Can a film starring Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar earn 200 crore?

Q: Can a film starring Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar collect Rs 200 crores in India if they get solo Eid or Diwali release? (Vyas Vivek)

A: Even films starring the Top 3 stars would struggle to cross 200 crore, if the film is not packaged well or the content is rejected by the audience. A star can only bring his audience to theatres in the first 2 or 3 days, after which a film relies on word-of-mouth. Stars like Akshay and Ajay would rely a lot more on content than someone like Salman Khan, but Singham Returns did take a record opening earlier this year. The film would have earned a lot more if the content was liked.

Q: Will Deepika Padukone be top actress if she does films like Finding Fanny and Piku? Wouldn’t it affect her box office collection average compared to other actresses who are doing more commercial films? (Jagga)

A: She can experiment once in a while. In a male dominated industry, female stars very rarely get to do meaty roles. When films like Finding Fanny or Queen come along, they grab it. It’s not just about box office collections, but also about critical acclaim and earning that respect from the audience – which is difficult in glamorous roles that they play in male-centric films. Finding Fanny may not have earned Deepika acclaim, but it didn’t affect her career one bit.

Q: Will PK earn Rs 300 crore? (Sohail, Neeraj, Dikshit and many more)

A: I think we have already answered this. PK will take a very good opening. But 300 crore is something that no film has managed to cross so far. If the content manages to find the appreciation that 3 Idiots did, 300 crore is definitely on. The problem for an Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani film is, the expectations are way too high. To match those expectations will be difficult, but it’s Hirani after all. Early reports from within the trade and those who have seen the film is highly positive, but that is always the case with most films.

Q: Please Indicine, can you make an article on the verdict of every film and maybe its collections for 2014 and it can carry on and be an article for the others years to come. It’s a suggestion. (Indu)

A: Sure. This is something that we are already working on. 2014 list will be published after PK. From 2015, we will have a page with collections of every film released. Thank you for your suggestion.

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  • Really good question by Vyas Vivek . I think Akki and Ajay can do it if they get a holiday release like Eid, Diwali and Christmas . If the content is mediocre like Tees Maar Khan, Himmatwala, AJ and OUATIMD then even holidays cannot help . Maybe in future i want to see Akki or Ajay having a holiday release in the future . @ Indicine Its a nice suggestion by Indu because many people have confusion regarding verdicts so it will be clear . I hope you do it when P.K. is out of the theatres . I expect this to happen in January 2015 .

  • i think akki starer singh is bling ,gabbar and movie like brothers can 200 cr. if they have good holiday release and positive word of mouth if ajay make movie like gangajal he can do this ajay first 200 cr. movie will be golmal 4 defently
    p.k has 100% chance to do 300 cr.

  • talking about the 1st question .. NO !! a movie starring Ajay Devgn or Aksbay Kumar can never earn 200 cr. Never !!
    even if the content is liked & the WOM is positive.

  • no doubt akki n ajay will definitely earn 200 cr mark my words
    goalmaal 4 will cross 200 cr for sure
    if u look back g3 was 4th film who cross 100 cr after ghajini, 3i, dabangg.
    if rr-2 make then little bit chance that movie cross 200 cr..
    hope both will cross 200 cr in his career…

  • definitely films of akshay and ajay will cross 200cr if they do one film per year with excellent content and with positive wom and holiday like eid,diwali and Christmas.
    As akshay does 4 movies per year so average grossing of his films is 70cr.
    But he if do only 2 movies with only just good content then his all fill will do 100 cr but if he follows above routine then 200cr is no far.

  • PK seems to collect around 180cr. If its like 3idiots, then 280cr. Its only SRK who give 300cr with Rohit Shetty.

  • May Akshays Career Is Not Going Well But That Doesnt Mean He Cant Give 200cr Movie.
    Baby Is Coming ,It Will Clear All The Doubts.


    SomeTimes Akshay’s Movies needs To Depend On Content Some Times It is Salman.
    Some days Back Salman’s Most Appreciated Movie ”Wanted” Collected Less Than Akshay’s Rejected Movie ”Tees Maar Khan”..
    Its Just A Matter Of Time.
    Those Days Will Come Back

  • Both Akki and AJ need solid content based movies which pleases both classes and masses for 200crs..
    But in Akki’s case I believe he can make 200crs with HF3 which has a strong recall as evident by the positive response HF2 got..

  • Ajay devgn n akshay kumar r true superstars. If khans would not have been there, they would have ruled bollywood.
    1) akki,ajay would never reach 200cr club will end up with 30+ hits in there career which is more rhan khans,hrithik n amir.
    2) shahid kapur will never reach 100cr but will have 10+ hits after his career over. Emran hasmi will end with 25+ hits with not reaching 100cr
    3) comedy genre with laugh riot movie like phir hera pheri has ended with akki not doing comedy.

  • Well said Indicine. Thats a moutain task for Akshay and Ajay to earn 200 crore. The fact is they are super star only with good content and good directer or multi star support.

    They are far behind than south Indian Satrs like Rajani, vijay, Ajith in collections

    true super stars of bollywood


  • An AJAY DEVGAN SOLO starrer will struggle to get to 100 crores if its not a South BB remake.

    Forget 200 crores.

    An AKSHAY KUMAR SOLO starrer will struggle to get to 100 crores if its not a South BB remake

    Forget 200 crores.

    Singham, SOS, Singham 2, Rowdy Rathode, Holiday are all Tamil, Telugu Block Buster remakes.

    Only Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh can deliver ORIGINAL 100+, 150+ and 200+ crores original 100+, 200+ crores blockbusters in 3 IDIOTS, CHENNAI EXPRESS, ETT, DABANNG, DON-2, RA.ONE etc.

    Only SHAH RUKH KHAN (not even Aamir, Salman) can give 100+ in all 3 different GENRE catagories with an ORIGINAL film like ROMANCE (JTHJ), Sci-Fi (Ra.One) soft action hollywood B grade(DON-2) & Masala (CE, HNY).

    Aamir tried different Genre & failed. Suspense thriller (Talaash), indie (DHOBI GHAAT).

  • 2nd question was quite a lame one.

    Deepika is number one not just because she was a part of blockbusters like Chennai Express or HNY, but because she has proved her existence in those movies.

    Consider this: Sonakshi Sinha in Rowdy Rathore and Deepika in Chennai Express. Remove Sonakshi and put any other actress in her role for RR and there is 0 impact. but change Deepika and you’ll see the impact.

    For that reason, she is right at the top.

  • hritk roshn dsnt have a genuine 200 cr movie which is widely accptd
    ajay has rohit shetty as u said there is a chance for golmaal 4 to do 200cr
    i rate ajay more than srk,hro n akki

  • @ zeeshan, your answer tells about your personality and mentality, you mean to say that even if the film has good content then it will not cross 200 cr, if crappy films like happy new year and chennai express cross 200 cr then why not films with good content, SRK, AAMIR, HRITIK AND SALMAN have only one release per year and that too on eid, diwaly, christmas holiday weekend. Akshay has not a single holiday solo release since tees maar khan, even after that he has given blockbusters such as rowdy rathore, housefull2, holiday. Tees mar khan created weekend record when it was released, so please shut up

  • Akshay Kumar can reached the 200 crores club if he get a chance to release his movie EID DIWALI INDEPANDANCE DAY and CHRISTMAS, because Akki sir is non holiday hero if he get a chance to release movie in holiday he will definitely becomes 200 crore actor, in this year Akki sir have 4 huge movies Baby, Gabbar, Brothers and Singh Is Blinng so the chances of Singh is bling 2nd ocotber is very tough for 200 crores.

  • @ zeeshan, also keep in mind the total cost of production and marketing, even if happy new year colected about 203 crores, its budget was about 140 crores, same thing with kick, it is roi that counts not crores you fool

  • There is no doubt Akki’s film can earn 200crs..
    For that it need to get a Holiday release (Eid,Diwali,Christmas)

    Akki faced a serious bad phase in 2009-2010 doing some crap films which dented his progress.
    Don’t forget he used to get thunderous opening back in 2008,2007…
    Even Kambakht Ishq,TMK were off to a flyer but failed to sustain due to poor WOM.
    Akki got holiday releases but failed to deiver..Be it (TmK-Christmas,Blue-Diwali)
    See this:

    SRK fans who are talking about stardom..let u remind one thing..HNY would have never got to 200crs had it be a non holiday release..SRK promotes and markets his films very well too which is’nt the case with akki films.

    I have said it earlier,saying it again— 150crs for a non holiday film is a brilliant collection!!!

  • Only khans have a power of 200 crrs and after that hrithik has also a chance of achieving this target but he has to fair enough and trust on his ability either that start doing manupolation

  • Akshay can definitely deliver 200+ cr movie…..remember when all other superstars were delivering back to back 100 cr movies like Dabang,bodyguard,Golmal 3,Ra1,Gajini,all were criticizing akshay as he had then given an array of flops like TMK,thank u,patiala house,Desi boyz but then there came 2 back to back 100 + cr grosser….Akshay is going to deliver 2 back to back 200+ cr grosser soon……..Do not forget akshay had his super stardom with record breaking opening collection between 2006-2010 when Salman was almost written off.He will bounce back with a bang…wait and watch

  • rk will hv 2 200cr grossers next yr and may even win the 2 respected awards of bollywood-filmfare and all awards r craps

  • Akshay Kumar’s films can reach the 200 crore mark only if he releases one film a year instead of 3-4 films a year.It also requires a good script, festive release date and a strong WOM from the audience as well as the critics.But as far as 2015 is concerned none of his films will reach the 200 crore club.Even 150 crore club looks far behind.His film Brothers looks to be good but may not be a big hit as it is sandwiched between salman khan’s BB and SRK’s khaitan fan(which looks to be really boring from the name itself).As a result of which it may not do good business.
    Akshay is not a crowd puller. His films will never cross 130 crore mark.

    As far as Ajay Devgn is concerned he is nothing without the likes of Rohit Shetty and Prakash Jha. Even Rohit shetty has more fan following than Ajay Devgn.
    Conclusion –
    Ajay Devgn is not even a 100 crore actor without Rohit Shetty

  • if one of the 4 films akki is releasing in 2015 doesn’t earn 200crs, I will never watch a bollywood movie on theatre again I swear. more so when two of those films will be promoted by karan johar and sanjay leela bansali.ithink Joker tarnished akki’s reputation among classes and masses, but if akki gave133cr(2900 screens) on non holiday two years back why not 200cr on festive release, huge screen count and hiked tickets, and before all khan bootlickers jamp the gun, please which khans non holiday release has grossed more than rr and these question is specifically for @indicine.

  • Deepika should be applauded for doing a film like finding fanny at a stage when she was at the peak of her career. Deepika’s performance was appreciated and it has earned her the tag of being an experimental actress.

  • i dont think so khans give chance to ajay or akki to release on festival :D coz they r scare to lose….. So no chance for ajay akki in even non festival but holiday weekend… Even khans dsnt have that ability to cross even 180-190cr on holiday but not festival… It xan happen also if content n wom is largelly +ve

  • @baap of khan’s .. Yeah Kid ! & your name sbows your personality .. such a hardcore Khan hater .. right moron ?
    what I’ve said is pure logic & common sense .. Wake Me Upp ! when a Akki or Ajay movie crosses 200 cr.
    they don’t have that kind of Stardom to even think of grossing 200 cr.

  • Ha ha ha ha.why not,in dreams akki and ajay starring movies can cross 200cr.but in reality one is struggling to surpass 70cr club and another one struggled to cross 50cr 2 times with himmatwala,aj.

    If akki/ajay a single film with holiday release also,then also hardly it will cross 120cr because their stardom is too lower compared to Ranbir,hr.leave the CRAZE of THE KHANS.

    @baap of fardeen/sohail khan,don’t give lecture about marketing strategy
    ,WHO knows that better than KING KHAN’S FANS.better to care about your sinking career.

    @babaji ka thullu,your mistake is you’re the fan of for in your whole lifetime you’ll only give excuse comments comments like that.don’t over expect,may all films of akki will recover it’s budget and will surpass 70cr successfully that will be a great achievement for him,better not to dream about 200CR.

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