Brad Pitt’s ‘Fury’ postponed by two weeks for SRK’s Happy New Year

Brad Pitt’s upcoming film ‘Fury’, which was initially scheduled to release in Indian theatres on October 17, has now been postponed by two weeks because of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year.

PVR Pictures, the distributors of ‘Fury’ in India will release the film only after the Diwali festivities and a week after Happy New Year releases in theatres.

“However, since the worldwide release is Oct 17 and that’s peak family time in India, given the festivities of Diwali, we took a conscious call to push the release.

“Also, ‘Happy New Year’ is coming out too, which will definitely be a priority watch for the audience as most people wish to during this period, watch movies with their families. We didn’t want to dilute the release of our film,” Deepak Sharma of PVR Pictures said in a statement.

Fury is a war drama, which also stars Shia Labeouf.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year



  • And this is news?
    A big hindi film releasing in India will always get most of the screens making it impossible for international films releasing on the same day. It will be vice-versa when an Indian movie releases in America, it pure logic. And people are thinking that it has been postponed globally? I mean, grow a brain!!

    Seems like the PR team of SRK is doing a great job in spreading these useless articles.

  • Fury is postponed in India only not worldwide bcoz HNY can affect Fury in India only not south indian movies r enough to give competition to HNY in diwali and comparison of south indian movies collections with HNY in south india will prove that this Diwali.

  • @Yuvraj good observation and the reason is while saying kiran he also had sunny deol in mind so due to fear kiran became

  • @Carnage —Indian films never postpone due to American release in America…….Its awesome to know that FURY is postponed bt Super Nani and Rang Rasiya was daring to

  • I thought Brad Pitt movie has been postponed globally since he is the global star with 3.7 billion fans. LOL! It is only in India. It has happened many times before!

  • Hollywood film postponed due to D3, ETT, KICK — SALMIR fans — Our star is greater than all the HOLLYWOOD stars….even 2050 slatted release is postponed.

    SRKs film forces HOLLYWOOD film to postpone — Is this a news…..Cheap PR work….lol

  • Srk haters are pinning high hopes on SHANKARs Ai in hope that it might reduce HNY collection in south.

    But SHANKAR left them high and dry and postponed his

    Last year also THALAIVA was a washout in south due to CE and also another film postponed in south due to

    Power of KING.

  • every hollywood release gets postponed when any big actor’s movie is lined up for release..expendables 2 was postponed during the release of ek tha tiger

  • In one scene of HTHS movie, Salman tells Madhuri “Tumhara honewala pati hakla hoga jo tumhara naam r r r r radha krke bolega” :D #hilarious

  • A day will come soon when no movie will release worldwide when our kings movie will release even in those countries where nobody watches our kings movies

  • Only in India lol
    In overseas Brad pitt’s lowest grosser earned more than Srk’s highest grosser.
    Aamir is King in overseas and Salman is King in India. These 2 are the real kings.

  • Haha haters come on king wants his haters to burn more…so come on post some more “DIL JALE” comments…I am enjoying this and I think every srkians is enjoying…Am I right my dear srk fans??

  • Actually haters are wishing any movie should release with HNY but their prayers going waste even super nani postpone for a week. Even though it release with HNY it won’t get more than 2 shows from multiplex forget about single scren

  • @ sachin 11& legend khan its just trailer of polkhol srk ki overacting ki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. well legend i remember that scene salman is main lead and srk looked supporting actor in that film and his role was jealous on salman what is his real life habbit also. all srk fans get ready to give logic of srk’s overacting in his movies kyunki abhi deewali aa rahi hai aur tum logo ke hisse ke pataakhe main gareeb bachcho mein baantuga. lol.

  • Doesnt matter one iota- the Film is looking like ‘Players Meet Joker Srk’ stuck in a washing machine so it will still come crashing down after Day 2…. It will be like Besharam or at best like Singham Returns 2 collection wise.

  • @legend
    There is always a single king …..So how can you say 2 kings of bollywood??????SRK is the king of bollywood …….I think he divided his territory into 2 where those 2 so called king rules……But there is ultimate king and that is SRK…

  • Aamirs 100 crs grosser in INDIA — X MAS

    200/250 crs grosser in INDIA — X MAS

    AAMIRS 100/150 crs grosser in overseas — X

    SRK s 100 crs grosser in INDIA — DIWALI

    200 crs grosser in INDIA — EID

    100 crs grosser in overseas — February


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