Why is Aamir Khan not promoting Talaash?

Film critic and trade analysts Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers. More questions like “Will Anushka Sharma be the top actress after JTHJ and Peekay”, “Top contender to win Best Actor award this year”, “Response to the Dabangg 2 promo” will be answered tomorrow.

1. Why is Aamir not promoting ‘Talaash’? Is it because it’s an offbeat film and Aamir wants to underplay the promotion in order to manage audience expectations? Or is ‘Talaash’ really a commercial film and is Aamir not promoting it because of the rift with Reema? – Lisa

  • Answer to your last question is a definite ‘no’. Also, ‘Talaash’ is NOT an offbeat film. Yes, it is quite apparent that promotion of ‘Talaash’ is not inline with that of other Aamir starrers or even those coming from his contemporaries. However, I strongly believe that there is a strategy behind this as well. Wait till 18th November once the euphoria around ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘Son of Sardaar’ would have reasonably settled down and the picture is clearer. ‘Talaash’ is expected to pick on momentum after that.

2. Can we say that higher screens count is directly related to higher opening like ‘Ra. One’ but ‘content’ is essential for good lifetime collections, just like ‘3 Idiots’? – Shams Haider

  • Bang on. What else explains the fantastic collections of ‘OMG – Oh My God’, ‘Kahaani’, ‘English Vinglish’ and ‘Vicky Donor’, each of which had opened to an average to below average note?

3. ‘Khiladi 786’ looks like a ‘masala’ entertainer but since it is being released in a period where all three Khans are releasing their films, can it gross 100 crores amount? Especially at that time when Aamir’s movie would be in its second week? – Rajnish

  • If a film is appreciated, competition – especially from the week before or after – doesn’t really matter. Speed to reach the 100 crore mark may be affected but not the prospects. Last year, six films had released in June and July out of which two did more than 100 crores (Ready, Singham), one came almost close (Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara), one struck a half century (Delhi Belly) while a couple were almost there (Murder 2, Double Dhamaal). That’s a good enough testimonial to demonstrate the fact that a good film has ample scope to perform. As for ‘Khiladi 786’, it immensely benefits from a free two week run till ‘Dabangg 2’.

4. I have few observations and then I will form my question. These are all related to JTHJ. As it is the most viewed Hindi trailer on YouTube as well as most liked, Yash Chopra & Shahrukh Khan coming together after 8 long years, Shahrukh Khan & Katrina Kaif paired opposite each other for the very first time, Yash Chopra & AR Rahman coming together for the first time and also the death of Yash Chopra (though sounds a bit harsh) – do all these factors give JTHJ an edge over ‘Son of Sardaar’? Also will it give Shahrukh Khan that mass acceptance in India which has been lacking for the past couple of years (because in the overseas markets he is anyways going to do very well? – Dhiraj

  • Let’s take just one reference point – ‘Shaan’. The film came after the biggest film ever made, ‘Sholay’. It had Ramesh Sippy and Amitabh Bachchan coming together, had an added cast of Shashi Kapoor, Rakhee, Shatrughan Sinha and Parveen Babi, R.D. Burman had composed some chartbuster songs while production values were huge. Everyone knows what happened to it. Past reputations matter but only for first 2-3 days. Post that it is the film that does the talking. More recently it was the case of ‘All The Best’ v/s ‘Blue’. Whether it is JTJH or SOS, it’s the better film that will score. If both are good, then sky is the limit.

5. What are your expectations from ‘Knight and Day’ remake keeping in mind the fact that it was not a commercial hit in Hollywood? – Rahul

  • Very good expectations since the film is just tailor-made for Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. They are just the perfect fit for films that require a stylish treatment with fabulous looking protagonists. Also, director Sidharth Anand has an eye for visuals and for his first ever hardcore action thriller, he is going all out to give the film a cutting edge treatment.

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  • Knight & Day remake will definitly be a huge BLOCKBUSTER. Hrithik suits the best in these kinda roles. i m sure after Krrish3 & Knight & Day remake, he’ll be in the top 2 atleast if not at the top.
    And about Talaash, i think it’ll gather momentum in a weeks’ time. it’ll be a great film as well.
    As for K786, it might get affected bcoz of Dabangg2 & Talaash.

  • Hrithk Roshan will soon regain his no.1 position in 2 years. but still competition will be on between Salman, Aamir, Ranbir, & himself for the top spots.
    After 2 years, i think, the stars ranking will be as follows:

    1. Salman/Hrithik
    3. Aamir
    4. Ranbir
    5, Akshay

  • Nice answers .Knight and day trust me wil rock the nation first of all the hollywood version is ahit not abig one but its ahit and has agood rating from people and critic but this is bollywood and this film has everything to work like hell .Hrithik and kat in these stylish role will burn the screen just remember with avery ordinary script hrithik with his stylish act in dhoom make people go crazy and this time with kat things will became better just imagine hrithik and kat dancing together in ahot massala song .Just cant wait for this film

  • waitin fr talaash , vl b interesting ,final fate of JTHJ n SOS lies in their content, khiladi 786 has to b exceptionally gud to keep up d momentum, knight n day remake vl b too cool , eagerly waitin !!

  • it would be a treat to watch hrithik in knight and day…damn excited…this movie will shatter all records…hrithik and kat looks perfect for this movie….love you hrithik…
    sure shot blockbuster..

  • Knight & Day will be huge a BB & expecting Talash to be superb movie & to do some record breaking business at box office….

  • Taalash needs no promotion..bcoz content is the hero of this film. Taalash goona be the best film of this year. We believe in Brand ‘Aamir’.

  • hrithik???gonna be the biggest megastar ever.i feel depressed till now also,that kites and guzaarissh gone floped.hrithik,break alll the records.u wl be the no.1.

  • aamir is not promoting talaash!!TRUE…b’cos he knows its goin to flop. and in addition..after kareena got married, her image is no longer there for audience. so nobody goes to see her anyways too….reema kagti’s last movie dhobi ghat was a disaster!!all these accounts for talaash. maximum …even if the movie is good…….. 60-70 crores!!thats it.

  • @indicine…whatever i write..please dont send it for moderation.i’m not using any abusive comments or anything destructive. i’m coming from a family with producers and directors, so i know the industry better than hundreds who comment over here. no offence please.

  • knight and day is a blockbuster material..
    Kat upcoming movies are:
    jthj potential to do 200cr
    dhoom 3 potential to do 250cr
    knight and day potential to do 200cr..

    Hrithik upcoming movies are:
    krrish 3 potential to do 250 cr
    knight and day potential to do 200..
    So, hrithik will reing de supremacy at box office after knight and day…
    Vijay dinanath chauhan aka all de way..

  • KRRISH 3 n KNIGHT AND DAY remake, dese 2 r sure shot all tym blockbusters , nothin cn stop hrithik frm reignin d box office supremely n regain bck his position at top !!!

  • please dont comment here about hrithik or whatever?????his potential, that potential blah blah blah…here comment only about talaash..otherwise get lost. nobody cares about krishh or knight n day..i saw the original tom cruise movie..theres nothing in it special!!and it was a box office flop in hollywood. check google wiki!!

  • Those who think Talaash will flop can keep dreaming. It’s a full fledged Aamir Khan film after 3 years! It’ll have best performances & best, most unique content! Unlike routine masala films or usual love stories.
    Talaash is a super hit even if Aamir does not promote it at all!

  • @praveen, bete old agneepath was also a box office flop bt hrithik made the new agneepath blockbuster, dats d power of hrithik, he meks d remake of failures n meks dem success, sem vl b wid knight n day remake, ppl r tlkin abt knight n day n hrithik here coz of d qsns is based on dat only , so bttr u shut ur mouth

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