to collect Rs 2.46 crore on its 20th day at the box office.

One of the reasons why Chennai Express has fared so well at the box office is because it has managed to show fantastic growth in business on every national holiday – initial Eid weekend, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmastami and each of the 3 Sunday’s so far.

With Satyagraha releasing this week, Chennai Express will be the third choice this coming weekend as Madras Cafe is also carrying extremely positive word-of-mouth. The film should end its run with all India business of around 223 crore.

Chennai Express Third Week Collections

  • Friday – 2.12 crore
  • Saturday – 3.61 crore
  • Sunday – 4.75 crore (Holiday)
  • Monday – 1.63 crore
  • Tuesday – 1.74 crore
  • Wednesday – 2.46 crore (Holiday)

Total – 16.31 crore (6 days in third week)

Total Collections so far in 20 days - 216.87 crore



  • if ce got 2-3 open weeks ,i guaranted ce should collect more than 300 cr prediction 1st week-156 cr,2nd week-80 cr,3rd week-50 cr,4th week-20 cr ,remaining week-10 cr.srk rocks.dont underestimate the king khan.

  • Just see the weekdays collection FAKE SACHIN
    Almost doubeling the collection of OUATIMD each day and that too in 2300/2500 screens vs 1300 screens and if you think holidays are the main reason for SRK s succes then see CHAK DE INDIA,DON 2.

  • Chennai express will be the to film of Bollywood within 4 years and no one can break its record only sharukh khan king of Bollywood can break this record with another movie

  • Records Created by 4 Different Actors and Broke bythis Man Alone…..

    Only one man can do this type of Magic SRK
    Hats off…

    Audiance Responce is just Fantastic tht they are still going for Chennai Express in its 3rd week….

    Srk is the Only Actor who Gives Out an Out Family Entertainer…..

    Others actors movies are watched by Youngsters only bt Srk’s Movies are watched by Children Youngsters and Old Age people tht we saw in Television Above 70 +Age people says we only watch Srk Movies…

    In Gujrat Also A Group of 700 senior Citizens Booked A full show for Chennai Express for 15th August…

    Its Srk’s Magic this Movie has Destroyed all the BoxOffice Records….

  • Exclusive Top 5 movies which Collected Highest Amount in Mumbai Circuit…

    1. #ChennaiExpress: 25 cr+ still Running

    2. #3Idiots: 16.75 cr

    3. #EkThaTiger: 14.26 cr

    4. #Dabang2: 13 cr

    5. #RowdyRathore: 11 cr

    First time in the History any movie has crossed 20 cr mark in Mumbai Circuit…

  • @sachin Regarding ur comment on ce collected more on holidays. everyone in india have their own work to do like doing jobs in companies, going to college etc unlike people like u who dont havr any work. By the way pls change ur name as ur name is insulting mr sachin tendulkar.

  • hahahaa told u srkians.. chennai express won’t b atbb on BOI site. it won’t b included in atbb list.

    according to BOI:
    Q. Why is Chennai Express not labelled an All Time Blockbuster?

    A. Simply because its not as big as hit as a 3 Idiots or Gadar or a Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

  • @bollywood you are rite bro ce is not big hit like 3idiots because, 3idiots lifetime 202cr and ce col 194cr after 3rd weekned but at the end of its run ce break 3idiots record and become bigger hit than 3idiots after that ce will declear all time blockbuster so just wait n watch, boi always with khans.

  • Dark b o y…

    You said it dude. “The reason behind the success of chennai express is just because it entertained people”. And thats the main criteria for a commercial movie. D3 is not a comedy entertainment movie like CE which is selling the most now a days. Its an action packed entertainment movie. When you are doing action movies people always expect more and start comparing with hollywood movies. Again its not a masala action movie. It will be a classy action movie where common people will not digest and multiples audiences starts to compare with english flicks.

  • @anwar Just for you to know Dhoom2 a classy action worked in all circuits including mass circuits that is why it attained all time blockbuster status.
    Ha ha..
    And even if they compare they come again and again if they find the film entertaining.
    So please..stop being illogical everytime!

  • Chennai Depress has joined the 200 cr club – STATISTICALLY ACCURATE FIGURES from BOI…!

    Well done Team Shetty and UTV- despite numerous official statements coming out a fortnight in advance you have now REALLY TRULY HONOURABLY joined the coveted prestigious 200 cr club…! See false reporting and misleading gross figures dont work as God willed it so you have joined this club by true deeds and not dirty seeds. Aamir Khan welcomes you into his club and even though the champagne is 4 years old it will still taste great to Rohit, Ronnie, Gauri, Sid and Srk. All the best. Congrats and may God keep your record safe for afew months atleast…!

  • @Indicine, Is August 2013 the highest grossing month ever? Since the second weekend, every weekend has had big releases. CE + OUATIMA + MC is already over 300 crores! And with Satyagraha, the last weekend looks to be big too.

  • @sachin11 @darkboy …i have been watching you people for last 3-4 days…dnt you hv n e other work rather than posting lame excuses and hatred comments…if you are talking about holidays ,then what about criminal salman’s shitty crap movies ,??…salwoman’s movie has been releasing on holidays for past 3 years…so better shut up and get lost….CE BROKEN ALL THE RECORDS…and lallu can’t overtake this in lifetime

  • Ce doesn’t even deserve to collect 1 crore , it’s a shame such a useless movie is highest grossing movie, what happening to indian audience, I tried to watch movie yesterday n I finished this movie in half hour, no story , no good screenplay no real comedy no good performance only full of overacting n Tamil language all the way, not ever subtitles n someone in movie character is translating to audience , can say worst movie of the decade by a superstar, it’s such a shame, seriously useless than the ra one,

  • 1) – Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam…….Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam…..
    – Kisne Boli tujhe mereko hindi aati nahi……..jin logo ko tune hand di wo mera apharan karke le jaa
    rahi hai……
    – badi problem me hai hum….ab madad karoge kyaa tum…. inko doubt na ho isliye ab….song me
    baat karna tu……

    2) – de do tum muhjko maafi kardi jo gustakhi…. nahi pata tha hindi bhasha tumhe hai aati…
    ab jaisa tum kahogi waisa hi me karunga…galti jo maine kee to penalty me bharunga…..
    Chinta ta Chita chita chinta naa kar….chinta ta chita chita me hu idhar.

  • @CERock u r right about world wide gross of 3 idiots was 385 on box office now suddenly they raised to 392 when they come to know ce is going to catch it. One more fraud they have made with increasing in HAHK collection. Before it was HAHK 61 cr, Ddlj 58 cr, and gadar was 70cr. Now fig is 69cr , 61cr and 75 cr. respectively they hv increased 8 cr in HAHK case. There was never a big margin between this 2 movies. Even ibos have HAHK 60 and Ddlj 56. There wil b no surprise if they reduce collections of few more movies in future. In fact Ddlj is still running without break.

  • @ anwar, no one can predict or say what will work. Just because a few films of same genre works, it does not guarantee that only it will work.

    movie is a big gamble, as you just can’t predict what people like.

    many big banners with marketing genuises have bitten the dust in this industry, hence the logic that only a kind of film will generate so and so business is not valid.

    just in case 3i was supposed to release in xmas, then by your logic, since it is more content driven and not masala/entertainment, targeting only youth, should never break any record. But, would that be right to predict?

    hence prediction just doesn’t work in films, it is just the people out there, if they like the film, no matter what – even a classic story would break all records.

  • @sami. Before rbdj oso has crossed D2 collection. After few days boi came with new invention and reduced oso figure to 79 cr, increased 9 cr in krish. I m following Boi since 2006. Lrmb was first movie which crossed gadar’s 70 cr mark. Krish had stop on 64 cr. May be they added regional collection. But 9 cr is impossible. Even they added then y not get added in ra1 and don2 case. They r big manipulator.

  • too all srkians who say srk doent makes remake yu should knw around 70% of his movies have scenes from diffrnt hollywood,chinese,japanese etc movies..i.e unofficial remake he dosnt copy whole movie bt copies scenes so stfu

  • Whatever reason you give….inflation, holidays, marketing etc etc…bring it on!!! The thing is Chennai Express broke 3 idiots record and that too with a big margin!! So accept the fact and remain silence until your fav star breaks this record. Its not a record…its the Mount Everest of all records which your fav star has to climb…so we will talk when anybody manage to do it.
    P.S – Amir khan can never cross even 100 crores with his solo performance and an original script(not remake)
    Krish 3 will earn lifetime domestic net 130-150 crores and Dhoom 3 will be around 170-180.

  • @Shyam yes its really a shame that ur kind of ppl r on this earth. Very shameful life u have. Keep enjoying.

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