Can Rohit Shetty – SRK film break the opening of Happy New Year?

Q. Indicine, I have asked you several questions but you have not answered yet. I hope you answer my question this time.
My question is Bajrangi Bhaijaan or SRK-Rohit Shetty next which has got a better release date and which is more likely to be this year’s biggest grosser? – Pratyush

A. The film that’s liked better by the audience, will be the 2015’s highest grosser at the box office. Box office is unpredictable – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo or any other big film like Fan, Jagga Jasoos, Brothers etc have a chance too.

Q. Can Rohit Shetty’s next with Shahrukh Khan beat the opening day record of Happy New Year? – Pranjal Dasgupta

A. The holiday for Christmas falls on Friday. So if Rohit Shetty releases his film on 25th December, it should beat the record of Happy New Year or any other film that holds the record at that point in time. In the last couple of years, Aamir Khan has released his films a week before Christmas, giving it 3-4 open weeks at the box office. But to release the film so early, the makers have to be confident of the content too. If content falls flat, it’ll be dull Christmas / New Year weekend.

Q. A film like Grand masti entered into the prestigious 100 cr club, but why doesn’t a acclaimed film like Baby? – Amlan Kumar

A. 100 crore club is not a quality certificate nor is it prestigious anymore. Films that sell sex usually do well at the box office, ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Murder 2’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’, ‘Grand Masti’ and several others films have done well because of a combination of star cast, sex, thrill or comedy. Baby was a song-less thriller with limited appeal. In fact, Baby wasn’t even given a good single-screen release as there is no market for such films in smaller centres. Having said that, Baby should have collected more than it did. The opening was too low for a film made on a budget of Rs 73 crore.

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  • 100 crore club is not prestigious at all!
    ZNMD did a collection of 95 crores, still it’s being regarded as one of the best films of the decade.

    Similarly, Talaash was a very good film, but it did around 94 crores.

    As for Baby, it was not very commercial! There were no songs in the film to boost its collection.

    Being a Hrithikian, I will prefer one JA or ZNMD over 5 BangBangs !


    Rohit knows how to connect with audience n know their hitpoints.

    FAN will also go 38-40 cr
    as bakrid is a holiday even 2nd oct.
    both are first days.

  • KING SRK-ROHIT SHETTY film opening not only will break the opening of HNY but also will break pk’s each and every record in domestic,overseas,ww.THIS MOVIE will be the highest grosser of the year with out any doubt.another record will be set THIS MOVIE will be KING KHAN’S 4TH back to back 200cr film and KING KHAN will be the 1st actor to do so.GLOBAL MEGASTAR IS COMING.

  • Srk-rohit movie definately brek record ………!! …
    Roy review out ……..
    Direction is faulty ……
    Arjun delivers great performance…. One of best …..
    Jackline tries hard to emote but fail ….

    Ranbir is dead-pan n totally uninterested ……. Expresionless wooden plank in film ……..

    Overall boring film ….. Flawed direction,script …….

    UAE review — 1.5 / 5 ……..!!….
    Easily give miss ……. !! …
    Or watch MSG ….!

  • i want srk to release his next with rohit shetty next on 23 of december not 25th

    we want lifetime collection this time not 1st day collection
    if it releases on 20 december i will be happy but not happy on 25th christmas

  • Srk has a golden chance of getting a highest grosser of the year after several years.
    Strongest possible starcast in kajol,varun,kriti
    Masala director king rohit
    Best release date xmas
    What else u want!

  • plz also answer my question about ranbir kapoor not having festival releases @indicine.I hv posted it to u .plz gv an answer

  • Akshay does not have chance to give the highest grosses due to the failure of some of his past movies. If his success rate increases with only hits in the next two years all grossing near to or more than 100Cr(Like Baby), then one of his multi starrers(Most probably Comedy or Action) can become the highest grosser. May I remind you, Brothers is not a multistarrer movie as only Akshay is the star actor there. WHile SIddharth cane become a star in future, he is not one right now! Saying Brothers is a multi-starer is like saying Kick is a multi-starer as even Randeep had equal screen presence/time when compared to Salman Khan! But the fact is it will always be considered as a Salman-film!!

  • @Ulton, B.Bhaijaan or PRDP not only biggest grosser but also Decade grosser.
    PRDP will be Decade grosser of 2010-2020.
    Point of BABY collection not so bad but opening day only disappointed. Baby film is cult movie for me just like Hera phere, Dil Chata Hai, Tere Naam and ZNMD which four movie is all time my fav movie.

  • Rohit-SRK film hasnt even begun shooting yet so lets not get too carried away with the high flying cars expectations just yet.

    As things stand today BB is set to becoming the years biggest grosser but PRDP will have to rely on strong content as it may not be a typical Salman Khan masala extravaganza- it will be low key so not expecting a huge initial. Billu Fan has no chance whatsover….

  • Opening Day record will be beaten if a film releases on Eid day or christmas day itself- no other day has a chance…! Ofcourse huge hype is needed n non stop promotional blitz also to ensure a huge day…. BB will break the record if it releases on Eid day…

  • Happy to see king concentrating on multistarers’ movies last year he made hny and this year rohit shetty next. Afterall king is so smart to understand that he has no more starpower to bring public to theatres.

  • Read somewhere that king is playing the character of varun’s papa in rohit shetty next. Happy to see king in most suitable looks…..KING ROCKS.

  • sure Srk+Rohit upcoming movie if will be release on Christmas day then sure it will make more than 45 crore for first day and break the HNY record

  • No chance !!!!! Only PRDP have chance to break opening and weekend records. Not sure what day Bajrangi Bhaijaan will release so cant predict anything about opening. Any one of these two movies will end up Highest grosser of the year !!!!!!!!!!

  • We all saw what happened wit Chennai express and Singham returns …@least from opening day to 1st week d collections was robust!! A combined 1st day collection of d 2 last movies of Rohit Shetty was approxmtly 66crores! Averaging 33crores per movie. So if its gonna release d same period PK had done then yes it can beat Hny opening day or almost on par with it. But it has to have …
    1. 4500-5000 screens and above
    2. lead lady Kajol will b another advantage
    3. Youths wld love to see Varun Dhawan esp d ladies(lol).
    4. Strong content
    5. Hit songs
    6. Little flying and blasting of cars….
    7. Xmas period release date
    8. A lead role star like Ark(his star power advtge)
    Wit all these…definatly 7/8 will b present that i know…so a BIG YES!!…probably ….1st time we can witness an almost 50crores (though hate to say it!!)

  • About d best release dates for Salman and Shah rukh …history has it that only Aamir khan releases on December does an astonishing business… Like Dhoom 3 and Pk of d top 10 highest single day grosser! The closest is Salman khan with 21.6(dabbang) Srk 15.27(ra1)
    August and October dominates star movies with highest single day like Shah rukh(most and highest) Salman Ajay Devgn and Hritik. Definitely any of SRK and SALMAN movie releasing from august to October stand a very high chance of being d highest grossers. December should now b a bench mark to b broken by either Salman or SrK to snatch away d Title from PK(perfectionist khan). Not impossible but have more confidence with d 2 khans normal pre-eid and diwali projects.
    @indicine… U know the last 1week much has been said on AIB controversy! So crediting movies to attain 100crores club saying …”selling sex movies usually does well @box office”…. May signify people go to cinema to watch movies mainly wit sex selling contents like d analyst stated…ragini MMS dirty picture etc…may raise some eyebrows that have been condemning d immorality talks on sex by d AIB crew. If we r neutral then let us really b neutral and either support a particular action or then we shouldn’t. Today we r talking about how SEX and abuse contents(like AIB show) may affect d YOUTHS and AUDIENCE etc and tomorrow we say SEX CONTENT MOVIES DOES BETTER @ BOX OFFICE!!??….where’s d logic??

  • KING SRK-ROHIT SHETTY film opening not only will break the opening of HNY but also will break pk’s each and every record in domestic,overseas,ww.THIS MOVIE will be the highest grosser of the year with out any doubt.another record will be set THIS MOVIE will be KING KHAN’S 4TH back to back 200cr film and KING KHAN will be the 1st actor to do so.GLOBAL MEGASTAR IS COMING.

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