Ranveer’s own tribute to Hrithik, goes crazy on the streets of Mumbai! Watch

When Hrithik Roshan challenged Ranveer Singh as part of his ‘Bang Bang Dare’ contest, he wouldn’t have imagined in his wildest of dreams that the Ram Leela actor would go out of his way to show his love and admiration to the superstar who made his debut with Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. 

Not only did Ranveer dance to various hit songs of Hrithik, but also managed to wear a Krrish costume. The video ends with Ranveer saying “I love you Hrithik” and also rushed back to his car before the crowd realised who the man behind the mask was.

Ranveer tweeted the video with the message “My #bangbangdare ! Just for you @iHrithik :))”

Hrithik responded back with “Tere liye Jaan hazir hai! Dil jeetliya duniya ka!”

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  • At the knph times khans suffered from flops aamir & srk 3 flops salman had 2 flops but in start he had 3 big hits but knph was bigger hit so media said its end of khans now and hr is next superstar but after that hr gave so many flops and he hit the bulls eye again with papa rakesh. those who dnt know roshan is his grand father’s name. but everybody knows hrithik is at no.4 now in all actors and khans still at top position so who cares about media who always write bullshits against salman.

  • Ranveer has got everything crazy with this…such a aweful act! This guy is never gonna be a Superstar. He lacks the attitude found in Salman, SRK, AK, Hrithik and Akshay

  • I saw this video earlier…
    When he said the countdown it was too funny..I am too shocked ane laughing when i saw this..Ranveer showed his love for Hrithik..So,We also love hrithik..
    But we can’t do what Ranveer done in this video..

  • “Haven’t found anything interesting in Hollywood – Hrithik Roshan”

    Any actor would kill it to get a Hollywood offer, you have got 6 of them at the moment, what’s wrong with you, Hrithik?

    Granted, Mohenjo-Daro will be a better film, but he should finally sign a Hollywood film after it, India’s only hope to make it big in Hollywood.

  • For those who prayed Box Office India like a God last year when Krrish 3 was released. Here is the copy paste answer of Box Office India about the prediction of Bang Bang when asked by audience!

    Q. What will be the opening day of Bang Bang and can it beat the opening of Kick?
    Ans If Bang Bang was a solo release it would be the biggest opener of all time but with a clash it becomes about how much capacity you can get which is impossible to tell yet due to the clash with Haider. It should beat Kick and even an all time record can’t be ruled out as it may be able to get the screenings needed to achieve this.
    H. Kohli

  • @Rohit, srk is also offerd many hollywood scripts….and how can you say that he is india’s only hope in h’wood, because srk is more populor then him there….though yes i agree that he will be big star even in h’wood…

  • Kitana bhi koshis karle ranveer Kill Dil movie toh flop hone wala hai.Ranveer bete, you can try various type of promotion but results is flop kill dil. By the way bang bang gonna create history 2nd October.

  • Ranveer Singh truly is a entertaining guy . But i think he shoulf control this habit a little bit . Sometimes it looks really funny , sometimes it looks over the top . Ranveer is a nice actor . He was brilliant in Ram Leela and Lootera . But his performance in Gunday was pretty average . I have seen the trailer of Kill/ Dil it is a very ordinary trailer . Ranveer is not looking convincing as a Gangster the way he was looking in Gunday . His hairstyle is looking crap . He should have used moustache or a beard for the character of Dev . Ali is looking really good . I am happy he has really improved his voice . Govinda is Icing on the Cake . His evil laughter is just brilliant . If i will watch this movie in theatre it has to be for Govinda who will be seen after a long time . This is his second negative role after Shikari which came 14 Years back in 2000 . I have not seen but i will definitely see this .

  • Till yesterday babaji and nipun coursing ranveer sing now after this article he became darling for them. Before release date of Haider was second fevorite of nipun. Now tiger shrof is second fevorite.

  • @shit: Yes,still i don’t like Ranveer,but have to applaud him for what he has done..not like U guys who forgot to favour Shreyas Talpade…lol

  • What a crazy guy!!! Don’t make the traffic jam and give difficulties Jaanta! But it is nice to see him giving tributes to others!!

  • @babaji atleast wish him best of luck for kill dil.y r u so selfish.youngistaan loves hrithik and in return v get babaji ka thullu!

  • @babaji ka thullu. U hritik fans only liking those star who praise in fevour off HR. In future if ranveer’s any movie clash with HR movie u people will act like he is the biggest culprit just like u guys r doing with shahid. And why should we favour shreyas talpade. He should thanks that he got chance to work in one of the biggest worldwide hit. And we don’t bother to comment on shreyas thread but in contrast day before u were bad mouthing about ranveer on kill Dil thread.

  • @sht you should thank Shreyas Talpade every night before going to bed bcoz it was that gentle guys subtle acting that made the overbearing overacting of Srk n Kirron Kher in OSO bearable to watch…! He saved that third grade Kollywood film n made it just about on par with a bollywood film. Shreyas rocked in OSO despite Srks n Kirrons best efforts to drown out his beautiful gentle voice…! Mind it

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