‘Can’t wait to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ says Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has tweeted that he cannot wait to watch Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which hit theatres tomorrow.

The actor has always been promoting Salman’s film releases on Twitter, including his last two films ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Kick’.




  • Bb is getting extremly gud reveiws.. wom is gonna be great.. salman will break record of kick.. may be pk

  • @Aamir sir we too eagerly waiting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    Tickets booked first day first show
    Biggest blockbuster of 2015 arriving
    All the best Salman Khan

  • Man, for your promoting, those two crappiest films earned so much! Otherwise who would want to watch buffalo dance on big screen!
    Bahubali all the way.

  • Wow khans r so lucky get extream publicity whether they say bad or good about each other
    Media promote them
    And also promote huge for their movie.
    But on other Akshay
    No one tweet about his movie
    No one show excitement
    He himself hardly promot his movie
    No TV promos ,even small films has more TV frequency than his films
    Only some stupid fans like me try to promote & make at least 80cr
    So decided if akshay don’t promote his films i also skip his movie
    Why should we akkians have to answer even varun dhavan fan on abcd2 score 100cr & baby(one of the best thriller) do 96cr
    Total disappointment

  • Aamir khan is the only Actor who has not given a Flop after 2000
    and Salman khan is the only actor who has given 5 BB back to back after 2000.

    And Sarook…..?

    Back To Back Average + Flops + Craps= Full Tortures.

  • Aamir khan is the best actor in the bollywood. He have friendship to every actor and care his fan. My prediction 200 cr

  • Biggest grossers list
    2015-Salman (BB/prdp)
    These two megastars rule without any competition.

  • Aamir and Salman are Biggest Crowd Pullers and Biggest Megastars with Huge Fan Following. Others need to rely on the support of Deepika, Katrina, Hollywood rip offs, Diwali, varun, Sid, Rajini, Arjun, and many Countless Factors.

  • babubali is huge affected by bajrangi bhaijaan as ROCKLINE VENTAKESH(producer of bajrangi bhaijaan) is booking theatre in south india too.

  • DDD will be big Hit , Amir tweeted ..!

    Movie iz not even small hit like small Amir …! horribly wrong number .

    now he will tweet > Aila !! vry nyc vry nyc , Sare record Todegi including PK .

  • Looks like salman is scared of bahubali storm..that’s why he is pleading his friends to promote his film…and the biggest joke was that salman said budget of bajrangi bhaijaan is more than that of bahubali….it means more than 200 crore….it means it needs atleast 250 crore to get a hit tag.itna jhoot bhi achha nhi hai salman

  • Thanks to my friend,i m watching Bajrangi bhaijaan tomorrow without spending my money ;)

    Review will be up tomorrow at 8PM

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