My career depends on what happens on Eid: Ali Abbas Zafar

Director Ali Abbas Zafar, who has previously directed films like ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘Gunday’, will be directing a superstar for the first time in his career.

Zafar says, his career depends on what happens when ‘Sultan’ releases in theatres this Eid. The director also added that ‘Sultan’ is the first film that he has written with an actor in mind.

“My career depends on what happens on Eid. But it’s all about what the script demand (working with a superstar or a younger actor). Sultan is the first script that I have written with an actor in mind. When I write, I don’t necessarily limit myself to thinking about a particular actor doing that part. It’s not a good practice because if that actor turns it down, you would be left with nothing”

“When I write, I write with the thought that this is the character that I want to create and this is the best story I can narrate” he added.

Zafar also said, it’s his responsibility to not let Salman and Aditya Chopra (producer) down.

“It’s good for a director when there are high expectations for his film because that’s what you work towards. When an actor puts so much commitment into a project, it becomes the director’s responsibility not to let him down”

“My commitment in this film is to two people: my producer Aditya Chopra because he gave me the budget to make this film and Salman because he has done everything that the script demanded and that I wanted.”



  • Indicine i think Ali Abbas zafar is also the assistant director of All time biggest disaster of Bollywood Marigold… Loltan will be Gunday returns for sure…

    Bdw our non actor Being criminal Lallu’s career dependent on only Eid.. He dont have the guts to release his movie on normal weekend….


  • @Suman kumar

    Salman , name is enough…. then why didnt jai ho collected more than 110 cr…. that too with bhai releasing his movie after 1 & half year.. Republic day weekend… masala entertainer… great starcast….

    Salman , name is enough.. then why marigold became all time biggest disaster of Bollywood

    Dude the fact is that your non actor being criminal exist in bollywood only because of Eid

  • But lallu fans forgot that same bhagoda take out our bhai’s balls with multistars in DON VS jaaneman and CDI VS marigold clashes.

    KING SRK clearly stated HE doesn’t want to hurt.that’s why salman’s ball saved again.HE sacrifieced IT for YRF’S sake,otherwise KING KHAN like MEGASTAR doesn’t take much says to blow a 3 month hurrie made crap like phultan,rofl.

    Ha ha ha ha all time clash loser’s fans at barking too much.

    There is each and every one neutral fans praised RAEES TEASER not than sultan.but still KING KHAN knew IT’ll hurt ADIJI/YRF who declared EID 1st.SUCH AGOLDEN HEART MY MEGASTAR HAS.

    salman is rajshri made star because—his debut biwi ho to aisa was a flop/disaster,then rajshri made his career which has sunk from the 1st film itself,and that time was completely family genre time so sallu’s supporting role in both hahk and hssh helped his career at two different long gap of time,otherwise he would become another tushar kapoor today which he was almost had home during 2009 until the saviour p rabhu deva came down from south.

    Thanks to Prabhu Deva,Raj mouli,Mahesh nabu,you’re the main reason why today webcan salman in bollywood movies,who made the career of another tushar kapoor oops sorry salman khan,rofl.

    on the other Hand without any papa’s help THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD entered bollywood,from the 1st movie HE overshadowed an actor like Rishini and delivered A HIT.

    And before KING KHAN entered YRF/DO,THEY were just like TEMPLES WITH OUT GOD.

    HE IS THE SOLE REASON why YRF/DP is the topmost banner of today what WE can see.infact HE made HIS OWN RCE that much big.

    On the other hand where is rajshri today,salman bankrupted all the production houses of his relatives in last two decades and survived because of masla genre/south remakes.

    KING IS KING AFTER ALL.any bhai,phai can’t compared with THE BADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD.

    and it’s the same who’re making fun of your idol have balls to do these kind of movies?no,right,he also declared that too,rofl.

    An dstill you’re making fun of FAN,fine then see your bhai’s true non holiday (ready post-ipl,jail ho-republic day release) veer—-collected 40 cr ,a disaster whose footfall is even lesser than FAN despite of being a masala film with less than half collection of FAN.

    Atill you’ll not feel shame because you’re typical non actor fans aka bhaitards.

  • This EID you can watch The Purge 3, The BFG, Finding Dory or Tarzan. You can also save your money for Great Grand Masti.
    Just don’t watch Loltan.

  • Hey you guys ignore these arses like fasal Kerala. The advance bookings both in India and Pakistan alone has taken care of the cost of film. Idiots like fasal Kerala can’t get over dilwale and fan debacle so they are throwing out their insults through their jealous spirit hoping to ease their pain but the Almighty has already bless the film so no weapon formed against it shall prosper. All over the advance bookings has been humongous and overwhelming so haters eat your hearts out. People don’t care about figures all they want is to see Salman on screen every thing else takes second place.
    So Ali don’t have to worry all has been taken care of by the Almighty, you see He too hate haters because hate is not of Him, those who hate are the children of SATAN. So fasal Kerala go keep your father Satan company you two make a nice pair.

  • definitely u will win the hrt of audience, dnt take tnsn Ali,I know sultan will be a biggest blockbuster of the yr.

  • @Joy dude i know you are aamir fan and me too. I know salman fans are cheapest people who don’t have brain and bark all the time against aamir and show their jealousy, however there is a saying. like soil, like plant. similarly like star, like fans. salman is a cheap and dumb person so he has same kinds of fans. while our star is matured, educared and class so we also have to be class like him. don’t come here on this illiterate star’s pages and ignore him and bis 2 rs fans.

  • You are a useless and talentless director who is working with talentless actor. So don’t do such publicity drama. Yes, your career will definitely end very soon because this crap will be more than enough to torture audience and they will run away within 2 monies after the film starts.

  • I love it when SULTAN SALMAN.haters bark and get a@@ f@@@ all they time

    Bhonkte raho morons.


  • @23. 12. 16.
    If they were just brainless and dumb like salman, I wouldn’t come here. But they are also arrogant. Despite their idol(actually idle) failing to beat Aamir for 7 years(to be continued), how dare they say Salman is the biggest box office star? He can’t even act!!!

    Dangal 23rd Dec

  • Dear Indicine Team,

    Need your kind favor in posting this post, I would like to give something to Salman Followers that what their idol is saying, At least after watching this they will at least follow their idol…

    Baat maante ho na Apne Hero ki then watch it…

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