My career depends on what happens on Eid: Ali Abbas Zafar

Director Ali Abbas Zafar, who has previously directed films like ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘Gunday’, will be directing a superstar for the first time in his career.

Zafar says, his career depends on what happens when ‘Sultan’ releases in theatres this Eid. The director also added that ‘Sultan’ is the first film that he has written with an actor in mind.

“My career depends on what happens on Eid. But it’s all about what the script demand (working with a superstar or a younger actor). Sultan is the first script that I have written with an actor in mind. When I write, I don’t necessarily limit myself to thinking about a particular actor doing that part. It’s not a good practice because if that actor turns it down, you would be left with nothing”

“When I write, I write with the thought that this is the character that I want to create and this is the best story I can narrate” he added.

Zafar also said, it’s his responsibility to not let Salman and Aditya Chopra (producer) down.

“It’s good for a director when there are high expectations for his film because that’s what you work towards. When an actor puts so much commitment into a project, it becomes the director’s responsibility not to let him down”

“My commitment in this film is to two people: my producer Aditya Chopra because he gave me the budget to make this film and Salman because he has done everything that the script demanded and that I wanted.”



  • @Badbole SRK, we never feel shy to admit that Salman is a Rajshree made star. Salman whosoever today is mainly because of Rajshri. Because the production gave him a big break. Similarly, Sooraj too benefitted from Salman too.

    And say similar things for your icon: YRF and Dharma made star.

    Lol! Salman begged SRK for Eid Release?? Biggest joke of this century!
    It was SRK who ran away in fear of the mighty Sultan. He tried every trick but failed. At last, he ran away.
    It was SRK who begged Jituji for Eid Release.


  • Dangal williterate destroy crap Loltan. Salman is nothing in front of Megastar Aamir khan. This time no south remake or Kabir pappa to save him.

  • After this film Ali will be considered as a good Director,same with Kabir Khan who was just an average director before the release of ETT.

  • @king kong, if Gunday is flop than swadesh and CDI are disaster…stupid at least troll with some dignity and true facts…

  • well..let’s see what happens…..after bb salman’s choiches have become good…
    that’s why i’m looking forward for sultan..

  • @Salman-lol ; dumbo change your id first and show some guts to use your ideal name or you are so much ashamed with him that you even can’t use his name….and 2nd if Sultan collects 220cr according to you then it will be blockbuster not average you idiot…

  • You know people who are predicting flop for ‘Sultan’, need to say whose ‘fan’ they are? Hint #MayaMemsaab

  • Getting bore with same comment like salman is nothing without eid….have said earlier like if any other actors have guts then they can also release their movie on eid…..kisne roka he?????

  • Lallu looks like a waiter in front of megastar emperor aamir khan. lallu is nothing in front of aamir. dangal will thrash all records and kick lallu’s ass badly. lllu can never achive the fan following and love from billions which aamir has achieved.

  • Bhai doesnt need YRFs support/ backing but a darpokh khan has always needed best friend Adi to save his sinking career…!

  • @5:02pm King Kong

    It goes like this:-

    Billu 1= flop
    Billu Returns= flop

    Common factor…? No prizes for correct guess

  • Most hits by bollywood actors in lead roles dharam-35, big b -30 plus ,salman of gold ,silver and bronze medals

  • 2 crore footfall films of Salman are hahk-7.2 ,mpk-4 plus, kkhh-3.56, bb-3.55 , ka–2.99 , hssh–2.85 ,dg–2.5 , ett–2.47 ,kick –2.41 , saajan –2.26 ,bg–2.21 , dg 2–2.05 , prdp –2.05.waiting for sultan to be the 14 th one

  • Fool SRKians…. Bhai’s Non Holiday Ready – Blockbuster and Your bhagoda’s Fan 85 crs flop even akshay easily crosses these marks

  • salman khan doesnot have control over his tongue, car, rifle but don’t worry he has full control over indian judiciary and box office. he and you will come out successful.

  • I hope this movie doesn’t behave like Gunday.
    Gunday made huge 43.93 cr first weekend and it went highly crashing from monday onwards and ended up just 72 Cr lifetime.
    Sultan will take earth shattering opening no doubt but content is doubtful.

  • Why the f*** shouldn’t salman release his movie on EID, he releases coz he can make use of the holidays and can take on any actor if he decides to release his film on the same day and others don’t coz they aren’t big enough to take on any other actor, it’s that simple… Simply ppl cry that Salman (or khans) release their movies only on holidays, who the hell is stopping others to release on holidays huh!? So ppl grow up and stop criticising salman that he chooses only EID or festivals for movie release.

  • @Boxoffice cafe what about our global star he dont have the balls to clash his films with Megastar Salman !

    Bhagode k ke idiot fan !

  • @Boxoffice cafe what about our global star he dont have the balls to clash his films with Megastar Salman !
    Bhagode k ke idiot fan !

  • Good news for All Hrithikians and Mohenjo Daro Lovers….
    Mohenjo Daro gonna Release in 4000 Screens Worldwide ( 3000-3200 + 800-1000)
    And Mohenjo Daro Album Consist Only 3 songs, so it will be good for film.
    1st song Tu Hai gonna release this Thursday/Friday.
    Mohenjo Daro Album gonna release at end of the week.
    Eagerly Waiting For #MohenjoDaro

  • 5 day extended weekend is gonna be huge so he should not worried about collections as well as verdict coz Bhai is there, But looking forward to the quality of the flick….I’m sure it’s going to be a engaging and breathtaking story and after Salim Sir’s review I’m too much excited about #$uper$ultan !!!!

  • when salman releases his movies on eid srk moronic fans have a problem.. eid was not even a festive period either before salman made it his own.. n when srk released his films all his life at diwali they didn’t have a problem.. moronic idiots.. n who has stopped to anybody to release his film in eid??? release it if u dare so.. why did bhagoda ran away from eid??? no answer right moron srkians! I’ll tell u why.. bcoz he didn’t have the balls to take on megastar sultan salman khan..

  • Blockbuster Advance Booking For Sultan!

    If advance booking is any indication, Salman Khan’s Sultan is getting ready to storm the box office when it releases on Eid, on Wednesday, July 6. Advance booking for the movie opened across India yesterday, and so far, multiplexes have sold 30-40 per cent tickets, for day one. Multiplex heads and programmers across India believe that Sultan will be this year’s biggest film so far and that it will break records for day one. Here’s what they have to say about advance booking for Sultan:

    Devang Sampat, Business Head/Strategic Initiatives, Cinepolis

    Salman Khan is back with his Eid offering and advance booking is taking place at a fast clip. In fact, I cannot remember the last film that drew such a response with advance booking. At Cinepolis, we have already sold 30,000 tickets and our occupancy is around 1 lakh. This means, 20 per cent of tickets have already been sold for day one.

    Amar Laykar, PVR

    Sultan is going to be this year’s biggest film. We opened advance booking yesterday and by evening, we had sold 41,000 tickets for day one. Now, that number has gone up to 65000-70,000 tickets. The film is going to take a brilliant opening.

    Ashok Kavthamkar, Carnival Cinemas

    Given Salman Khan’s track record, expectations from Sultan are very high and it will no doubt receive a phenomenal response from the audience. Around 30 per cent tickets have been sold, across all our multiplex chains for Wednesday’s shows. In Indore, we have one cinema hall and we sold 970 tickets there, whereas in Kolkata, we have sold 410 tickets. We expect huge collections from this film.

    Prem Lakhani, Rajhans

    The buzz around Sultan is very strong. Our tickets are priced range at Rs 400 and Rs 130. In B-Tier cities, we have sold 600-800 tickets and in A-Tier cities, 1,500-1,600. The matinee morning show is already 60 per cent booked. This film will definitely break many records.

    Sunil Gholap, Movie Time

    Across all Movie Time properties, from Sunday to Monday afternoon, we have had sold around 2,000 tickets. In spite of heavy rains, advance booking for Sultan is very strong. We have 12 properties and each one is 50-per cent booked.

    Sailesh Joshi, City Pride

    Our property in Kothrud has sold around 90 per cent tickets for Wednesday’s shows, with the first few shows already house full. In the rest of our properties, around half the tickets are sold out by now and the buzz around the film is very strong. And, the sale of tickets is brisk not only online but also at the ticket counters, despite heavy rains.

    Gaurav Ruparel, City Pulse

    We have received a 70-per cent response to advance booking for Sultan. The audience is eagerly awaiting this film, which is obvious from the advance booking numbers. We have never seen 70-per cent sale of tickets from day one.

    Gandharv Sharma, Red Rocks

    Salman Khan has a huge fan following and this is the biggest film of the year, so far. The buzz is tremendous, and we didn’t know just how much till we opened the advance booking. Everyone is humming the song Baby ko… It also looks like a strong, content-oriented film.

    Ashutosh Aggrawal, Star World

    Sultan will be the biggest opener of the year, so far, which has been borne out by the advance booking figures. Despite heavy rains, advance booking has been great and we have already sold 60 per cent tickets for Wednesday. For the rest of the week, we have sold 30 per cent tickets. Eid belongs to Salman Khan!

    Avinash Kumar Singh, APR

    We opened advance booking yesterday and have already sold 60 per cent tickets for Wednesday. For the rest of the week, we’ve sold 15 per cent tickets. And all this despite very heavy rains.

  • Wrong..your career will depend on what happens after Eid and not on Eid..because during Eid salman’s name is gonna run sultan to packed houses..After 10th July,lets see what you’ve got..

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