My career depends on what happens on Eid: Ali Abbas Zafar

Director Ali Abbas Zafar, who has previously directed films like ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘Gunday’, will be directing a superstar for the first time in his career.

Zafar says, his career depends on what happens when ‘Sultan’ releases in theatres this Eid. The director also added that ‘Sultan’ is the first film that he has written with an actor in mind.

“My career depends on what happens on Eid. But it’s all about what the script demand (working with a superstar or a younger actor). Sultan is the first script that I have written with an actor in mind. When I write, I don’t necessarily limit myself to thinking about a particular actor doing that part. It’s not a good practice because if that actor turns it down, you would be left with nothing”

“When I write, I write with the thought that this is the character that I want to create and this is the best story I can narrate” he added.

Zafar also said, it’s his responsibility to not let Salman and Aditya Chopra (producer) down.

“It’s good for a director when there are high expectations for his film because that’s what you work towards. When an actor puts so much commitment into a project, it becomes the director’s responsibility not to let him down”

“My commitment in this film is to two people: my producer Aditya Chopra because he gave me the budget to make this film and Salman because he has done everything that the script demanded and that I wanted.”



  • Bhai’s career is dependent on eid too..thats y he dont have the balls to release his films on normal weekend.
    Not so daring #sultan

  • Prediction sultan will be one of the worst film of salmans career.indicine will still give will earn 130-140crs in first 5days cause of stardom of won’t cross 220crores average grosser

  • Salman is a Rajshree made star.
    Think what happens if Rajshree not cast Salman in their MPK and HAHK.

    Than Salman do only movie like Biwi Ho To Aishi type 3rd lead hero movie.

    @tiger Srk leave Eid because your Bhai beg in front of King Srk for Eid Holiday. And Srk is King Khan so he can release his movie in any time.

    But this can’t work with Salman because without Eid Salman can’t give Hit or BB.

    And if Srk is arrogant by saying I am not charge fees, I am the King .

    Than what is this Salman’s statement over CDI that I not do CDI because Srk can also get good movie.

    Is this not arrogant?????

    Salman said who is Arjit Singh.

    Is it not arrogant????

    Bhai fans double standard just like Bhai..

    Salman leave CDI for Srk and doing ATBB movie Marigold!!!!!

    What a big arrogant types joke by salman .

  • Gunday- Flop
    Brothers- Flop

    This is a mix of both. So another sure shot flop on the way.

    Akki and Ranveer atleast acted, Bhaijaan cannot do it.

  • I’ll tell what will happen this Eid:

    Yrf will go bankrupt after back-to-back flops and even lose the faith of audience forever.

    Ali Abbas Zafar will no more get any films in Bollywood.

    Lolman will start driving rickshaw on the streets of Mumbai after a failed career in Bollywood.

  • we are freinds planned for booking Sultan.. But one of my friend asking me a question that ‘ Who is the director of Sultan ‘ After hearing that Answer all avoided watching this Crap…

    #Fasal kerala

  • Sultan will be ATMB…No 2 ways about…Sultan will be a rage in the coming days starting this Wednesday…When censor board cleared the movie with 0 cuts n says Sultan will exceed all expectations,it proves one thing that a strong storyline has been put behind this project which would do wonders at the box office…The director has put the storyline in front of other things…For a blockbuster,ATBB or ATMB kind of movie to happen,the story needs to come first n that,s what they r doing as evident in the trailer of Sultan…Salman Khan,s stardom is at it,s peak…Quite confident n positive that Sultan will create magic at the box office…Best wishes to Salman Khan,Anushka Sharma,Randeep Hooda,Aditya Chopra n the entire crew of Sultan for thier smashing show this Eid 😃

  • It will the return of Non actor on eid…
    we are expecting Non acting from salman

    #Fasal kerala

  • @indicine Shouldn’t u guys post an article of Salman Khan saying ‘My career depends on Eid’

  • Mr.Ali Abbas Zafar.. The heavy promotion of SRK will help to ur good career…

    #Fasal kerala

  • I will watch Sultan only for That dialogue ‘Shah Rukh Khan ka mazaak mat udao’ says Non actor in Sultan dialogue promo.. It will help to collect more than 200 cr…

    #Fasal kerala

  • Well we have seen your writing in both Mere Brother Ki dulhan and Gunday, Good luck for an attempt to make Chak deIndia+Bhaag Milkha Bhag+Brothers+aapne+Mary kom=Sultan

  • @king kong
    @least salman can do it…but our king kong can never ever do a movie like sultan

  • Sultan will be an average will collect maximum 180cr just because of eid weekend..salman fans don’t expect an another BB and a movie like BB happens once in decade..and the director himself a flop director who gave a cult classic movie Gunday…

  • Haahaa SULTAN SALMAN HATERS are burning as hell

    I like it

    Don’t worry AAJ with Sultan you will get your first ATBB
    But feeling pity for Manish Sharma he also made a film with spineless aunty named PANKHA and almost collected 90 cr . the rest is history.

  • Well, nothing will happen this Eid but BO Tsunami. Ali, you seem to have made a very impactful and entertaining film.
    You will enter the big category just like Kabir Khan did with ETT.
    Besides, your previous two films were clean hits too.

  • Never seen before euphoria and craze!! All the shows of Sultan for the whole weekend’s getting houseful.
    So excited..

  • @Boxoffice Cafe, badwe, what about Ready and Jai Ho? One was a blockbuster and another was a semi hit.
    Despite very cheap ticket price (according to Indicine), Jai Ho earned more than 110 Crores in 2014.

    And why should he release his films outside Eid weekends? He is the creator of that festive seasons for film releases. So he should reap benefits out of it.

    If your chipku hero too wants to release his films in the same time and clash with Salman, he is free to do so.

  • Don’t worry Ali Abbas Zaffer…you are with salman khan-the rajinikant of bollywood….
    Minimum verdict or sultan would be SUPERHIT…
    And one more thing..srk ran away…
    Remember srk fan…srk was begging to jitendra & balaji motion picture to postpone OUTIMD to get solo release of chennai express…there was a meeting with srk and jitendra….
    Srk fans…Remember or forget…

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