Can a film starring Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar earn 200 crore?

Q: Can a film starring Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar collect Rs 200 crores in India if they get solo Eid or Diwali release? (Vyas Vivek)

A: Even films starring the Top 3 stars would struggle to cross 200 crore, if the film is not packaged well or the content is rejected by the audience. A star can only bring his audience to theatres in the first 2 or 3 days, after which a film relies on word-of-mouth. Stars like Akshay and Ajay would rely a lot more on content than someone like Salman Khan, but Singham Returns did take a record opening earlier this year. The film would have earned a lot more if the content was liked.

Q: Will Deepika Padukone be top actress if she does films like Finding Fanny and Piku? Wouldn’t it affect her box office collection average compared to other actresses who are doing more commercial films? (Jagga)

A: She can experiment once in a while. In a male dominated industry, female stars very rarely get to do meaty roles. When films like Finding Fanny or Queen come along, they grab it. It’s not just about box office collections, but also about critical acclaim and earning that respect from the audience – which is difficult in glamorous roles that they play in male-centric films. Finding Fanny may not have earned Deepika acclaim, but it didn’t affect her career one bit.

Q: Will PK earn Rs 300 crore? (Sohail, Neeraj, Dikshit and many more)

A: I think we have already answered this. PK will take a very good opening. But 300 crore is something that no film has managed to cross so far. If the content manages to find the appreciation that 3 Idiots did, 300 crore is definitely on. The problem for an Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani film is, the expectations are way too high. To match those expectations will be difficult, but it’s Hirani after all. Early reports from within the trade and those who have seen the film is highly positive, but that is always the case with most films.

Q: Please Indicine, can you make an article on the verdict of every film and maybe its collections for 2014 and it can carry on and be an article for the others years to come. It’s a suggestion. (Indu)

A: Sure. This is something that we are already working on. 2014 list will be published after PK. From 2015, we will have a page with collections of every film released. Thank you for your suggestion.

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  • @beta of khans, salman is releasing only a single movie per year!!! Really??? Can u say in which year? As per my knwldge salman releases atleast two movies per year.

    Crying on holyday releases of khans….Akki’s baby is releasing on national holyday……lets see how much it can collect.

  • @ankan, khans does nt have ability to cross 190cr with non holyday releases…..but ur star does not have ability to cross 180cr with holyday releases. Remember his K3 and BB which collected 178cr and 140cr respectavely…..

  • I want to see akshay and ajay togather in a film. their chemistry was great in suhaag and insaan. hope in future they do a high octane action movie together and maybe it will surely cross 200 crores.

  • Why not????…..Singham Returns was non holiday release and it collected more than 140 cr so what would you expect if Aay have a Eid/Diwali or xmas release??? ….200+ cr for sure.

    Ajay have a strong line up in 2015 and 2016:
    King Ashok ( Ajay with Jennifer Lopez)
    Golmaal 4
    Satsang ( this one will be a critical acclame film)
    Rajneeti 2

  • F.A.N:- 300+ crores: content driven most probably.

    R.A.E.E.S:- 200+ crores: content driven most probably.

    B.A.B.Y:- 200+ crores: out and out actioner with most probably enough story atleast from the trailer.

    P.H.A.N.T.O.M:- 200+ crores is MY BOLD PREDICTION. It will be Saif’s “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani” this year. “cricket based-match fixing content with international terrorism in the hands of ETT director Kabir Khan. !!!!! watch out for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • But Finding Fanny did give Deepika critical acclaim. About 95% of critics raved about the film, and Deepika’s performance was unanimously praised!

  • @ tiger the real king baby is not commercial film , please tell sallu do the good film , akki is better actor than sallu .

  • aamir khan- good actor with great films
    salman khan- average actor with average films
    shahrukh khan- great actor with average films. there was there is and there will never be another shahrukh khan.

  • 300 crores!!!
    but ajay’s egoism wont allow re-union.
    thats why the project of BADBOYS PART2 was shelved 2 yrs back.

  • @gabru is cming, then what about entertainment, boss, k786? Oh! I forgot those are art movies(atleast for 60cr club actor fan).

  • @sss… I wonder how u pass ur exams!!??.. Always told u to read topics before commenting!! Y u keep on going off point always??? …Ajay and Akki stardom far lower than Rhandbir kapoor?? …pathetic!! Even d REAL SRK SALMAN AAMIR FANS HERE.. Definatly without sentiments will tell u that for 25years these superstars have been so consistent… With their movies and adding both of their numbers of hits …its fair to say they have d highest(QUANTITATIVELY!!)… no doubts d KHANS have more stardom than them but PLS give these guys d RESPECT and MERIT they deserve 4 so long!!…
    Back to my point that u hardly post anything meaningful!… U said Akki struggling for 70crores..Ajay 50crores??…120crores with even holiday fixture?? Which planet r u in?? Both did 133 140 crores movie already!!! So wat do u mean by 120crore???…
    Hello KID!!… struggling for 70crores actor… Has given 3 100crores club movies in last 5years!! 50crores actor has given 5 100 crores in 5 years!! I don’t think that’s easy.. May b for your own IDEOLOGY!!!
    ..opening day 32crores..speaks a lot about an actor!!! (Ajay)… 1st actor to gross over 2000crores in total ain’t an easy task!! Get that straight!!
    About stardom again… I don’t think SYLVESTER STALLONE wld praise and act in an Akshay movie if hewwasn’t a global star!!! (Kambak ishq!!).. I don’t think..I DONT THINK SYLVESTER STALLONE QUOTE prior to SINGHAM RETURNS wld read like this “OUR MOVIE IS SET TO CLASH WITH D INDIAN RAMBO OF BOLLYWOOD IN INDIA!! BEST OF LUCK TO AJAY DEVGN FOR SINGHAM RETURNS”!!!
    READ MY LIPS @SSS… NO MATTER HOW U CASTIGATE THESE SUPERSTARS…D WHOLE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THEM TOO!!!… grow up!! B sensible with your comments…and prove me wrong with my FACTS/STATS BACKING or then shut up!! JENNIFER LOPEZ NAME wld even b mentioned as to CAST with AJAY DEVGN if he had no stardom!!

  • @indicine… Well I would still leave that slot for d KHANS.. but with good scripts.. Good marketing.. Release date may not b a factor for both of them…yeah they can attain it but I think wats more important is that not only d KHANS will tell u ..I believe even d honest followers of Bollywood wld associate AKKI AJAY as d 2 superstars that were d RUNNING MATES for d 3 legendary KHANS FOR MORE ABOUT 25 YEARS!!!… I wish both of them luck wit their next ventures!!

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