Can Jai Ho and Don 2 be considered non-holiday releases?

Question: Can JAI HO and DON 2 be considered non-holiday releases as the holidays which they got were on Sunday which is a holiday even before? – Jatinder

Answer: Jai Ho was just like any other Friday release, but Don 2 wasn’t exactly a non-holiday / non-festive release. Any film that is released during Eid / Diwali / Christmas benefit from increased ticket prices and an audience that has been conditioned to venture out to watch films. Also, Christmas releases have their own share of positives and negatives. The December month affects business in the North due to extreme cold, but the extended holiday that starts during Christmas and extends to New Year are huge for business.

Considering its genre, Don 2 did very well. It wasn’t a very massy film. To prove this point, we have a small comparison between a multiplex-friendly film like Don 2 and a much more massy film like Ra One, both of which collected about the same at the box office (Ra One was a little ahead overall).

Mass circuits, where Ra One has a upper hand:

  • Central India (C.I) : Ra One – 4.07 crore, Don 2 – 3.12 crore
  • C.P Berar : Ra One – 5.71 crore, Don 2 – 4.18 crore

Circuits where multiplex and the so-called classy films do well, Don 2 has an upper hand

  • Mysore : Ra One – 6.5 crore, Don 2 – 8.9 crore
  • West Bengal : Ra One – 6.35 crore, Don 2 – 7.2 crore

The difference in Mysore circuit is huge with Don 2 clearly out-performing Ra One. In the biggest circuit of Mumbai, Ra One collected about 7 cr more than Don 2 – which was eventually the difference between the lifetime collections of the two films. If Don 2 was more commercial, it would have easily collected 20-30 crore more.

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  • @Indicine,first look of Rajneeti 2 is out. why haven’t you posted yet??

    I will not star in Gangajal 2 as the script demands a female protagnist but I will be presenting the film, After that, We will make Satsang and Rajneeti 2 directed by Prakash and I will be acting in both those films” Ajay Devgan said.

  • Don 2 surely is a clean hit. Difference between Don 2 and Ra one is clearly the multiplex biggie – Farhan Akhtar. Don 2 also had a very decent WOM compared to Raone.

    In fact Srk was facing one of the worst faces of his career with Raone. Don 2 gave him a perfect commercial success.

    I think Jai ho was badly hit due to two factors.

    1. No holiday. 2. Dhoom 3

    I do believe Salman-Aamir share a similar fan base. So release of dhoom 3 a month ago with extremely high ticket prices heavily damaged Jai ho. The same fans came all out for kick after an interval of 6 months.

  • jai ho was a remake of average movie stalin with different intentions than box office and he succeded. cuz his movie got semi hit status which is better than average.

  • Now, you got the answer??? Jai Ho was just like any other Friday release!!

    With a newcomer average looking heroine, average director, lowered ticket price, two controversies affecting the business, low budget, low production values, 15 days promotions…It did 112 crores..
    Semi Hit according to BOI and Above Average according to Indicine!

  • no don 2 released around Christmas festival. yep that time Christmas came on Sunday but one day doesn’t make any change. reason behind Don 2 collect just 106 cr. bcoz of last flop movie raone. yes raone. after raone people never took risk so movie not collect well.
    but take collection of dabangg 2. movie was not good but still cross 150 cr. and Don 2 was brand. movie affect only n only bcoz of flop raone.
    but look at jai ho. jai ho is like normal holidays. even @indicine 26th jan is not like festival. one day doesn’t make any change. January period is not perfect for movies. even no one cross 125 cr mark forget 150 cr.
    so Don 2 festival period but jai ho like normal period.

  • don 2 and jay ho both were good film bt unfortunately jai ho couldn’t make good bussiness bt don 2’s collection was good

  • @Gj007. Agree with u Bro. But guess me being
    SRK fan would add that. U shouldn’t take any thing away from SRK. Coz to just make a movie of ra 1 type needs lot of methodology. And yes there were flaws in it. But I paved way for better vfx and opening of Indian markets. Best example is Red Chillies Vfx the best in the country which has evolved a lot since ra 1

  • @AHS don 2 WAS A good film??????? lol. at your comment. dhoom3 was far better than don 2. don 2 was the worst movie of all time.

  • first of all. don 2 and talaash had same verdict. talaash released on non holiday and don 2 with the biggest Christmas release ( A FAMOUS EXCUSE USED BY SRK FANS FOR AAMIR’s ATBBS) couldn’t break golmaal 3’s record with no competition and same genra as dhoom 3. shame on you srk fans. this movie had everything in advantage, so please don’t come up with new excuse. talash and don 2’s budget should also be considered. so aamir is winner in every expect.

  • Its akshay all the way magic 2007 will repeat..
    Baby – budget 55 crore – earning 120+
    Gabbar -budget 60+ – 150 crores
    Sing is bling – budget 60 crore – 140 crores
    brothers – budget 50+ – 160 crore
    Airlift will be in 2016 wid rowdy rathore 2

  • as far as i knew don 2 made 15 cr wch wz a record of biggest non-holiday opening. its opening weekend wz also d 3rd highest aftr nd bodyguard

    whreas jai ho wz d first movie since veer wch didnt broke any single record… it wz released in approx 4000+ screens whereas don 2 released in approx 2000-2500 screens

    despite dat don 2 collected 112 cr wch wz considered hit in 2011 whreas jai ho collected 111 cr wch wz considered average (flop)

    even d so-called flop (hit) movie broke d single day nd opening weekend nd wz declared hit….

    @indicine- plzz post an article abt 11hits in a row of srk… nd can his upcoming movies eventually break rajesh khanna’s record of 15-16 bck to bck hits or not…. plzzz indicine… its our humble request frm all of d srkians

  • @Noam

    Nothing to take away from Srk. And it was not just Ra one buddy.Remember after RNBJ he had produced 2 movies,
    Dulha Mil Gaya and Billu. Both of them flopped. MNIK was a niche film so it didnt rake lots of money. Raone was one of his worst received movies.

    Just like Dhoom 3 brought back Aamir the star, Don 2 brought back SRK the star.

  • don 2 was a far better movie.. the case was just that its timing wasnt correct.
    oderwise it wud hav collected atleast 150 crs
    whereas jai ho was complete disaster wid the line “thankyou mat bolie 3 logo ki madad kijye” appearing more dan a thousand

  • @indicine Thanks for answering my question. But would you agree that don2 got the wrost christmax release in recent time.

  • This is the fitting reply for srk fans specially @kingshuk who always calls Don2 as non holiday. Aamir gave 2 ATBBs with 2 christmas release another is on the way PK (if everything goes right) but so called king gave only Hit not even Super Hit despite a sequel. Salman with worst sequel gave BB with Dabangg 2 in same release. This should be enough to prove stardoms of three Khans. I also said 2014 will clear who is on top among 3 Khans as each Khan has a festive release. HNY falling n will not beat Kick unless something miracle happens. PK has 80% chance to become highest grosser of the year !!!!!!!!

  • In 2011 110+ is respectable fig but in 2014 for a star like salman is not good enough if v go by ticketprize then only god knows how much d3 earn ????

  • Today #HNY has drop badly all over. 4-5 cr approx.. 20cr second week oncard.. Lifetime will be 180-185cr.. SemiHit..

  • With the kind of movies SRK is doing its not wrong to say When fan will release there won’t be a single fan alive due to the torture of #HNY

  • Last day one of intelligent guy @kingshuk said Aamir film cross srk films due to Christmas, He thought that in overseas critsmas holiday started on 20th Oct 2013 as they had vacation on Dhoom Day (remember) but subsequently in 2011 Don 2 released on Christmas there were no vacation starts even though film released on 23rd just two day earlier of Christmas, result film gross half if mnik figure, but when dhoom 3 broke all record it was just only because of brand,what was don2 isn’t it was a brand as it has franchise value and SRK who has 3.7 billion fans so if that too become less than a brand like dhoom than what the hell he is global superstar.
    One more think UAE is one of major market overseas and their weekend is Thursday to Saturday unlike ours,d3 released there on Friday and still not an usual non-holiday weekend collected biggest weekend there like India in 3 days,$10 million in 3 days is exceptional in any case,second thing a film like Don 2 has more salable content than d3 still film couldn’t collected even half of d3 in its lifetime during same festive time.
    Second think most of non-aamir fans saying it just dhoom brand but fact is Aamir played key role in its homogenous success in third installment,with 102cr weekend in India and 10$ million in overseas,still the lifetime of those film is 274cr domestic and 28 million in lifetime.If content wasn’t appreciable than no film can collect 170cr after first weekend and 18million $.So D3 was liked by its target audience and had positive wom.
    Now PK coming which will remember forever on positive note for Aamirians and negative note for his haters.
    Welcome back Google boy @sem,I hope you prepared the list of 3.7 billion srkians as after all you return after long time.

  • Interesting things is that last year many srk fans are became fan if BOI but now they again become fan of producer figure,other thing is our uncle @sem who throughout his defense using boi facts but now declared it Aamir’s site. Jiyo mere Lal.True Chameleon, aren’t they.
    @damnn the only thing went wrong for Don 2 was Christmas fallen on Sunday that’s why he couldn’t pushed his release,while he is been most coward actor in recent times.
    1.From last 4 years he hasn’t single non holiday release which prevent his craps to attain hit status.
    2. Last year CE was supposed to release on Aug 8 but when eid fallen on 9th,he pushed the release which made trouble for screening to ouatimd on 15th Aug as it was CE 7th day.
    3.pushed ahead the hny from 23rd to 24th for opening records,while Salman who could release Kick on Tuesday like srk did with jthj in 2012 to have 6 days extended weekend taken risk to release on pre eid normal weekend even he faced failure from Jai ho is not a easy thing.
    Aamir pushed pk from June to Christmas even big films like BV and WB slayed to release but they declared for Christmas and eventually releasing one week earlier,same happen with k3 which was pre diwali release.Aamir d3 released on 20th 5 day ahead of Christmas on non-holiday that was masterstroke.
    You can’t expect thus from srk now a days due to his lower credibility now a days in among his non-fans.

  • Don 2 wasnt a massy film…? You wanna prove this by highlight half a dozen crore difference here n there…?

    What the hell is going on here recently… Ok maybe not you but one of your writers is Always (I use that word deliberately) having a pop at Aamir n now you wanna defend Don 2s crappy returns on the most lucrative festival- Christmas… 2008, 2009 and 2013 proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the cold wave in the north does not affect business much- what people dont have cars, cardigans, sweaters, scarfs, gloves, wooly hats… Come on if you can say unashamedly that Talaash underachieved despite collecting 90cr was a ‘high expectation type film’ and Don 2 was now all off a sudden a class film- really who you trying to fool here- was it Aamir or Srk who said during promotions:- “guys my film is not an out n out commercial film” (not a direct quote but you get the jist of it)- Aamir downplayed the ‘massyness’ of his film- our king promoted his film with 100 or so dialogue promos trying to impress the masses…!
    Aamir didnt promote his film like he did for 3 idiots but yet you say it had high expectations so despite making good profits its a semi hit. Guess you trying to say Don 2 needs a bump upto super hit status without anyone realising it and you playing this ‘non-massy/ non-commercial’ card to justify that it did excellent budiness to collect 112cr …! I will be watching very closely to see if you change the tags on these 2 films as I suspect manipulation has wormed its way into your offices…!

  • Ok my last comment was ‘off topic’ but I really couldnt get away from the “Don 2 was not a massy film” analysis.,, if it was an user like nipun saying Bang Bang is not a massy film but classy film so to collect 175cr it deserves ATBB status then I could shrug of his remarks as childish but Indicine you know the score inside out- producers wouldnt spend crores on promoting their films at all sections of the public if they didnt think that their film is a mass oriented film… Don 2 was billed as a mass film n promoted like a mass film…!
    PS if it wasnt a commercial film then maybe it really was a CON film

  • Our resident wannabe critik is throwing his jaadoo toys out of his pram n spitting out his pacifier once again… His question about whether a sequel to Lootera is in the pipeworks is being ignored by Indicine… Rightly so as noone this time will risk watching Lootera 2 for fear of bumping into the only other person insane enough to watch it- nipun kumar…!

  • @hrithik. Lol at Ur comments. When dabbang 2 wyas about to release on record number of screens u use to bark on top of Ur vocal cords about how it would break 3 i records and how it would be he best sequel. But what happened. Lol. Fell short by around 50 CRORES. Inspite of 4 weeks empty and record number of screens. Now u say worst sequel. Lol

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