Bollywood’s Highest Grosser of the Year: 1989 – 2015

2015 is coming to an end and it’s Salman Khan yet again who has topped the Highest Grosser of the Year for a record 9th time (10 if Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where he had a supporting role, is included in the list).

Nearly 300 Hindi films release every year and only one film tops them all. In today’s times, it takes a combination of good content, a major superstar and a genre with universal appeal for a film to generate more than Rs 250 / 300 crore at the box office.

Salman SRK Aamir Hrithik Sunny

The biggest grosser of the year is also the film that has widely been accepted and brings the maximum number of people to theatres. In this day and age, with prices of movie tickets soaring, piracy increasing and various options for entertainment (like television and video-sharing websites), it’s tough to bring audiences to theatres.

Hence, topping the ‘biggest grosser list’ is nothing short of a major achievement. Below we have compiled a list of the highest grossing films from 1989 to 2015.

Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989)Dil (1990)DDLJ (1995)Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (2000)Border (1997)
Saajan (1991)Raja Hindustani (1996)Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)Koi Mil Gaya (2003)Gadar (2001)
Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)Ghajini (2008)Devdas (2002)Dhoom 2 (2006)
Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999)3 Idiots (2009)Veer Zaara (2004)
No Entry (2005)Dhoom 3 (2013)Om Shanti Om (2007)
Dabangg (2010)PK (2014)
Bodyguard (2011)
Ek Tha Tiger (2012)
Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)
  • Salman Khan has delivered the highest number of ‘highest grossers of the year’ 9 times since 1989, which also happens to be the year he made his debut. His best years are between 2010 – 2012, when he managed to beat his contemporaries for three continuous years. In 2015, he topped the list once again after making way for Aamir Khan in 2013 and 2014.
  • But there is one special record that not many others can boast of. Salman is the ONLY superstar who has two ‘biggest grossers of the decade’. Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun were the biggest grossers of the 80s and 90s respectively. The 2000s belonged to Aamir, as 3 Idiots was the highest grosser of the previous decade.
  • Apart from the 5 biggest hits of the year to his credit, Shah Rukh Khan has given the 2nd biggest hits of the year for a record 8 times – Deewana (1991), Karan Arjun (1995), Dil To Pagal Hai (1997), Mohabbatein (2000), Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2001), Kal Ho Na Ho (2003), Main Hoon Na (2004) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008). He has also consistently made it to the Top 5 since his debut in 1992.
  • Salman has delivered Top 2 biggest grossers of the year four times. Hum Saath Saath Hain and Biwi No. 1 in 1999, Bodyguard and Ready in 2011, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2 in 2012, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in 2015.
  • 2006 belonged to Hrithik Roshan as Dhoom 2 and Krrish were the 1st and 2nd biggest hits of the year respectively. Hrithik has also ruled the box office in 2000 (Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai) and 2003 (Koi Mil Gaya).
  • Ajay Devgn has three 2nd biggest grosser of the year to his credit. Phool Aur Kaante in 1991, Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha in 1998 and Golmaal 3 in 2010.
  • Akshay Kumar has never delivered the highest grosser of the year so far in his career, but came close as many as 4 times. Mohra in 1994, Welcome in 2007 were the 2nd biggest hits while Singh is King and Rowdy Rathore came 3rd in 2008 and 2012 respectively. He would have probably topped the list in 2007, if Taare Zameen Par did not release on the same day.
  • Hrithik and Salman are the only big stars to deliver the biggest grosser of the year with their debut films.
  • Among the top stars, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor are yet to deliver the year’s biggest grosser, something that Sunny Deol managed twice with Border (1997) and Gadar (2001).
  • In terms of footfalls, Salman topped the 1980s (Maine Pyaar Kiya) and 1990s (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun). Gadar was the most watched movie of 2000’s, a film that sold many more tickets than 3 Idiots.
  • In the current century, when Aamir Khan made it to the top of the list, he not only delivered the highest grosser of the year, but also the highest grosser of all time. Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK were the highest grossers of the year, highest grossers of all time and All Time Blockbusters.


  • @nvs – check the comment of anand….he clearly said amir is lower to even srk in fan following 😈
    u support salman so you call him no 1….but y he said he is lower to srk? without fan following dhoom 3 collected 285 cr? both srk and salman movies struggled to cross 200 cr on diwali whither the wom was mixed like dhoom 3….still u need amir stardom proof?😃
    u accept or not but u all have not left a single chance to degrade amir on this page…..please accept that amir is no 1 in this era….period.
    don’t be blind for salman….he has fan following..whi is denying that…he is ahead if srk..we all know…but he is behind amir…that’s the fact

  • Who are these moron ids ‘AK fan’, ‘Abhay’, ‘Raj Suman’, trying to degrade Salman by posing as Aamir fans. It is the same person. Chameleonism at its peak.

    Is easy to be a chameleon,
    create a new ID noone has ever seen before,
    bash Salman by calling him all kinds of insults,
    then spend rest of the comment praising Aamir,
    so that everyone thinks the new ID is an Aamir fan and not an SRK fan.
    Add 1-2 small abuses for Srk as well, to remove all doubt.

  • @shehenshah khan
    Why are you so hell bent on insulting Salman wherever possible? I have never seen a fellow Aamir fan abuse a Salman fan on an argument about fan-following. Looks like you are a chameleon.
    Both Salman and Aamir are way ahead of Shahrukh in terms of fan following, crowdpulling factor.
    Seems frustration after Dilwale failure has caused you to take up Aamir’s id. Srk will remain a failure in front of Aamir/Salman.

  • @legend – dude u don’t have any right to call me chameleon…have u seen my on srk salmam articles ever? i see all the articles but i never comment…i comment only on amir articles…n i don’t have any issue with salman srk or any other actor…but just bcoz sallu amir r friends u can’t snatch d credit frm amir…wat i m requesting? just accept amir as no 1…when did i abuse salman or spoke bad words for him? ….in fact..i don’t go n bash other actors just in the fear that they will bash amir back and i don’t want to become the reason for someone bashing shehanshah…but yes… i be fighting for amir credit..for that u bash me or call me Chameleon….i don’t care…but if salman fans really respect amir…they should accept amir no 1 position…
    n before calling me chameleon…see how anand insulted amir saying he is behind srk fan following….as a dir hard fan i won’t beer all this.

  • @legend – for ur info…i have been commenting here since a long time…but i comment only on amir articles…so u r calling me chameleon…i think i should start commenting on other actors article…..den only u will understand if i m real or nt….😊

  • So once again Queens fans are masquerading here trying to break the union of Salmir…!

    It works each n everytime but having said it amazes me how the regular salmir fans keep getting sucked in by the chameleons as they get frustrated…! Stay calm n ignore the chameleonism- they will get bored n eventually move on…!

    Salmir roxXxXx

  • @Shehanshah Khan, yes I said it. That is my observation and anaysis. I dont mean it to be a universal truth and want you to accept it either.
    At least we are dignified and have not resorted to name-callings against Aamir. Meanwhile your mates are openly calling Salman as Lallu.

    @Navin, dear we dont want to say anything against Aamir at all. Because he minds his business, not jealous and doesnt make fun of othere.
    But some Aamir fans here, if they are true fans or chameleon ones have gone too far.

    Like @Indicine has clarified that both first @Suchit who wrote comments against Salman and later @Suchit who said it was not he who bashed Salman are the Same one.

    @Indicine, thanks for clarification. Really thanks!!

  • Shenasha khan @ bhai thoda kam logic apna ko relse hui 2014 m now bb 2015 nd 320 cr if contant all movie is high as like aamir sir to salman sir bhi aage hote ..!! Bb contan salman sir top form.
    Without contant aamir sir talash ..90 cr ..nd jai ho 117 cr .!!

  • @Anand bro lets forget everything and make a piece now. I admire salman’s 5 back to back blockbusters record which is like a taj mahal as one of the seven wonders of the world and similarly salman’s 7 blockbusters in last 5 years is a great and a big record in box office history. Now lets forget every misunderstandings and fight and make a piece. Lets make an agreement now that we should not bash each others stars and speak only good and make a bond. So cheers. I apologize if I hurt you and other Salman fans. Please rejoice this and forget our fight.

    @all Salman fans if you are hurt than I personally apologize. I always respect Salman for his charity and other works. I might have some misunderstandings so now lets make a piece.

  • @sandeep kumar, but salman sir’s jai ho released in 2014 and aamir sir’s talaash released in 2012. what about that. and if salman would have been in talaash and released on same period in 2012 then it would have ended up at 60 cr life time. also jai ho’s screens were more than 4000 while talaash screens were only 2500 and talaash’s ticket prise were also much lower as compared to jai ho. so just think about it. without content salman sir’s jai ho also was a semi hit. …!

  • @suchit:
    This is not the first time you have done so. See here

    At first you bash Salman and if someone shows you the mirror then you say that you respect Salman and blah blah.. Hence, your apology makes no sense.

    BTW, No Bhai fan is fighting with you or any other Perfectionist fan. So there is no question for forgetting the fight or remembering the fight…!!!

  • @Tiger bro i just said that I apologia if i went wrong. and i am not claiming myself perfect because every humans make a mistake and no one is perfect. I already clarified my statement. I just thought that some salman fans were trying to belittle aamir that’s why i just defended my statement. that doesn’t make me chameleon. now i want to end this here. i said forget whatever misunderstandings happen and just rejoice the fact that aamir and salman both are on top and just make it end the discussion here.

  • @shastri dude ye maine eg …diya if contant is good to 3 khan..ek dusre ko easily beat kar sakte h ..!! Nd screen ..2012 actor ki performance jis hisab se hoti h usi hisab se screen provide ki jati h ..! 2012 also bodygurd relse in 2250 screen nd business do 155 cr ..!!

  • @ screen doesnt matter mere bro if contant is good eg ..twmr2 mord of mouth extremly postive earn 151 cr with 2000 screen ..!! If this movie word of mouth mixed then its turn out 60 cr with 2000 screen ek m 150 kr rhi h wahi screen or ek m 60 kr rhi wahi screen fark kya h wom nd contant ka ..jai ho contant not good ..then 117 cr talash also not good then 95 ..accept it..!!

  • @sandeep kumar first check the imdb ratings of talaash and then talk. talaash was one of the finet movies. it was off beat movie with no masala and no commercial genre that’s why it didn’t cross 100 cr. if salman had starred in talaash then also result would be same or lower. it doesn’t matter only about screens, it’s aslo about the genre.

  • @Myanmar Langoor, only in your dreams. in reality megastar aamir khan is much bigger star than salman in fan following and popularity.

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