Chennai Express picks up by 40% on Krishna Janmastami

Chennai Express continued its steady run at the Indian box office, even as the country celebrated Krishna Janmastami on Wednesday. The film picked up by more than 40% to collect Rs 2.46 crore on its 20th day at the box office.

One of the reasons why Chennai Express has fared so well at the box office is because it has managed to show fantastic growth in business on every national holiday – initial Eid weekend, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmastami and each of the 3 Sunday’s so far.

With Satyagraha releasing this week, Chennai Express will be the third choice this coming weekend as Madras Cafe is also carrying extremely positive word-of-mouth. The film should end its run with all India business of around 223 crore.

Chennai Express Third Week Collections

  • Friday – 2.12 crore
  • Saturday – 3.61 crore
  • Sunday – 4.75 crore (Holiday)
  • Monday – 1.63 crore
  • Tuesday – 1.74 crore
  • Wednesday – 2.46 crore (Holiday)

Total – 16.31 crore (6 days in third week)

Total Collections so far in 20 days - 216.87 crore



  • Power of Sir KING KHAN

    SRKians so much is burning around, do u smell???

    Come on haters come with new excuseses, senseless comments etc

    We have a reason to rejoice. We are helpless. Breaks are fail. What will happen in coming future is another story.

    Right now

    1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor


    Do This

    Lungi Dance Lungi Dance


  • “CE” picked up on holidays only like Eid,3 Saturday, 3 Sunday,Independence day,Rakshabandhan and now Janmastami otherwise it would have not even collected 150 crores.

  • “Krrish 3” and “Dhoom 3” are not getting holidays like “CE” but still both will cross lifetime collections of “CE”.

  • Ce boxoffice col
    officially utv 217cr
    boxofficeindia 199cr
    worldwide gross 398cr
    Just 2cr more need to create the history of 400cr club.

  • In 2nd paragraph it is written that one of the reasons why CE fared so well bcoz of holidays but actually it is the main reason.So Holiday is the bigger superstar here than Srk and that is the reason Srk always releases his movies on Holidays.

  • Don’t compare CE with k3 & d3… Because CE have only 6 days clear whereas d3 & k3 have 2 weeks clear run…

  • @sachin11 such shameless guy u r. U r crying from the 1st look poster & 1st Trailer of the movie. But dear ur bad mouthing never effect Bullet Express. So keep crying and keep barking.

    Chennai Express is doing what is ment to be.


  • Yipee..
    King khan has proved it once again dat he does not compete with others..
    Srk’s last movie collected around 120 crores (jab tak hai jaan..)
    So now he has broken his own biggest grosser record by almost 100 crores..
    By collecting 216 cr with chennai express (previous best 120 cr jthj)
    Srk u r right..
    U dont compete with others..
    Bcoz u compete with ur self only..
    Haters get lost and make way for badshah of bollywood…..
    king khan rocksss….

  • Dhoom 3 will make more than 100 crs for sure coz of the biggest franchise thanks to John A for making the first part watchable. If d3 has a good script and direction then it will collect 170-180 crs. Be realistic guys its an action movie. Not everyone is going to watch the movie for more than one time. Plus its not a family entertainer or a masala pot boiler. CE is still collecting coz people are going to watch this movie for what 5th or 6th time? Plus Aamir khan doesnt have a fan base like salman right now and Aamir is not a style icon like john A or H roshan. So the WOM is good it will collect 170-180 and if WOM is bad it will collect 105-115 crs.

    Coming to k3 it looks like another ra one is coming. Again it has the advantage of the K franchise. But the kids of the time of KMG are grown up. They dont like the movie they used to coz they came to know there are more super heroes in this world. In this generation kids are more advanced. Any way it will collect more than 125 crores. If WOM is good it has a chance of crossing 160 crs not more. If people needs action they would go and watch hollywood movies at least they can spend more money for perfection. And from trailer lot of scenes are similar to Superman ,Avengers, Iron man and Xmen(no offense).

  • @anwar well said bro, i am 100% agree with you. K3 have no chance to break ce record but d3 have outside chance as christmas is bigger holiday than eid plus 3weeks free run and multi starer. But acc to me ce records remain unbroken till next eid.

  • Befor the release of Chennai Express the record of 3Idiot Worldwide Gross was 385cr but after 1 week of Chennai Express release that Record was went to 392, anyhow 385 or 392 Chennai Express crossed it as well.


    Last Nail In The Coffin

    Now haters whenever you will check the Highest Record u will find everywhere every record with the name Chennai Express Tops the List.


  • @anwar please dont use your highly complex brain.
    The reason behind the success of chennai express is just because it entertained people.
    And no one cares whether it is copied or not.
    You please go and watch what aamir said about Dhoom3 that it is a all-round entertainer and will be loved by children and elders.
    And as there names suggest dhoom3 and krrish3 will offer
    3(thrice) *entertainment.

  • Talking about K3 & D3..I think they will both collect as much as CE or a bit higher but they won’t establish any new benchmarks. And going by the performance of their previous parts, we will understand that D3 has bigger chances as D2 released in the same year as Krrish and it broke Krrish opening day RECORD by a good margine and D2 was also the first film in the history of indian cinema to touch 80cr for a lifetime before RNJDBJ and Ghajini join it together 2 years later..but the common point is that Hrithik was the star of both films, now Aamir is there is D3 and who is without doubt no lesser star than Hrithik so it will be amazing to see who will come triumphant over the other, both openings will be huge but the one film that succeed in steeling the audiences heart more than the other will be the bigger grosser amongst them! and yeah both have the boost of holiday period so fingers crossed!

  • @sachin11. Go and check how many holidays 3 idiots got and also check how many open weeks it got. Now see why chennai express is as big hit as 3 idiots
    Chennai express released in 3500 screens look at chennai express screen size
    1st 6 days – 3500 screens
    7th day – 2600 screens
    Frm 8th onwards – 1600 screens
    From 14 day onwards – 1050 screens
    If ur talking about ticket prize then u shud take competition from a big film like outimd in to consideration. From 8 th day onwards 3 idiots and chennai express had same screen but 3 idiots had no competion at all and from 14 th onwards 3 idiots had more screensize and again no competition at all
    3 idiots was super strong in multiplex and strong in single screen whereas chennai express is super strong in singe screens and strong in multiplex.
    Now film appreciation is concerned, first go and check with single screen audience about chennai express, they will tell u, chennai express is far better than 3 idiots like u internet using ppl preffered 3 idiots over chennai express. If 3 idiots is the most liked movie for multi plex audience for last 2 decade then chennai express is the most liked movie for single screen audience for last 2 decade and it’s boxoffice collection and trend just shows that

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