Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance for starters wasn’t promoted well. Like someone mentioned in the comments section, there could probably be only two reasons; One, the makers weren’t too confident of their product or two, they were over confident. Sadly, it turned out to be the former as no hype or money wasted on marketing, would have saved this struggler’s tale directed by Ken Ghosh of Ishq Vishq fame.

Chance Pe Dance is about Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) and his struggle to make it big in the film industry. He fights against every hurdle that comes his way to achieve his dream. He is helped by choreographer and good friend Tina (Genelia D’Souza), who pushes him to participate in a dance competition, which finally helps him get his ‘dream role’.

The biggest flaw in Chance Pe Dance is the script, which is full of glaring loopholes. The story is nothing new, again a underdog tale, but just that you never feel or connect with any of the characters. Apart from the well choreographed dance sequences and exactly 2 well directed scenes, almost everything falls flat – which includes music and performances by the lead stars.


Story: Boring, predictable and clich├ęd with unnecessary melo-drama that is too hard to digest in today’s times.

Direction: Below average at best. Ken Ghosh seems to be slipping with each film.

Music: So very important for a film like Chance Pe Dance. But 4 music composers combined (Adnan Sami, Pritam, Sandeep Shirodkar and the director Ken Ghosh himself) don’t get one song right.

Acting: Girls would swoon over his 6 packs, but performance-wise this has to be Shahid’s weakest in a long long time. Genelia D’Douza hams, never gets her diction right. The rest are wasted.

Choreography: Is fantastic by Marty Kudelka and Ahmed Khan. Shahid is in top-form on the dance floor, but bad music kind of ruins the experience.


Overall, Chance Pe Dance is a weak product that makes Ghosh’s previous work – Fida – look like a classic. At the box office, the film has no chance whatsoever. Yet another open week for 3 Idiots to continue its mind numbing run.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Avoid



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  • I was really surprised today when I was informed by the staff at cinema that the movie Chance pe Dance was removed!! it didn’t work for more than a week!! they even didn’t show in other cinemas!! Is it that bad movie?!!

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