Box office: My Name Is Khan in US

My Name Is Khan opened to record-breaking numbers in US, but dropped sharply during the weekdays and the while business picked up during the 2nd weekend, the collections were around 37% of its first weekend. Detailed list of figures below. 

Box office figures of My Name Is Khan in the Unites States of America.

  • Day 1 – $446,645 (Rs 2.1 crores)
  • Day 2 - $733,416 (Rs 3.4 crores)
  • Day 3 - $763,966 (Rs 3.55 crores)
  • Day 4 - $320,956 (Rs 1.5 crores)
  • Day 5 – $119,615 (Rs  0.55 crores)
  • Day 6 – $93,118 (Rs  0.43 crores)
  • Day 7 – $74,567 (Rs 0.35  crores)

Weekend totals

  • 1st weekend – $1,944,027 (Rs 9 cores)
  • 2nd weekend – $720,000 (Rs 3.35 crores)


  • Record breaking first weekend.
  • Dropped sharply during the weekdays.
  • Second weekend collections were 63% lesser than first.
  • Total so far from the Unites states is around Rs 12.4 crores.


  • There was just a 9% drop in case of 3i, check box office mojo.
    And, because of this trending I was always saying that inspite of record breaking 1st weekend, at the end it will not be breaking 3i record overseas also.

  • my name is khan has broken all records overseas but it diid not work in india.the reason is that the indians are very selfish people.they do not like anything that is in favour of muslims.thats why they had a great pain that “OH MNIK IS IN FAVOUR OF MUSLIM SO LET US NEGLECT IT”.such a foolish people.but enghlish are good people.they try to explore reality.and what may be a reality they accept it with open indians r just jealous of such a smashing film only because it is a muslim favouring.i want to tell all those indians that WE R MUSLIMS AND WE R NAO TERRORIST.there r good people and bad people in every religion.either it is islam,christianity or any other.and u should face the reality.and not try to run away from this truth.

  • My Name Is Khan First Week Collections Major Centres
    Monday 22nd February 2010 08.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan (First Week)

    Mumbai/Thane – 7.39 crore from 106 cinemas

    Ahmedabad – 1.77 crore from 25 cinemas

    Surat – 62 lakhs from 6 cinemas

    Baroda – 65 lakhs from 8 cinemas

    Bharuch – 11 lakhs from 3 cinemas

    Nadiad – 9 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Valsad – 6 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Anand – 14 lakhs from 3 cinemas

    Rajkot – 29 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Jamnagar – 8 lakhs from 3 cinemas

    Bhavnagar – 8 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Gandhidham – 8 lakhs f6om 2 cinemas

    Nasik – 26 lakhs from 7 cinemas

    Belgaum – 7 lakhs from 3 cinemas

    Hubli – 9 lakhs from 1 cinema

    Delhi – 5.70 crore from 36 cinemas

    Noida – 78 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Ghaziabad – 1.02 crore from 14 cinemas

    Lucknow – 63 lakhs from 7 cinemas

    Kanpur – 36 lakhs from 5 cinemas

    Agra – 24 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Varanasi – 22 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Meerut – 19 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Allahabad – 10 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Aligarh – 9 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Gorakhpur – 8 lakhs from 1 cinema

    Gurgaon – 1.15 crore from 8 cinemas

    Faridabad – 61 lakhs from 9 cinemas

    Ambala – 15 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Panipat – 12 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Kolkata – 3.08 crore from 70 cinemas

    Nagpur – 48 lakhs from 9 cinemas

    Raipur – 23 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Jabalpur – 11 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Amravati – 5 lakhs from 2 cinemas

    Indore – 71 lakhs from 9 cinemas

    Bhopal – 25 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Gwalior – 17 lakhs from 4 cinemas

    Jaipur – 1.10 crore from 13 cinemas

    Ajmer – 12 lakhs from 3 cinemas

    Hyderabad – 1.69 crore from 31 cinemas

    Aurangabad – 19 lakhs from 5 cinemas

    Bangalore – 2.41 crore from 18 cinemas

    Mangalore – 13 lakhs from 1 cinemas

  • I am very happy that MNIK declared flop in India, because SRK fans were making fun of akshy’s movie.
    Now same thing happened to SRK.he he he he he

  • 10 days Total is near to 55 cr
    1st week 44 cr
    2nd weekend 11 cr
    Total 55 cr
    looks like 2nd week will finish at 60 cr and life time near to 68-70 cr.
    status above average

  • mslamansrk: me too, noticed that any movie relates to muslims it flops in India!! that proves that hindu ppl ( inside their heart) don’t like muslims, the movie New York was a hit because the subject wasn’t about (muslim victims) but was about (indian victims)! Kurban which was a good movie with a good direction flopped in india too because it was about.. muslim terrorists.. that’s the main reason for the flop!

    • Fathiya, couldn’t disagree more on your comment. Absolutely untrue, the biggest stars in the country are muslims.. are you saying Indians dont love them?

      MNIK was never a ‘Muslim’ movie in the first place, it was about humanity. Yes, maybe the muslims of the world would understand it better, but that’s about it.

  • Fathiya ur totally wrong.. its not bcoz of muslim movie its bcoz of content of the movie ,, even i am muslim i didnt like kurbaan.. its a fate whether film is hit or flop,,,
    if Hindu ppl dont like muslim story line film then y the hell 3 khans are famous in india
    what u think only muslims watch film of 3 khans,,, , neither muslims nor hindus,its INDIAN who is watching film,, ur so mean Mrs. Fathiya !!!!!!!

    I am Proud to be an INDIAN

  • one more thing forgot dont forget Chakde ..
    where SRK is muslim (kabir khan) what is the verdict of movie . is it flop ??

  • srilanka012345 R u foool. If yes do reply to my comment.

    MNIK is the movie for people with minds & fool like u will alway watch movies like blue, drona etc.

    Growup & if u r from Srilanka apne country main pehle ek film bana jo atleast MNIK ke budget tak income kar sake then make this type of comments.

  • Nano,

    Truth is that there was a sms distributed during the release of MNIK due to the controvery to release movie in Mumbai due to srk’s statement that ” If muslims have seen movie ‘ me shivajirao bhosale boltoy’ then people should see movie of a muslim, specially MNIK” this has happened & its truth.

    Cann’t give u evidence, but belive me I have nothing to take or give to you, so I don’t need to lie with u.

  • chiraggandhi I am from India dude . My original name is SAJU DEY .srilanka012345 is my user name .

    Cool dude MNIK ko flop hone se GOD bhi nahi bacha sakta .

    Bakwas movie & also very boring . Thanks

  • Indicine Team: well that’s what I noticed and I didn’t say that indian ppl don’t like muslims.. yeah.. if that was true Shahrukh, Aamir & Salman could never be superstars and no one hv watched their movies, but I said that I noticed that any bollywood movie is about muslims or muslim’s culture or religion fail at the box office in india.. so if I was wrong, then do u hv any explanation when some of those good movies about muslims (specially MNIK) flop or don’t do so well at the box office?

    I don’t know the final verdict about MNIK coz I don’t follow up the figures and how much the movie did per week in india or overseas, but I think it did quite a good business, it’s not a flop movie.. right?

    And I still don’t get it.. why the movie Kurban failed in India?! I saw it again on a dvd, and I saw the love making scene (dvds show everything!) they’ve crossed the red line!! the filmmakers, Saif & Karina but I don’t think that (that scene) is the main reason for the failure!

  • MNIK is a worst movie how ppl can like that crap movie if u dont have any sense does it mean evryone to be similar like what a crap ur

    where are they who told mnik is ATBB, masterpiece, first ever bollywood movie to collect 500 cr,,
    the best movie ever srk had,, i am waiting for them but nobody is here,,,
    might be in hospital for special treatment after a flop of mnik hahahhhahahahahaahahahaha

    mnik is big flop of 2010

  • srk’s Ra1 budget will be of 100 cr

    Heard this?? Shah Rukh Khan is not sitting idle after My Name Is Khan and preparing to start superhero flick Ra1( opposite sexy siren Kareena Kapoor), which will cost around hundred crore rupees. Due to its huge cost, Shah Rukh Khan has decided to produce the film through his own production house Red Chillies for director Anubhav Sinha. However, King Khans superhero flick will not be made in English as he wants it to be made only for Indian audiences in Hindi. Earlier, there was some talk of the film being made in English but Shah Rukh Khan shot down the idea as he was not convinced about the viability of making a film in English when they already had their own spider man and superman etc. Sources close to Shah Rukh Khans production house say that Ra1 will have breathtaking stunts from King Khan, which will be for the first time not only for him but also for bollywood. The special effects team is being hired from Hollywood to get everything perfect for the gutsy Khan. Shah Rukh Khan has already started working out to prepare himself to be able to perform the daring stunts for the film.

  • Fuck all those who say that “My Name Is Khan” is flop film ..its an all time blockbuster film..i lov it soo much…SRK rocks…he got the best actor for it …..hats off !! <3

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