Box Office Records that Jab Tak Hai Jaan chases

It’s finally time for Yash Chopra’s swan song Jab Tak Hai Jaan to release in theatres worldwide. The grand premiere will be held in Mumbai today and Yashji’s will be sorely missed.

Coming to the box office, the advance booking for the Shahrukh Khan starrer has been fantastic all over. The film is set for a good opening at the box office on Tuesday. So what are the box office records that JTHJ chases this Diwali? Read on..

  • First day : The first day record is currently held by Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger, which collected Rs 31 crores on Day 1. This record is out of reach for Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Three reasons: One, the film is releasing on Diwali and like last year’s Ra One, the evening and night shows are likely to be affected by the Diwali festivities. Two, fewer screens compared to ETT. And three, another big film Son Of Sardaar also releases tomorrow and business will be divided.
  • Biggest day : Another record that currently belongs to Salman and Ek Tha Tiger. Again, due to the clash and 20% fewer screens, the biggest day record is unlikely to be surpassed.
  • First Weekend (3 days): The target is 57 crores in 3 days (again ETT). Jab Tak Hai Jaan has to average over 19 crores in 3 days. Possible but not probable.
  • First Week (7 days): Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger and Bodyguard have both crossed 100 crores in 7 days. A solo release would have made it interesting. If the word-of-mouth is absolutely fantastic, JTHJ might just have a chance due to the extended 6 day weekend. It needs to average close to 17 crores to beat ETT.
  • Second Weekend: With 34 crores in it’s second weekend, the 2009-10 record currently held 3 Idiots remains unbroken. Content will be the absolute king, if JTHJ has to come anywhere close. No amount of pre-release hype or star value can bring audience to theatres in the second weekend. If JTHJ takes this record, the one that follows will finally be history!
  • Lifetime Collections: Ek Tha Tiger came close, but didn’t have enough fuel in it’s tank to eclipse the biggest blockbuster the industry has seen in the last decade – 3 Idiots. Can Jab Tak Hai Jaan cross 200 crores is what everyone seems to be asking. The increased ticket prices will help, but a lot would also depends on the repeat audience and the word-of-mouth the film carries. Even then, the release of Talaash on November 30th will have a major impact on the box office collections of JTHJ.

As for the individuals who are involved..

Katrina, SRK still from JTHJ

  • Shahrukh Khan: His last failure was ‘Paheli’ more than 7 years ago. Even if his latest release turns out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is unlikely to flop. For SRK, Ra One and Don 2 both crossed the 100 crore mark. It is likely to be a hattrick with JTHJ. And who knows, this could also be his first 200 crore film!
  • Katrina Kaif: Katrina finally scored a century with ETT, time for a double this time around? Either way, she is the top star in the industry  today and with films like JTHJ, Dhoom 2, Knight and Day remake with Hrithik Roshan, she will continue to rule for the next few years.
  • Anushka Sharma: A Yashraj favorite, JTHJ is likely to be Anushka’s first 100 crore film. Her upcoming films like Peekay and Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola could make her a serious contender for the top spot. For an industry outsider, who made her debut just 4 years back, she’s working with some of the best directors – Yash Chopra, Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bharadwaj and Rajkumar Hirani!
  • Yashraj Films: For obvious reasons, Jab Tak Hai Jaan will be a massive release for Yashraj Films. It’ll be a celebration of Yash Chopra – his eternal romantic tales, beautiful heroines, stunning locales and evergreen music.

So which of the above box office records can Jab Tak Hai Jaan break? Can the film beat 3 Idiots? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Indicine for all the coverage.

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  • Dont think it will break any records in India. 100 crores definitely but even that I think in 2 weeks. Overseas is another matter entirely. I think it will shatter all overseas records. Sadly its not releasing here until next week. SO I have to wait to catch it on screen

  • Tejas@
    wwwoooooowww man.
    Wat a silly joke..
    SRK is not a huge crowd pulles anymore??.
    >Ra.One had the highest single day record with 25crs..
    >Don 2 despsite less promotions opened to Record First day for a Non holiday movie with 15crs…
    >And with so much negativity Ra.One Did 125crs and Don 2 being only a Multiplex film did 112crs…
    >Don 2 is the 3rd Highest Grossing Movie of Bollywood with 238crs(2nd phase included).
    >Ra.One is The 4th Highest Grossing Movie Of Bollywood With 235crs(2nd phase included).
    And you are saying he is’nt a crowd puller hahahaha JOKE OF THE CENTURY

  • it all depends on the content….if the content is awesome then nothing can stop jthj from beating 3 idiots…the opening day record and the single day record look difficult to beat….but the other records are possible to beat but only if the content is strong enough…a major disadvantage for jthj is its running time due to which there r less shows in multiplexes….here in vizag a multiplex is showing 5 shows of jthj and 5 shows of sos…they said tat they wud inc or dec the no. of shows based on its content….in contrast last year the same multiplex gave 12 shows to ra one and don now the theatre owners r smart enuf to show only the good films…all the best to jthj…hope its an awesome film…if it is then the box office records will surely be broken..!!

  • JTHJ comes to BO to set new record to touch for others. I will be happy if it do Sachin Like century. 1st day record seems untouchable. But Slow and Steady win the race.

  • I think so srk’s jthj and ajay’s sos will create a new record and that will ”realse in one date two films and both are atb” it will a new record for bollywood

  • it is very difficult to break any domestic record for jthj, ETT run time was less than jthj, & it was a salmanbhai’s movie, less shows in multiplex and less screen too
    And by chance if it will break even a single record that would magical …..

  • Speaking sincerly
    1st day ..record not possible.
    1st weekend ..tough.
    second weekend tough..
    rest fine…
    coz it already has 10day by second wknd many might have seen JTHJ…rest depends on WOM and repeat factor

  • Tuesday – 15 cr
    Wednesday – 25 cr
    Thursday – 20 cr
    Friday – 15 cr
    Saturday – 18 cr
    Sunday – 20 cr

    First extended weekend – 113 cr

    Monday – 10 cr
    Tuesday – 9 cr
    Wednesday – 8 cr
    Thursday – 8 cr

    First week – 148 cr

    Friday – 9 cr
    Saturday – 10 cr
    Sunday – 11 cr

    Second weekend – 30 cr

    There after – 25 cr

    Total – 202 cr

  • I believe the content will be promising, not limited to romance, since SRK is employed with the special task forces… This is the only film I have shown firm belief in, in terms of content.
    @Indicine, in complete agreement with you — not fast, but steady in the long run…

  • why people says srk in billu and dulha mil gaya.
    so what.

    then aamir also gets more screen space than srk in dhobi ghaat. talking about srk’s records .
    only insecure people are dislike every comment about srk why? the reason he is only star who is consistent and compitator.
    jthj might not break any records but it will break easily record of ett. if even rave reviews comes movie will collect more even flop collects 91.10cr in 5days with high negativity by only salman khan and aamir khan fans.
    so if does in 5days 91.10cr so jthj 100cr in 6days .easily

    so 105cr weekend, 135cr week1,
    lifetime 187cr plus when the reviews are mixed.
    it can make 200crs .but aamir kahan and salman khan fans are not watching it due to insecure.
    so only on srk’s fan following 187cr and ww it can easily break 3i record veer zaara in 2004 collects 50cr overseas in 8yrs it wil increase upto 110-120cr .(for those who says it is only multiplex film so overseas nobody can even touch jthj) .

  • the wom will be surely negative because of aamir and salman fans. they make bad reviews without watching the film. even if the film break 3i record then still call it flop. its nothing new for srk’s fans.

    so the movie only depending upon neutral film following people ,and supportive akshay and hritik fans because they never insecure.
    that’s why srk fans are supportive to akshay hritik.

    but some people are spreading nonsense even the film break any of record ….,.

    in short wom is not depend for srk films because insecure people will alaways spreading negativity without watching the film.

  • people are devoted their entire life to spread. negativity about srk.

    even content like don2 they never understand and contents like dabangg bodyguard and gajini they says superb. these peoples are only made for salman and aamir films so that’s why our film industry never grow up.
    even people says dabangg was far better than agneepath and rowedy rathore in terms of story, acting,action?

  • jthj will not be able to break first day or single day record. But it has a chance to break first weekend and first week record and it will surely break 2nd week record or life time record.

  • @Nilesh. Yes Indian public sometimes surprises me
    You find a movie like Ready and Kya Super Cool hai Hum do amazing business in India yet I found them really silly and you get movies like Love Paisa Dilli bombing due to the actors involved.
    I also enjoyed Agent Vinod yet it flopped and ETT is the second highest grossing Bollywood movie of nearly the same genre.
    Dabang plot was just silly. It was Salman and Chulbul pandey who carried the movie.
    Some reviewers also surprise me when they ask silly questions regarding the plot of the movie. Some examples I remember:
    3 Idiots someone asking why they gave the story of Rancho’s choldhood. But that was important for the whole movie to make sense. Its why Rancho urf Wangdu disappeared
    Don 2 Someone asked why is don inconsistent and why is he nice to Roma when they go into the bank. I mean have they never heard of something called Manipulation and lying to get what you want?
    ETT someone asking why RAW is suddenly helping Tiger towards the end. I thought that was obviously explained in the movie. Again manipulation and lies.
    Why do people expect straight forward things?
    The reviewers really need to up their game and ask some really thought provoking questions on the movie plot and not something that has obviously been explained in the movie. Also I think most of them lack objectivity and report with the bias they have towards the actors

  • i think first weekend and first week record will be broken if film is liked, for breaking 2nd week and 3idots record it should have to be extraordinary

  • JTHJ will be going to flops after the first weekend. JTHJ will also not break any salman records. like ETT or Bodyguard. JTHJ will falls whereas SOS will emerge as winner. Diwali raja will be Ajay devgan.

  • jthj at least original film 2 watch. Emran hasmi n srk they got guts to bring something new n ppl love that to watch. Not like ajay, akshay , sallu , aamir remake n remake. This year so far only imran hasmi n jthj is original came out. Sos also remak so deffinatly it will be super hit. But srk dont know yet it will b hit or flop. I wish srk n hasmi must do remake than sallu friends will cry 4 record.

  • I was lucky to catch a advance preview screening of Jab Tak Hai Jaan.I have watched many ‘Indian’ movies for the last 35 years or so and this must rate as one of the best Indian movies ever. I’ve listened to the songs before i’ve even heard of which movie it originated from and absolutely had goose-bumps watching the movie and hearing the songs which I had already considered my all-time favorites! I have never come across any other movie which had so many romantic melodies in one. The climax to the movie was totally unexpected which is different from so many of the mainstream ‘Indian’ movies where the ending is totally predictable.Shahrukh Khan has once again proved why he is called the King of Bollywood!

    This movie was truly great and very romantic.It was pretty enjoyable from beginning to end.This is one of the best movies ever from Yash Raj films,a total quality movie all the way.The direction by Yash Chopra was truly excellent.The screenplay is commendable.This music was very nice my favorite one being Ishq Shava and Heer.The other tracks like Saans,Jab Tak Hai Jaan,Jiya Re were also excellent. This movie is beautifully shot with rich sets and costumes..The scenes are well executed.The acting was top-notch. SRK was superb in his role and was quite convincing.In my opinion Katrina has given her best performance in this movie. Anushka was just perfect in her role.

    Yash Chopra has given us one of his best films till date,may his soul rest in peace.Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a powerful and beautiful movie and a must see. 10/10

  • I think Yash chopra had a dream of this film, he wanted everyone to see this movie and i’m sure he is trying to say something really good through this movie. I love Shah rukh Khan but here it’s also about the Yash chopra’s vision.

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