‘Can’t wait to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ says Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has tweeted that he cannot wait to watch Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which hit theatres tomorrow.

The actor has always been promoting Salman’s film releases on Twitter, including his last two films ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Kick’.




  • @Shashank Very happy to see a crappy fan accepted that this is the first time content in a Salman film. I have said that all the time that, there is no content in Salman films. Not a single memorable film in his credit.

  • akki fans please watch akki movie in theatre. dont wait for review. akki fans in facebook is 14M same as aamir and salman. why all fans are not watching akshay kumar movie

  • @Shashank although I don’t know about BB, but your comment about other Salman films is damn true!

  • @neeraj kaywear or underwear, Listen, you are a blind Salman fan, that’s why you didn’t see an Aamir fan in your life. You find entertainment in buffalo dance. Lol

  • One of Aamir Khan’s overwhelming but underestimated films is Mann. A superb story, wonderful acting, heart-touching emotion made this film one of my most favorite romantic films. I have watched it more than any other bollywood romantic films. Guys, give it a watch, you will love it more than DDLJ, HAHK etc overacting films. Promise!!

  • After watching ‪#‎BajrangiBhaijaan‬ I can say only this tat if you have not watched this film then you have not watched best film of your life.- KRK

  • But I’m waiting for your Dangal Mr. Perfectionist.The world knows that its gonna be a cult classic as well as a big blockbuster in India and overseas.May God bless you! Lots of love & respect for you.. :)

  • What’s that we call a true superstar…the three khans are always appreciating each other and promoting each others films…but there fans always make rude and bias gestures over other star’s fans…

  • @naman Aamir fans don’t do that much. He is the biggest box office star in India but his fan keep calm and laugh when lallu/sarook fans bark.

  • @king amir khan,definitely Mann is the best amir’ sperfoemance in whole life according to me which is better than overacted qsqt,dhkmn and many such of his romance craps.but Mann is too over acted emotional movies so it flopped it is not a genuine CLASSIC like DDLJ which will be remembered over MILLENIUMS.one thing for sure amir is very bad in romance because he can’t adjust with this and after overacted mela he scared to do romance (pure rimance movies not like fanaa/d3)movies again due to his fear.amir still can’t take risk like KING KHAN in all genre.now look how KING KHAN will release BACK TO BACK CLASSICS—-FAN,RAEES.ONLY THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD can be that much FEARLESS and also OUR KING never showed unrealistic classics like aliens,ghosts,students having supernatural powers as well terrorists compared with freedom fighters,ROFL.that’s again FAN,RAEES will overshadow wannabe classic 2rs dangal pandey performance,ROFL.

  • @sss aamir’s performance in each of his movie was much better than overrated award beggar’s performances in his whole career. Srk can not play a college guy role in his 30s while aamir perfectly played the role of 18 years old student in 3 idiots. Even in KKHH sarookh tried to play some 22 years old college guy but he wad looking uncle and like in his 40s even though it was way back in 1998. Lol. Shame on you sarookh fans’ wrong number giving formula which is failed. Aamir’s class masterpiece dangal’s performance will be light years better than 1 rupee performance of 1 rupee movies duplicate Billu fan and rice seller.

  • @rew1,accept THE TRUTH.amoor’s 90% romance genre movies were big flop because he is not looking eve like a young guy that KING KHAN does.from 90’s up to now all of his roles seems like very old types crap.in 3i too,he looked like a bald headed midget monkey along with uncle madhavan and sharman only fitted to the character of student role who got the lead role in 3i,still it was looking something odd.after all who cares about those 2rs performance.DDLJ is the biggest iconic movie on earth.any 2rs stars can’t do such performances.3i will be forgotten after 1 decade and so happened but DDLJ will remain forever in the heart of peoples.after all CHARMING KING KHAN has highest female following.your 2rs star couldn’t do that even in his dreams ,lol.actually the 2 decades failure of your 2rs star indicates how much 2rs performance he did in his life.which also shows how your 2rs papa’s boy lacks of born talent entered the industry due to papa and got 2 decade disasters and at last south remake/raju papa/dhoom saved your star from doing suicide.thanks to all of them.in MHN,KING KHAN was looking 1000 times younger and handsome as a college student compared to amoor’s role in 3i,ROFL.you shouldn’t forget that.2rs actors like him came and had gone due to papa already so many times.But BOLLYWOOD IS SO GLAD TO GET IT’S ALL TIME DECADE RULED MEGASTAR KING SRK.after all what’s the existence of a 2rs 11 hit dwarf star in front of THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD,ROFL.

  • akshay kumar has the most loyal fan base in the world………….. we akkians stand by him even when he is in lowest phase ,, he will be back… no other film had such a buzz like singh is kinng had in 2008

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